There is a God

and justice in America.

A federal judge in Maryland on Thursday ordered liens on the Westboro Baptist Church building and the Phelps-Chartered Law office.

It’s about time these loathsome assholes got their comeuppance.

If the case presided over by U.S. District Court Judge Richard D. Bennett is upheld by an appeals court, the church, at 3701 S.W. 12th, and the office building, at 1414 S.W. Topeka Blvd., could be obtained by the court and sold, with the proceeds being applied toward $5 million in damages Bennett imposed on church members for picketing a military funeral.

I just hope they don’t find a way to slither out of it.

One of Snyder’s attorneys, Sean Summers, of York, Pa., said Thursday that based on financial information supplied during a hearing on the case, paying the $5 million penalty likely would force the church and the three named officials of the church to file for bankruptcy.
However, he said, even bankruptcy wouldn’t let them out from under the $2.1 million punitive damages part of the judge’s order. They would still be obligated for that amount under federal bankruptcy rules.

As far as I’m concerned, the Phelps family, and the Westboro Baptist Church have given a black eye to religion in America, never mind their mean-spirited, bigoted campaign against the heroes who gave their all to ensure the right of free protest. Phelps and his gang of thugs have the right to protest in our country. And free citizens have the right to sue the hell out of them for the pain and suffering they inflict.

3 Responses to “There is a God”

  1. Denise Says:

    On one hand I dont like it because it does hit on “free speech”. Then I remember its westboro and wonder why the judge didnt put on his little black cap instead.

    For those who dont know what that means.

  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Bugger! Posted in the missus name again…

  3. Ash Says:

    What an excellent decision that is!

    Truly, I hope this is enough to put the end to that whackjob group of thugs. I can’t be that lucky though, I guess.

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