This is why I’m feeling more optimistic today

WASHINGTON, March 30 (UPI) — Young Americans have a reverence for national institutions, traditions and family values, a U.S. survey indicates.

A survey of so-called “millennials” — those between 21 and 29 — revealed the group overwhelmingly said they support monogamy, marriage, the U.S. Constitution and the military, The Washington Times reported Sunday.

“We were completely surprised. There has been a faulty portrayal of millennials by the media — television, films, news, blogs, everything. These people are not the self-entitled, coddled slackers they’re made out to be. Misnomers and myths about them are all over the place,” said Ann Mack, who directed the survey and is the official “director of trend-spotting” at J. Walter Thompson, the nation’s largest advertising agency.

In addition to indicating 94 percent of millennials respect monogamy and parenthood and 84 percent revere marriage, the survey found 88 percent said they respect the U.S. Constitution, 84 percent respect the military and more than three-quarters believe in the “American dream.”

I have actually had a feeling for a while, through my contact with younger family members and friends, that young adults were actually a lot more ‘conservative’ than they were being made out to be in the popular press. This poll, conducted by an ad agency with no obvious agenda (except the bottom line), would seem to bear that feeling out.

And here’s a thought: Wouldn’t it be a most delicious irony if part of this re-born conservative movement turned out to be in backlash (‘youthful rebellion’, as it were) to the heavy propagandising dished out by hard-left-leaning teachers and professors?

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2 Responses to “This is why I’m feeling more optimistic today”

  1. Ash Says:

    As a “millennial” myself, I’m not as surprised as the advertising agency seems to be.

  2. checkers Says:

    Has anyone read a good article about what happens when the hundreds of thousands of 20 somethings in the military return home, are successful in jobs and business and make a move on local politics. Think of the leadership we are developing. I doubt they are blind to the threat of Islam. They have witnessed it up close. We may be in for a short term problem with defeatocrats but in 2 to 3 election cycles we may be full circle back with the leadership in this country given to the ones who have served in this theater of battle and are entirely comfortable taking the fight to the enemy. Any thoughts?

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