There is a God

and justice in America.

A federal judge in Maryland on Thursday ordered liens on the Westboro Baptist Church building and the Phelps-Chartered Law office.

It’s about time these loathsome assholes got their comeuppance.

If the case presided over by U.S. District Court Judge Richard D. Bennett is upheld by an appeals court, the church, at 3701 S.W. 12th, and the office building, at 1414 S.W. Topeka Blvd., could be obtained by the court and sold, with the proceeds being applied toward $5 million in damages Bennett imposed on church members for picketing a military funeral.

I just hope they don’t find a way to slither out of it.

One of Snyder’s attorneys, Sean Summers, of York, Pa., said Thursday that based on financial information supplied during a hearing on the case, paying the $5 million penalty likely would force the church and the three named officials of the church to file for bankruptcy.
However, he said, even bankruptcy wouldn’t let them out from under the $2.1 million punitive damages part of the judge’s order. They would still be obligated for that amount under federal bankruptcy rules.

As far as I’m concerned, the Phelps family, and the Westboro Baptist Church have given a black eye to religion in America, never mind their mean-spirited, bigoted campaign against the heroes who gave their all to ensure the right of free protest. Phelps and his gang of thugs have the right to protest in our country. And free citizens have the right to sue the hell out of them for the pain and suffering they inflict.

Pinch Happens

The late, unlamented decline of the New York Times.


Melbourne Has Wicked Cool Architecture IV

St Paul's Cathedral

I present to you, St Paul’s Cathedral.

Carlos Mencia….Language Warning…but damn funny. Courtesy J.M.

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Crawling Commando-Style Through The Internet

TimT, the only blogger who Will Type For Food, plays the Out of Context Game.

Surprise, surprise, the Clintons are loaded. Quell jealousy, but at the end of the day, they still have to put up with each other.

Michelle Malkin looks at the notion of taxing plastic and paper bags.

Gateway Pundit reports on a rather hilarious event at a Hillary campaign event.


Pregnant man transsexual fears that people will attempt to kill his baby. There’s only one group of people I know of who are sick enough to harm a baby…

What the hell is a “low emission paint”.

The neverending struggle between Good and Evil continues. Angus will really like this.

Bob Ellis gets mocked.

And finally,



The Location Is Scotland…

The primary character is a man named Mohammed Anwar.

The secondary characters are a policeman holding a speed radar, a sheriff, and a lawyer.

The primary character is caught by the policeman driving 64mph in a 30mph zone, which is normally an offence that results in instant disqualification. But the primary character in this performance gets out of this offence with a £200 fine and was given six penalty points.

Anwar is a Muslim, and has two wives, living a fair distance apart, and a restaurant in an entirely different area. The court decided that because of his need to attend to his family duties, and his need to operate the restaurant and keep his family financially stable, he should not lose his licence.

When Anwar was questioned on the matter by the media, he responded:

“It is true I have two wives.

“Muslim men are allowed up to four. But I am not a religious leader and it is not my place to comment.


“As a matter of respect to my wives I would not comment on my home life.


“The sheriff did not ban me because I need my licence to run my business, although my wives were also part of the decision.”

I can only agree with the assessment of the sentence offered to the media by Lorna Jackson, head of Brake, a road safety charity:

“Regardless of the number of wives or businesses this man drives to, he broke a law which is there to protect everyone.


“Travelling just a few miles over the limit in a 30mph zone can be the difference between life and death if you hit someone, let alone driving at more than twice the speed limit.


“Drivers know the law, and they know the punishment they could face when they break it.


“For the courts to allow someone to keep their licence when they have so blatantly flouted the law and put peoples’ lives at risk, on the basis of an excuse such as this, is astonishing.”

The fact that this man’s multiple wives (although multiple marriages are illegal in the UK) played a part in the decision strikes me as incredibly suspect. After all, does this decision mean that the judgment can be extended to all business owners with two wives? And does it mean that eventually, all of those citizens with only one wife/husband will be discriminated against on the basis of their marriages, and in turn, their religion, which Anwar claims is the reason he’s allowed two wives?

It’s a slippery slope, Scotland. Be careful.

UPDATE: Jules Crittenden also has some thoughts on the subject.

It’s ‘Dog in a Ute’ weekend in Western Australia

Dog in a UteTime to throw your favourite dog in the back of your favourite ute and head down to Corrigin.

For the uninitiated, an event history from the official Dog in a Ute website:

This event has created a friendly rivalry between Western Australia and Victoria where the event was first held in 1997 at St Arnaud. The first record set at 214 Dogs in Utes. The record was then broken in May 1998 at Terang, Victoria in an event that was organized by the Southwestern District Apex clubs. This event managed to attract 325 Dogs in Utes. It was at this time that local Corrigin Apex President, Mr Bob Cooper had a brainwave and decided that Corrigin should have a ‘crack at it’. He came back from the National Apex Convention in Victoria and put it to the local Corrigin Apex members, who took on the idea with great enthusiasm.

Within three months, and with countless hours of dedication from many groups and volunteers, Corrigin held its first Dog in a Ute Queue event on the 31st October 1998 successfully breaking the World Record by attracting 699 Dogs in Utes from places far and wide.
With an estimated total of 3000 people on the day and raising $20,000 for the Royal Flying Doctors Service, Corrigin was rejoicing its fine effort and sent the challenge back to Victoria.Dog in a Ute World Record Statue

Three more unsuccessful Record Breaking attempts in Victoria then followed until 2000 when the Southwestern District Apex Clubs once again took on the challenge in Warnambool, coming out victorious with the new World Record of 797.

Fast forward to 13th April 2002 – a day that will be remembered by many, as the day that Corrigin smashed the World Record of Dogs in a Ute with 1527.
More than 4000 visitors and locals alike banded together and enjoyed the camaraderie, food, beverages and live entertainment. It was a day where there was not one altercation or complaint despite the huge number of people attending. A day when rural Australia ruled supreme and everything else seemed insignificant.

Over $60,000 was raised on the day and has been donated to the RFDS and local Community Emergency Services.

World Recod holdersSince this day, as far as we know, no other town has been able to break the record.


Official Dog in a Ute web site here.


See? Western Australia is SO not dull.


And, if you can’t make it, think about dropping a few bucks the Royal Flying Doctors‘ way anyway Here’s the RFDS gift shop. And, find out more about APEX Australia here.

Melbourne Has Sick And Wrong Architecture

Federation Square, Melbourne
I give you Federation Square, yet again.

It’s just so blindingly hideous!

FYYSFLT, u r buffaloes stupid!

Little Green Footballs reports a recent piece of AngryMail:

This is all wrong HE is the greatest man ever u guys are blind idiots and buffaloes stupid. Islam is the real religion face the reality. or u will go to hell r u ready?well we muslims got 4 books Quran Bibal Zabur Taurat WE NEVER SAID ANYTHING AGAINST U BUT U GUYS DID LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST

“Buffaloes stupid.” I’m stealin’ that one and whackin’ the next moonbat blogger who crosses my path with it. I’ll consider it kind of a PG-13 version of FYYSFLT.

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