Condi Rice as VP?

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Porsche Versus Mercedes…A REAL shootout… Courtesy J.M.

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Non-Biased, Historically Accurate Article Published

Naturally, an article of such magnificence was published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

No comment necessary.

Okay, just one comment – this brought tears to my eyes.

This is just crazy-wrong. (updated)

60 Minutes feature tonight: “Forbidden Love.” As the promo reads, “A brother and sister – a father and daughter. Now they’re about to reveal their deepest secret, one they’ve always tried to hide.”

Bloody incest on free-to-air TV during the 7:30-8:30 timeslot, not condemned for the sick, sick thing it is but almost shown as just another “lifestyle choice.”

“Aw, c’mon. Don’t go all moral and righteous on them.” In this age of do-it-yourself, make-it-up-as-you-go-along morality, that’s the message I felt was being pushed. I don’t know how many times phrases like, “People shouldn’t be judgmental, we’re consenting adults and we’re not hurting anyone” came out.

Money quote from the father/grandfather: “I knew it was illegal, of course I knew it was illegal but you know, so what. Then he gives a creepy chuckle.

And yes, the Australian couple have a biological child together, as well as two children from previous partner/s, dutifully smiling for the camera and telling Australia that there is nothing wrong with their Mom sleeping with her Dad – or is that, their Grandpa. Full names and location were given. Gee, school tomorrow should be a real blast for them.

The 60 Minutes transcript will be up here (it’s not up yet just been posted), and here is the story on it from from Read it and weep – for the poor children involved if for no other reason.

UPDATE: Actually, there was something 60 Minutes wasn’t telling us in their eagerness to portray this couple in the best possible light:

A FATHER and daughter who have revealed they are couple and have a child together had another baby who died a few days after birth from a congenital abnormality, court documents show.

Why didn’t 60 Minutes tell us about that death

PETER OVERTON: …. But then they would break the greatest taboo of all – Jenny fell pregnant with their baby. 9-month-old Celeste seems blissfully happy and perfectly healthy. Despite the odds. Children born to close-relative couplings are six times more likely to die at birth, did you consider that?
JOHN DEAVES: The way I look at it, it’s just like if I was married to Jennifer and she was not my biological daughter and we had a child. It’s exactly the same thing. The child is not deformed. It had no mental difficulties. Quite normal, healthy child.

UPDATE #2: More that 60 Minutes didn’t tell us:

An ex-wife of the South Australian man who had a baby with his daughter has rubbished claims the pair had almost no contact for 30 years. Dorothy Deaves told ninemsn John and Jenny Deaves, who have now had two babies together, lived under the same roof when Jenny was a 15-year-old girl.

And there’s this:

Mr Deaves — who was once jailed for armed robbery…

Andrew Bolt asks: Was 60 Minutes just being slack in not checking this story further, or just irresponsible in withholding all the facts?

UPDATE #3: Yes, they were paid for the interview. (The Australian)

Good Decision; Bad Reaction

This time the location is Britain, where a plan has been announced to encourage Britain’s teens into the Army, Navy or the Air Force. The idea comes at the suggestion of Labour MP Quentin Davies, who recently conducted a review into the role of the military in British society. As part of this review, Mr Davies found that many of Britain’s youth have no idea of military life.

This plan has the intention of strengthening ties between the military and the public, and has the backing of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Involved in the implementation of this plan is for “high school pupils to receive basic military training to help foster a greater affiliation with the defence forces“, which is quite an ambitious and worthwhile endeavour. Read the rest of this entry »

Some people I need to thank.

As you would have gathered from posts during the week I have recently started a new job. It pays less than the old position, and the scenery doesn’t bear the slightest comparison to the river views to be enjoyed at the University of Western Australia. However, it’s only a half-hour’s walk from home, the hours are more reasonable, and the tension level is WAY down. In spite of the major renovations and procedural overhauls that it’s currently undergoing. No names, but it is a global supplier of spectacle lenses. I’m spending a lot of time learning what this number on the pack means as opposed to that number.

Having left the firm at the University in May I agreed to go back for six months and get them through the tough time over Christmas. It was possibly the toughest six months of my working life and I am frankly surprised that I didn’t just walk out… be that as it may, I had a great helper there, a very switched-on young chap; the best work partner I’ve ever had. His name is Anthony Booth, and he’s going to go places I expect. Anthony also photographed me riverside for Pinups For Vets.

Thanks, Boothy. And thanks to Placebo as well, because neither Anthony nor myself would have survived the madness of last Christmas without this song.

What. The. Hell?

New Zealand is clearly going astray under the leadership of Helen Clarke.

Where else in the world can you get charged with “assault with a hedgehog“?

Robert Mugabe – still living, but rotten right through.

An article from the UK’s Daily Mail about that most unpopular person of colour.

British governments of either stripe have been friendly to Mugabe over the years, but the Left had a special love for the Harare Hitler. He was black, Ian Smith was white – that counts for a lot in the eyes of some. Enough to excuse just about any damn crime you can think of.

A good piece by Stephen Glover.

Super-Mega-Hyper-Legend Charlton Heston Has Died

Talk about an increasing man-deficit disorder in Western culture.

Fuck! How the hell do I insert images now? Is this the wrong blog?!As Judah Ben Hur in 1959

Thanks WordPress, for taking a simple system and adding about a dozen clicks to it.

Anyway, my uncle is an Endowment Member of the NRA, which means Life Members genuflect when he walks by. He called Mr. Heston, “Charlie” and sat at his table along with Wayne Pierre for about the last twenty years or so of NRA events. So, though I never met him, I heard my share of Charlton Heston anecdotes. Nobody with a brain and a sense of humor didn’t absolutely love the guy.

I hope they bury Charlie with a handgun in his “cold, dead, fingers.” It would be fitting.

Godspeed, Mr. Heston.

Remember, “Soylent Green is People!” and “Damn You All to Hell, You Blew It UP!” He got some good lines.

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