Yet Another Reason To Love Pat Condell.

Reason #93

7 Responses to “Yet Another Reason To Love Pat Condell.”

  1. kaez Says:

    People rubbish Pat Condell.
    I think he hits the nail on the head.
    Every time.

  2. Ash Says:

    I’m pretty sure we’re both sure that’s exactly why they rubbish him Kae. He puts things so bluntly that even the stupidest Moonbat can’t miss his point.

  3. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Hes not bad.

    I present the ani-Pat

    No not lowenstein (though hes crap) but another old Bolt and Australian comments moonbat mulga mumblebrain.

    Check the comments for some of the most deranged crap you will ever see. There is no sin to base not to be laid at the feet of israel, and no crime can be appointed to any theocratic despotism in the entire ME.

    A sample of severe, near terminal anti-semetism so extreme only the ABC allows it to be printed on its pages.

    Well, Walter, I believe your call for censorship of Mr Loewenstein, for the crime of not writing utterly groveling paeans of praise for Israel, is,in my opinion, pretty typical of the petty dictators of the Israel-first Lobby. Not content with total domination of the Rightwing mainstream media, including the ABC, they seek to silence any voice not in total concurrence with their own deluded views. As for state terrorism, Iran is a victim of state terrorism, not a sponsor. The US is financing terrorist activities in many regions of Iran, funding Quisling would-be ‘new Shahs’ and the hypocrites demanding ‘democracy’ which we know from the treatment of the Palestinians after they voted for Hamas, is perhaps the sickest of all sick jokes. The activities Iran supports, ie the Hezbollah resistance to Israeli aggression, and the legally elected Hamas government in Gaza, are legitimate and justified resistance to Judeofascist brutality. The biggest terrorist state in the Middle East, after the cappo di tutti cappi in Washington, is Israel, which has attacked its neighbours over and over again for sixty years.

  4. Ash Says:

    That was very, very scary Mole. These people seriously believe that shit, don’t they?

  5. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Yup, and this mulga seems to believe by posting over everybody it makes their ‘facts” right. That probably isnt anywhere near their most deranged post either, just that most make even less sense because they are supposedly setting someone right.

    I sent a ‘report to moderator” to the ABC, its just overstepped the line into outright anti-semetism and I dont think the ABC should be entertaining it on a supposedly moderated website.

  6. Ash Says:

    Sadly, I have my doubts that the ABC will do a thing about it. They don’t mind anti-semetism, it’s when you insult the Muslims that they get all offended and on their high horses.

    I had a friend who worked there once, and he told me that they didn’t mind sticking it to the Jews because the Jews are able to handle it themselves, but it’s not ok to stick it to the Muslims because of centuries of oppression and because they’re not able to defend themselves.


  7. Rebecca H Says:

    People who are always claiming to “speak truth to power” (how I loathe that phrase), should listen to Pat Condell, who actually has the balls the do it.

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