Josh Would Hurt Me

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Happy Earth Hour Day!

I hope we all celebrated Earth Power Hour in the most carbon-burningest (yes, I did just invent a word) way possible!

Casa Ash celebrated by turning on:

  • air conditioning;
  • heating;
  • dishwasher;
  • stove;
  • microwave;
  • the lights;
  • stereo;
  • three computers;
  • three TVs;
  • four freezers;
  • two fridges;
  • washing machine;
  • dryer on;


  • doors and windows open; and
  • a 4WD idling in the driveway with the CD player, headlights and air con on, although this was turned off after 15 minutes.

Update: Eeeeeeeeeeeeexcellent news via Tim Blair. Sparkage up!

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture II

Rialto Towers

Vanderluen Nails It Again.

Yet another excellent observation from Gerard.

…Recently a very large and significant American institution has stripped to the buff, oiled up, and made its body politic freely available to the tender mercies and tough love of the American Left. Indeed, the capture of this group is the single significant achievement of the American Left in decades. With the elevation of Howard Dean, the canonization of Hillary Clinton, the sanctification of Ted Kennedy, the renovation of Nancy Pelosi, the self-defenestration of Barbara Boxer, and the deification of Barack H. Obama, it is clear that the political base of the American Left has now migrated from the fringes of our political arena to the dead center of the Democratic Party. And it is there to stay.

Read it all.

edited to add: I think I’m getting the idea about this bloody html coding!

Not to be confused with the piano player.

That was Mrs Mills.

This is Mrs Miller.

AFL: Carlton Blues v St Kilda Saints

First Quarter:

The first quarter is off to a good start with the Blues kicking three goals and two behinds to the Saints’ one behind.

Score: Carlton 3.2.20 to Saints 0.1.01.

Another behind to the Saints brings the score to 3.2.20 to 0.2.02.

Random Fact: I don’t like the white uniforms the Blues are in tonight. Put them back in the navy! Can’t be the ‘navy blues’ if you’re in white, boys.

Carlton kick a behind, bringing them to 3.3.21 to the Saints’ 0.2.02.

Random Fact: Scotland looks good tonight.

The Saints just kicked a behind which was so far to the left that it almost wasn’t worth any points. C 3.3.21 to S 0.3.03.

And yet another behind to the Saints; they’re going to be slightly annoyed that these aren’t goals. C 3.3.21 to S 0.4.04.

Carlton are handling the ball well, and working nicely as a team. They kicked a beautiful little behind. Score C 3.4.22 to S 0.4.04.

St Kilda belts through a behind, bringing the score up to C 3.4.22 to S 0.5.05.

Question: How Long Until Carlton Fucks This Up?

A free kick has just been awarded to Brendan Fevola (C), much to the disgust of the Saints and the TV commentators. Personally, I see their point. Especially since it scored Carlton a goal! Score 4.4.28 to S 0.5.05.

Three minutes left in the quarter, and 23 points in the game.

Scotland is looking really good tonight.

Fraser Gehrig (S) is now on the grass. This could make things interesting.

And yes, it has, because mere moments after coming on grass, he kicks a goal. Grrr!

Score 4.4.28 to 1.5.11, in Carlton’s favour.

Two minutes in the quarter.

Carlton are looking pretty relaxed, although they have to deal with the Saints having all their boys on the field.

The Saints kick a siren goal, bringing the score to C 4.4.28 to 2.5.17. There’s not much in it…

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Bloody bewdy, Kev!


*Exclamation “Haw” © Paco

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