AFL: Carlton Blues v St Kilda Saints

First Quarter:

The first quarter is off to a good start with the Blues kicking three goals and two behinds to the Saints’ one behind.

Score: Carlton 3.2.20 to Saints 0.1.01.

Another behind to the Saints brings the score to 3.2.20 to 0.2.02.

Random Fact: I don’t like the white uniforms the Blues are in tonight. Put them back in the navy! Can’t be the ‘navy blues’ if you’re in white, boys.

Carlton kick a behind, bringing them to 3.3.21 to the Saints’ 0.2.02.

Random Fact: Scotland looks good tonight.

The Saints just kicked a behind which was so far to the left that it almost wasn’t worth any points. C 3.3.21 to S 0.3.03.

And yet another behind to the Saints; they’re going to be slightly annoyed that these aren’t goals. C 3.3.21 to S 0.4.04.

Carlton are handling the ball well, and working nicely as a team. They kicked a beautiful little behind. Score C 3.4.22 to S 0.4.04.

St Kilda belts through a behind, bringing the score up to C 3.4.22 to S 0.5.05.

Question: How Long Until Carlton Fucks This Up?

A free kick has just been awarded to Brendan Fevola (C), much to the disgust of the Saints and the TV commentators. Personally, I see their point. Especially since it scored Carlton a goal! Score 4.4.28 to S 0.5.05.

Three minutes left in the quarter, and 23 points in the game.

Scotland is looking really good tonight.

Fraser Gehrig (S) is now on the grass. This could make things interesting.

And yes, it has, because mere moments after coming on grass, he kicks a goal. Grrr!

Score 4.4.28 to 1.5.11, in Carlton’s favour.

Two minutes in the quarter.

Carlton are looking pretty relaxed, although they have to deal with the Saints having all their boys on the field.

The Saints kick a siren goal, bringing the score to C 4.4.28 to 2.5.17. There’s not much in it…

Second Quarter:

And this is the quarter where Carlton will soar, then promptly Fuck It All Up in the next half.

St Kilda kick a goal, which just annoys me, bringing them up to 3.5.23.

And another to the Cross-bearing rats, bringing them up to 4.5.29. A point ahead of Carlton. Bastards!

St Kilda then boot a behind, earning my eternal wrath, and an increase to 4.6.30.

Scotland is again a saviour, getting his hands on the ball in a heated contest with some Saints, and he nicely fucked a pass to a Blue boy. Grrr.

St Kilda kick a goal. Which annoys me. C 4.4.28 to S 5.6.36.

Carlton kick a behind, which helps. Every little bit helps! C 4.5.29 to S 5.6.36.

Another goal to the St Kilda Sinners. 6.6.42.

This is lookin’ like the fixin’s of a lost game to Carlton.

And another goal to the Sinners, 7.6.48.

Nine minutes left in the quarter.

Carlton are going to get the wooden spoon this year. I doubt the coach will last long.

Fevola (C) lined up for a goal, but it was out on the full, resulting in a free kick to the Sinners.


Fevola (C) just redeemed himself by kicking a goal. About bloody time! Score: 5.5.35 (C) to 7.6.48 (S)

The Blues just kicked another goal, boosting the score to 6.5.41 (C) to 7.6.48 (S). The goal was the first League goal to a kid fresh off the benches.

Nick Stevens (C) just scored St Kilda a goal by getting a free kick awarded to them. 6.5.41 (C) to 8.6.54 (S). The free kick should have actually been awarded to Stevens, because he was tackled around the shoulder.

St Kilda just attempted a goal, but hit the post, earning them only a behind. 6.5.41 (C) to 8.7.55 (S).

Carlton just nailed a behind. Score 6.6.42 (C) to 8.7.55 (S).

St Kilda have the ball, and it’s clear that they’ve often handled balls.

Two minutes left in the quarter.

Carlton have been fighting back this quarter, and now there’s 13 points difference as we go into half-time.

Third Quarter:

Riewoldt just marked what would have been a goal from the Blues, which means he’s been put on ‘The List’. If I had a list, anyway.

The quarter is eight minutes old, but it’s been quite quiet, although Carlton just scored a behind. C 6.7.43 to S 8.7.55.

The Saints have just beaned the ball between the two big posts, bringing the score to C 6.7.43 to S 9.7.61.

Another belt of the ball between the goalposts for the Saints, bringing them up to 67 against Carlton’s 43.

We need to put Judd back on the field.

There’s some fine ball handling tonight.

I just wish the camera would spend longer on Scotland…

The Sinners just scored another goal, making it 73 to 43, in favour of the Sinners.

And the Sinners just did another, score now 79 to 43. Ash now very, very unhappy.

Two behinds to the Sinners and three to the Blues means the score is now 46 (C) to 81 (S).

Fourth Quarter:

The Blues only need to kick like, 7 goals to win. Providing the Saints kick none.

Oooooh! Five second camera grab of Scotland. Now I don’t care if we lose!

The Saints kicked a goal 😦 46 (C) to 87 (S).

This just sucks. You go off to do dishes, and do a few other things, and St Kilda boosts their score to 125 against Carlton’s 67.

I know someone who will be sobbing into her pillow tonight…

Carlton just got a goal. One down, about 11 to go to win the game. Grrr. 125 (S) 73 (C)

Another two goals from Carlton, now we’re only 40 points down. Score: S 125; C 85.

Six goals kicked from Carlton in this last quarter. That’s pretty cool.

Final Scores: 19.11.125 for the Saints; 12.13.85 to the Blues.

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2 Responses to “AFL: Carlton Blues v St Kilda Saints”

  1. TimH Says:

    Well, it’s a shame the Blues lost, Scotland played well though, despite his teammates stuff-ups. It is only the second game of the season, so they still have plenty of time to redeem themselves

  2. Ash Says:

    Scotland’s great at what he does, it was just tough for him once half the team got confused about where they should be and what they should be doing.

    Bad loss though, 40 points… 😦

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