Deal ‘close’ for Mugabe to leave. Well gosh, at least he’s a baseball fan, huh? Maybe it’s a golf cap.

Robert Mugabe
President Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980

The outline of a deal has almost been reached for Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe to step down, opposition sources have told the BBC.

They say representatives of Mr Mugabe, military chiefs and the opposition have held meetings chaired by South Africa since Saturday’s elections.

The sources said Mr Mugabe would make the announcement on television, but his aides have denied the reports.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said he was prepared to wait.

In his first public appearance since the election, Mr Tsvangirai did not confirm the reported deal.


I mean…all that killing, rape, pillaging. It gets old. Come on Bob, take it easy…retire, play some golf. Hey, Persia would love to have you. They have some great golf courses. Careful though, they may make you glow.

Who knows, if that’s a baseball cap…You may even talk Ahmadinejad to start a league. Two divisons…The Quds and The Slaves…Wow.

6 Responses to “Deal ‘close’ for Mugabe to leave. Well gosh, at least he’s a baseball fan, huh? Maybe it’s a golf cap.”

  1. yojimbo Says:

    Finally change we can believe in. The right change for promoting and creating prosperity.

  2. Rebecca H Says:

    Chances are this murderous old bastard is going to end up in a luxury apartment in Paris, neighbor to all the other driven-out dictators who left their countries in ruins.

  3. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Ive always wondered about that, how come so many of the worlds muderous despots end up retiring in France. After all according to the loony left they are all puppets of the US so why dont they retire there instead?

  4. saltydog Says:

    I completely agree that it is outrageous that these thugs can loot their countries, wreck death and destruction, then take their loot and retire anywhere. It’s a racket that must make the mafia weep with envy.

  5. tizona Says:

    Being of Sicilian extraction, I have no idea whatsoever what this word “mafia”, is.

  6. saltydog Says:

    #5 Heh.

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