I’m Not Even Going To Tell You…

…what the hell is wrong with this, posted over at Bolta’s.

Its appalling how the US treats its veterans after they are of no further use. The are forgotten. According to U.S. media reports, there are well below 5,000 U.S. soldiers who have been killed in Iraq. However, this data appears to be very misleading. Why? Because many tens of thousands of American soldiers have apparently been killed to-date, as a result of being exposed to radiation poisoning from the indiscriminate killing machines of U.S. military weaponry.
U.S. investigative researchers have discovered an official U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs official, but not well publicized count, of 73,846 U.S. soldiers who have perished as an apparent result of Depleted Uranium based bio-chemical warfare exposure. This exceeds an estimate of 58,000 U.S. soldiers who had been killed in relation to the Vietnam War.
Well over 200,000 American soldiers could be killed by 2010, as a result of the after effects of exposure to U.S. dirty bombs.
Over One million U.S. soldiers have apparently been disabled from Depleted Uranium based biochemical exposure.

april of Katherine (Reply)
Mon 31 Mar 08 (09:17am)
Andrew BoltWhat utter, utter nonsense.

Andrew Bolt
Mon 31 Mar 08 (10:21am)

Once again, Mr Bolt is quite correct.

Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture III

Arts Center

– For Eggz

Dith Pran, Subject of “The Killing Fields” Has Died


Dith Pran, who was captured by the Camer Rouge but escaped, has died of pancreatic cancer. He was only sixty-five years old. A serenely centered Buddhist to the end, here’s Mr. Pran’s money quote:

“I want to save lives, including my own, but Cambodians believe we just rent this body,” he said. “It is just a house for the spirit, and if the house is full of termites, it is time to leave.”

What an awesome attitude, and what a brave man.

Anyone who has ever watched The Killing Fields will never forget it. A deeply disturbing film about a seldom-remembered holocaust in Cambodia, it is an object lesson in the the abject evils of a totalitarian communist ideologue, Pol Pot. Lefties especially, who are unclear about what a holocaust is and/or isn’t, should watch this film, and then the mini-series The Holocaust to clear things up in their minds.

I Want To Drive Like This!

A beautiful drive through Paris…

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This Is So Cool!

Star Wars fans? The Inquisition gave its enemies an easier time.

Harvey Weinstein of Miramax Films has yielded.
Silly naive Harvey! He should have done his research!

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