All of a sudden, I get that ‘wanted’ feeling.

It wasn’t so long ago that older workers were rated somewhere below lepers by many business managers. Now those same managers are being advised on ways to keep their older staff happy.

More proof, if it was ever needed, that a lot of ‘managers’ couldn’t manage to find their own butts without assistance.

16 Responses to “All of a sudden, I get that ‘wanted’ feeling.”

  1. nilk Says:

    Oh, for goodness’ sake.

    How about treating your workers as people and not as units.

    It’s not rocket science.

    The problem with trying to keep older workers is that we all know that (in general) younger workers have no concept of actually working or committing to anything past a few months.

    Older workers also expect to be treated as human beings, and won’t suffer the casual ignorance that the younger generation seem to feel is appropriate in any situation.

    I’m only 40, but I feel positively ancient at times when I look at how a lot of people in their 20s and early 30s act.

    And don’t get me started on teenagers!

    I guess that’s what you get when you are raised by two harried, hard working parents with an overabundance of mass media.

  2. Angus Dei Says:

    The cultural obsession with youth and newness that has overtaken much of the west is quite unhealthy, and leads to symptoms of decline such as Nilk has pointed out: A disrespect and disregard for age and experience, a general decline in a sense of cultural worth and the idea of having a duty to it, and the complete lack of a work ethic and the ability to make a commitment.

    One of the things I loved about living in Japan was that the elderly who were accomplished were revered: Artists, poets, musicians, scientists, &c. That is the way it’s supposed to be.

  3. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    I have been through the job hunting routine pretty regularly during my working life, and although it’s never said aloud (of course) I would have to assume that over the last ten years my age has counted against me in several instances. Two or three positions that I applied for recently would count among these… but maybe I’m just bitter.
    However, in the new job which I started last week, age actually counted in my favour. This firm is putting the local branch through a thorough revamp of its procedures, and one of the higher-ups said to me that a mature person with some experience was exactly what they needed.
    Here and there, the lights are coming on.

  4. Ash Says:

    I don’t know what field you’re in Swinish, but a lot of companies, especially in my field, are looking for 35+, for a whole host of different reasons.

  5. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Mining is a bit different, if you dont have experience they go for youth (high intensity physicay activity), however any experienced operator tends to be snapped up straight away regaurdless of age.
    We are just about to put on a trainer/assessor whos pushing 70, he wont be doing the training on every machine, but he will be doing the light vehicle/IT and maybe the trucks.

    A couple of grumbles about his age got thouroughly knocked on the head at a meeting yesterday by the manager as well.
    All good.

  6. Rebecca H Says:

    I went through the same thing, Swinish, being rejected for certain jobs for which I was eminently qualified (passed over for younger, less experienced people, usually cute and blonde). The last straw came when a cute blonde got the one job for which I was the only person on campus with the same kind of experience. It’s one of the reasons I left when I did, opting out of the rat race and never looking back.

  7. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever been beaten for a job by a cute blonde, Rebecca. But I have had the experience of helping train my replacements in a couple of positions and wondering what the boss was smoking when he chose such fools.

  8. Ash Says:

    #7 Swinish, if they were previously on the dole, the employer gets additional funds from the government to hire them. Though that may not be the only reason, it’s one to consider.

  9. nilk Says:

    I’m just glad that in my workplace the average age is around 40. When I went for the interview I was told that they had specifically requested someone older as they’ve found that younger workers aren’t reliable and don’t want to do the work.

    Especially as it’s in a warehouse and is physically intensive, also. Young lads can get the same amount of pay stacking shelves and manning a checkout, so tend to opt for that.

    Amusingly enough, though, at least one of the younger blokes (early 30s) has commented favourably on losing weight and putting on muscle instead lol.

  10. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    I’m hoping to see my stomach melon subside too. At UWA I had the canteen right at the bottom of the stairs, and ATMs conveniently close by.
    At the new place they get the Jiffy van aka The Vomit Comet, The Roach Coach, etc once a day and I couldn’t be shagged lining up for that. But once a week a carton of fresh fruit gets delivered – first place I’ve ever seen that.

  11. Ash Says:

    What on Earth is the Jiffy van?

  12. Ash Says:

    And if you’re in the line long enough, you very well could get sha-nah, I won’t way that.

  13. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    12 – Many’s the time I’ve bought something from the Jiffy and felt that I was getting screwed…

  14. Ash Says:

    More proof that you never trust a man with a van…

  15. nilk Says:

    LOL. I just take a vegemite sanga and an apple to work.

    And chocolate.

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