Raw: US Fighter Jets Use New Technology to Hit Targets From 15,000 Feet


Clinton likens herself to ‘Rocky’. This has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Not just Hillary’s…Hussein’s as well. Just keep your head low, McCain. Brush up on rhetorical mysticism, and how to counteract it, just in case Hussein the Messiah wins this thing for the donkeys (a more fitting animal, could not have been picked).

This ‘thing‘ will go down in history, as THE low point of America, not our fighting for others freedoms, but this asinine Democrat, saying campaign would give the word, campaign, a bad name….Spectacle, is more apt.

PHILADELPHIA – Perhaps the analogy was inevitable: Hillary Rodham Clinton as Rocky Balboa, the scrappy underdog boxer from Philadelphia memorably depicted in the 1976 Oscar-winning film. Even if Rocky did lose his first big fight. Addressing a meeting of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Tuesday, the former first lady and New York senator said that she, like Rocky, wasn’t a quitter.


Report: Non-Muslims Deserve to Be Punished. Well you know what Mohammed, I feel the same way about Muslims. Punished, to death… and as many as possible… ALL is good for me. How about you?

A report posted on Islam Watch, a site run by Muslims who oppose intolerant teachings and hatred for unbelievers, exposes a prominent Islamic cleric and lawyer who support extreme punishment for non-Muslims — including killing and rape.

A question-and-answer session with Imam Abdul Makin in an East London mosque asks why Allah would tell Muslims to kill and rape innocent non-Muslims, including their wives and daughters, according to Islam Watch.

“Because non-Muslims are never innocent, they are guilty of denying Allah and his prophet,” the Imam says, according to the report. “If you don’t believe me, here is the legal authority, the top Muslim lawyer of Britain.”

The lawyer, Anjem Choudary, backs up the Imam’s position, saying that all Muslims are innocent.

Click here to watch the interview with Islamic lawyer Anjem Choudary.

“You are innocent if you are a Muslim,” Choudary tells the BBC. “Then you are innocent in the eyes of God. If you are not a Muslim, then you are guilty of not believing in God.”

Choudary said he would not condemn a Muslim for any action. /**/

“As a Muslim, I must support my Muslim brothers and sisters,” Choudary said. “I must have hatred to everything that is not Muslim.”

Click here to read the report from Islam Watch.

Fox Mews

Deal ‘close’ for Mugabe to leave. Well gosh, at least he’s a baseball fan, huh? Maybe it’s a golf cap.

Robert Mugabe
President Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980

The outline of a deal has almost been reached for Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe to step down, opposition sources have told the BBC.

They say representatives of Mr Mugabe, military chiefs and the opposition have held meetings chaired by South Africa since Saturday’s elections.

The sources said Mr Mugabe would make the announcement on television, but his aides have denied the reports.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said he was prepared to wait.

In his first public appearance since the election, Mr Tsvangirai did not confirm the reported deal.


I mean…all that killing, rape, pillaging. It gets old. Come on Bob, take it easy…retire, play some golf. Hey, Persia would love to have you. They have some great golf courses. Careful though, they may make you glow.

Who knows, if that’s a baseball cap…You may even talk Ahmadinejad to start a league. Two divisons…The Quds and The Slaves…Wow.

Obama’s Other Problematic Pastor

Reverend James T. Meeks is a Democratic member of the Illinois State Senate, and presides over The Salem Baptist Church of Chicago. The church describes itself on its website as “a beacon of peace and hope for countless thousands in Chicago’s Roseland community.” They claim membership of over 22,000. Reverend Meeks is also a pledged delegate to, and a personal friend of, Barack Obama, campaigning for him in his 2004 U.S. Senate run as well as being a vocal supporter of his presidential campaign. They’re so close, in fact, that after Obama secured the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator, Obama stopped by Meeks’ church for “Wednesday-night Bible study”. Meeks recalls he was a priority for Obama: “The night after the election, he was the hottest thing going from Galesburg to Rockford. He did all the TV shows, and all the morning news, but his last stop at night was for church. He came by to say thank you, and he came by for prayer.”

Obama himself has described Meeks as an adviser whom he seeks out for spiritual counsel. What are some of Meeks’s spiritual lessons? One of his fiery sermons included this rant: “We don’t have slave masters, we got mayors. But they are still the same white people who are presiding over systems where black people are not able to be educated. You got some preachers that are house n——. You got some elected officials that are house n——. Rather than them try and break this up, they’re gonna fight you to protect that white man.” He also believes that homosexuality is something than can be spread, and that it’s Jews doing the spreading. He has accused “Hollywood Jews” of bringing us Brokeback Mountain. He has referred to homosexuality as “an evil sickness” and hosts a Halloween “Fright Night” to scare people away from being gay.

The racist, angry, conspiracy-laden language used by Meeks is reminiscent of Pastor Wright’s. Why does Obama seek out such problematic men to be his spiritual advisors?

The answer can only go two ways.

Either Obama agrees with Meeks, and with Wright, or he is bound to them by political expediency. Both are influential in the world of Chicago politics, both provided an inroad to the black community which Barack Obama lacked. For a candidate of hope and change who tries to portray himself as above these sorts of political calculations, it becomes apparent that he’s a political opportunist of the highest order.

Pajamas Media

Hussein Obama doesn’t need to seek the Presidency…he, his lovely Michelle and all of his friends need narcotics. Legally prescribed ones, like Methaqualone. He, his wife and friends are unstable.

Iraq Journal: The Liberation of Karmah, Part II

The small city of Karmah sits between Fallujah and Baghdad, two Iraqi cities that have suffered more insurgent and terrorist violence than most. Karmah, however, was more hard-hit than either. It’s right on the bleeding edge of Anbar Province where the outskirts of Baghdad taper away. Unlike Fallujah, it has no hard perimeter to defend, nor was it considered a top priority for counterinsurgency operations. Surge forces in Baghdad drove Al Qaeda in Iraq members out of the capital’s neighborhoods and straight into Karmah during most of 2007.

Al Qaeda in Iraq did in Karmah what they have done everywhere else – intimidated and murdered civilians into submission. They decapitated police officers and placed severed heads all over the city. They destroyed the homes of anyone who opposed them. The message was clear: This is what will happen to you if you work with the Americans.

Great Read!

Michael J. Totten reporting for Fox News

Breaking News >> British Defense Secretary Postpones Plans to Withdraw 1,500 Troops From Iraq

From Fox News

Answering the Obama Challenge

What Is the Right Change to Help All Americans Pursue Happiness and Create Prosperity? Newt responds to Senator Obama’s speech in Philadelphia by warning of the destructive cost of bad government and bad culture, how it leads to poverty, decay, and destroys lives.

Transcript and Video…available on the link.

Newt Gingrich.Org

More here:

Human Events

Praising Paul Keating

“Keating was probably the best PM we’ve had.”

Keating was probably the best dressed PM we’ve had, but sent us to the wall. Now back to the playground son…

– David of Melbourne
Paul Keating

David’s quite right. Paul Keating was a finely dressed man, wearing suits that only cost a few grand.

As Prime Minister however, he had interest rates higher than John Howard, the man Keating constantly denigrated (and still insults, lies about and denigrates, but let’s keep that our little secret).

Keating, all through his Prime Ministership, was a toad. Pure and simple. He was constantly insulting the Opposition, denigrating everyone (including members of his own party), and is still quite bitter and twisted. Keating never recovered from losing the 1996 election to former Prime Minister John Howard.

Keating is loved by the Left, mostly because they were in awe of the way he could be so bitter, and insult so freely, and be Prime Minister of Australia. Between 1991 and 1996, they all believed Australia was a great country. But when Howard became Prime Minister, that all changed…

Yet Another Reason To Love Pat Condell.

Reason #93

All of a sudden, I get that ‘wanted’ feeling.

It wasn’t so long ago that older workers were rated somewhere below lepers by many business managers. Now those same managers are being advised on ways to keep their older staff happy.

More proof, if it was ever needed, that a lot of ‘managers’ couldn’t manage to find their own butts without assistance.

Caption Needed

On this thread, Bolta has the image below.

I bet we can come up with heaps of incredibly tasteless captions.

Give it a go!

Hillary and Kev

Today’s Stupid Post

Halberstram replied to Rosemary
Tue 01 Apr 08 (11:11am)

Rosemary, from what I have seen, anybody who doesn’t make at least double the average wage is mildly retarded.

You’d have to have a mighty slow intellect not to be able to pull down six figures these days.

Get a better job is my advice to working families.

He clearly doesn’t know how they get the average wage.

Or know that not every person can take advantage of every opportunity.

Or that most of the jobs he relies on probably don’t pull down six figures. If anything, they’d pull $120,000 or less.


Bolta on ‘Clever’ Kev

On 3AW this morning, Andrew Bolt had a bit of a go at clarifying a statement from one of Kevin Rudd’s latest speeches in the US.

Have a listen here, right at the beginning, especially you furriners who may not have ever had the pleasure of hearing what our new show-pony PM sounds like.

For the record, I’m with AB in that it brought to mind an Orwell quote, but here’s the one that came to my mind:

The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink.(George Orwell)

[L]ong words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink … That’s Rudd-Speak in a nutshell.


Update: Here’s what Kev actually said – “Therefore, there is, in my argument, on the face of it, a natural complementarity between these two philosophical approaches and a complementarity that could be developed further in the direction of some form of conceptual synthesis.”

Complementarity? Definition from Macquarie dictionary: “. . . a concept which acknowledges that different pieces of evidence relating to atomic systems, obtained under different conditions, cannot necessarily be understood by a single model, thus the concept of complementarity is necessary in order to accept the wave and particle models of an electron”.

Clearer now? Clear as cuttlefish ink…


Stolen from Pickles.

Does Everything Have To Come Out There?

A woman has had an inflamed appendix removed through her vagina.

Medical science sure is getting advanced… not to mention creative.

Blackburn on McCain’s short list? This is where John McCain, could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

A South Carolina blog claims to have seen the five names on John McCain’s short list for Vice President: Joe Lieberman, Charlie Crist, Tim Pawlenty, Haley Barbour, and Marsha Blackburn.

Blackburn would certainly be a good choice to help consolidate some of the Talk Radio Conservative who claim that they’re going to sit out the election rather than vote for John McCain. The Tennessee Republican congressman is fiscally conservative, strong on illegal immigration, and a supporter of victory in Iraq. She is also a scrappy fighter who came to prominence as a Tennessee State Senator who spearheaded the successful fight to stop a state income tax proposed by a Republican governor, and then emerged successfully from a heated primary over two better-funded candidates to win her first term in Congress in 2002. Blackburn is also a darling of Talk Radio Conservatives and frequent guest on their shows.

The blog claims that the McCain campaign is also considering a “secure the center” strategy which would allegedly put 27 states, instead of the usual 12 to 14, into play for Republicans in November.


McCain’s VP choice is crucial…and while Marsha Blackburn…is an attractive person…outside of Tennessee, she is an unknown. John…make it a damn good one, unless you really like the sound of President Obama, or President Clinton.

Bob Krum

Melbourne Is A Party Town!

Just heard some stupid bint on the radio:

“Melbourne is quite a party town. It moves from one party to the next.

And so once the Formula 1 Grand Prix leaves town, we move on to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, one of Australia’s best known events.”



What happened to the Grand Final, the Grand Prix, the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, the Melbourne Cup, the Melbourne to Hobart Yacht Race, the Annual Serial Murderer Arrest (Adelaide Based), the Mardi Gras, the Annual Resignation of a Labor Leader, the Moomba Festival, the Royal Shows, or any number of other things that are rated much more highly than the Melbourne Commie Festival?

So far this marvellous celebration of the utterly hilarious has been on for two weeks (19 March to 13 April), yet I’ve barely heard a peep about it. Hell, when I was in the city (last Wednesday), I didn’t even realise it had started, such is the hype and excitement.

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The 101 Most Useful Websites

The Telegraph UK has a list of the 101 most useful websites. There are some pretty obvious sites included on the list, as well a lot I’d never heard of but which seem highly useful.

Only2Clicks is excellent though. I recommend giving it a try.

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