Melbourne Has Sick And Wrong Architecture

Federation Square, Melbourne
I give you Federation Square, yet again.

It’s just so blindingly hideous!

6 Responses to “Melbourne Has Sick And Wrong Architecture”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    It looks as cacophonous as modern ~horseshit”music”horseshit~ sounds.

  2. Ash Says:

    It’s truly hideous Angus.

    I’m still trying to figure out why a Square is built out of triangles.

  3. Angus Dei Says:

    It appears to be designed to trigger seizures in epileptics, Ash.

  4. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    Federation Square was the site of the Gas and Fuel Corporation’s offices for many years, and an uglier office block would be hard to imagine. Especially in close proximity to such glories as the Forum Theatre and St Paul’s Cathedral. This doesn’t quite make those horrible brown brick towers look better by comparison. But it comes damn close.
    There is this persistent element in the city’s designers that says the old stuff is boring, what Melbourne needs is some EDGY DESIGN! That’s the thinking that put the Yellow Peril in the city square back in the 70s. But that ridiculous assortment of scrap metal (so named cuz it was painted safety raincoat yellow) is tucked out of sight now, and the cathedral and Town Hall and those other stodgy fuddy-duddy monuments are still there. As they should be.

    The Forum

    St Paul’s

    Melbourne Town Hall

    The Beatles brought the city to a standstill in 1964 when they appeared on the balcony – useless but interesting fact.

    Last, and certainly least – ladies and gentlemen, I give you…
    The Yellow Peril

    (Official title: Vault. Just so you know.)

  5. nilk Says:

    Just for the record: The Yellow Peril is one of my all time favourite pieces of modern art.

    How could it not be?

    Take two tonnes of steel slabs, slap them together any old how, coat it in canary yellow paint and give it a deep and meaningful name – like “Vault”.

    Nobody knows what that means.

    Oh, and hit the government for a nice fee. wikipedia says $70 000 back in 1978, but I’d swear that it was more like $2m paid for it.

    I could be recalling that incorrectly, of course.

  6. Walter Plinge Says:

    I think it was designed by the ‘architect’ who designed the new RMIT building. Figures — that’s untidy crap as well.

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