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Just in case you missed it….

Where Art Thou Democrats?

The Academic Morass

The Morality of Environmentalism

Who’s What?

Airline absurdities #3

Pajamas Media/ Victor Davis Hanson

Bad to Worse for Moqtada Sadr? Poor Mookie..

On the political front, Sadr now finds himself completely isolated. Key leaders of his own movement are now urging him to accept the Maliki government’s demands to disband the militia entirely.

Saturday, Iraq’s president and two vice-presidents, along with every other major political group in Iraq (except the Sadrists) joined in the condemnation of Sadr’s militia, and endorsed Prime Minister Maliki’s demand that the militia disarm. Sadr’s militia is now virtually the only militia left in Iraq that still maintains an outlaw posture, the only one that still challenges the authority of the Iraqi Security Forces or the Coalition. (Other major militias have disbanded, transforming into political organizations and joining — or becoming — legitimate security forces, which explains why you never hear about any other militia in the news.)

Rich Lowry The Corner/NRO

One question, please. Why is this son of a pig, still alive?


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The Australian Approach…Stolen from one damn fine Brit, Theo Spark.

Theo Spark

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Not one of mine.

But pretty damn good in spite of that.

An American Question.

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Some Days You Just Have to Say, To Hell With It

I love my truck. It’s probably my favorite non-motorcycle vehicle ever. But… it’s now over five years old and it has 91,000 miles on the odometer. You know what that means: Shit starts happening. Not totally unforeseeable shit, but shit nonetheless.

Friday evening at 7:00 PM (Of course: Everything is closed for the weekend!), the yellow, “check engine” indicator came on. It was running perfectly, and the gauges were all centered nominal, so I did the only thing you can do in that situation: Checked the fluid levels. They were all perfect, of course, because I keep them that way, so I made sure the fuel cap was on tight (The fuel filter and fuel pump on Dodge trucks is in the fuel tank – God and Dodge only know why – and so it actually needs some pressure buildup to work properly), which it was. This is the point where Angus started scratching his head (Not easy with hooves, let me tell you). After a few seconds of that dangerous behavior, I shrugged my shoulders and finished my errands.

Well, about a mile from home, as I was accelerating away from a stop sign, the engine died with a “thump.” I know what too much back-pressure sounds like when it kills an engine, so I drifted off the lane, stopped and slapped my head (Ouch! Damnable hooves!): It had to be a clogged catalytic converter. I managed to restart it after letting it rest for a minute, and so I got it home, but the truck was out of commission for the weekend, and there wouldn’t be anything I could do about it until Monday – that would be today.

One of the supreme joys of living in a very, very small town with less than 7K people in it, is the total and complete absence of big auto dealerships with all of the garish flags, banners, balloons, garlands and related car salesman crap they entail. I really, really love that… until times like this. My local mechanic, Jack, hasn’t got the proper testing equipment to even diagnose the problem, not to mention that ordering the part would take at least a week all by itself.

So, the nearest Dodge dealership is 130 miles north in Odessa. One-hundred-thirty fucking miles. Fortunately, Jack runs an auto towing and hauling business, and has one of those super-cool and high tech flatbed trucks that angles the bed to the ground, and it’s actually plenty big enough to take my truck.

You guessed it: 8:00AM this morning, I was on the horn to Jack, he picked up the beast this afternoon, and he’ll deliver it to – are you ready for this? – All American Chrysler Dodge of Odessa, Texas first thing tomorrow morning. America, fuck yeah! We still know how to name business out here, and talk about a name you can trust! (I’ve taken my truck there before, and everyone who works there is excellent).

Since they are going to be under there anyway – and I know my luck, or rather, lack thereof – I’m going to go ahead an have them replace that damned fuel pump and fuel filter too. If I don’t I can guaran-damn-tee they will go bad within thirty days of my return. LOL!

After a call to their cervix service department – they like to, you know, actually know about incoming wounded – I had it all set up.

Of course, when the truck is ready, I’ll have to spend a couple of hours on a bus from Alpine to Odessa… since the dealership is at the very last stop on the line!


The old boy just has to make it eighteen more months, until I can buy my new 2010 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4×4 with the nifty new 30 MPG 3.5L V-6 Cummins Turbodiesel. Totally redesigned and bad ass looking too!

Of course, mine will be black.

No workout this afternoon, and no six mile run. I need beer, beer, and then more beer.

I feel better already.

Yes. Owner of a lonely heart

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Loewenstein And Friends Hit New Low


The above are samplings of the type of tripe which is available at my local ABC website. Disgusting, isn’t it?

The Frollicking Mole sent me the link to Unleashed: A Nonexistent Iraq, which was written on April 3, 2008, by Antony Loewenstein (incidentally, just in time for that biography to be written, the term “best selling” changed from “best selling” to “selling more than one copy to the author’s mother”).

Loewenstein is a rather pathetic creature, who was born a Jew but later gave up his faith, so he could make more money from the criticism of it and the country his relatives live in. Pathetic. Most, if not all, of his criticisms are unfounded. I’ll even use his latest works to prove my allegation.

Nowhere were Iraqis featured. Their voices were deemed irrelevant. Armchair commentators, most of whom had only seen Iraq through the eyes of American soldiers, pontificated about the country’s future and Iran’s allegedly malign influence.

Wrong, Antony. Iraqis do have a voice. You just choose not to listen. If you really look hard enough, and can actually read, you’ll find a bunch of them on the blogroll of Iraq the Model.

The fact that 160,000 American troops and over 160,000 private contractors occupy the nation was ignored. The country remains largely controlled by militias backed by Iran or Washington, Sunni and Shiite death squads tasked for ethnic cleansing.

Not true Ant, but thanks for trying. Do you seriously think that they would be funded by Washington or Iran, considering the massive consequences for either if such a plan was uncovered? I thought so. Seriously, Antony, think about what you’re really saying. Please?

Messianism. Hmmm, now where have I heard that word, recently?

Will Iraq Stoke Flames of Islamic Messianism?

“Opponents of the Iraq war used to argue that it was creating more problems than it was solving via rejuvenating, rather than enervating, jihadist Islam. With the success of the “surge” motivating many Iraqi Sunnis to turn against al-Qaeda, that line now rings hollow. But Bush’s critics may turn out to be right for the wrong reasons, since there is an even greater Islamic danger than jihadism incubating in American-occupied Iraq: Muslim messianism, or Mahdism. And there are worrisome signs that this movement may be on the verge of metastasizing worldwide.”

Pajamas Media

Ahhh, just remembered. Something concerning a person, with the middle name of Hussein. He attends a Black racist “Christian” church, who speaks of “change”.



…but not in the living room.

A post by our favourite RightWingDeathBogan, featuring the best (and most restrained) parenting rant I have ever seen.

Blind dates of the animal kingdom, episode 7483…

The aroused turtle and the reluctant cats.

Send the kids to bed early.

Australian School Invaded by Bat and Machete Wielding Gang?!

Any of you denizens from Down Under have any more info on this?

“Students and a teacher were treated for minor injuries Monday after five young men armed with baseball bats and a machete invaded a high school in Sydney, police said.
Merrylands High School in west Sydney’s went into “lockdown” with pupils confined to their classes as the intruders assaulted students, smashed windows and damaged rooms before police arrived and arrested them.

“Police were called to the high school on Sherwood Road following reports a number of males had entered the school grounds,” a police spokeswoman said.

“They allegedly damaged a number of classrooms (and) a number of students received minor injuries.

“Some were assaulted by the group and others received injuries from the flying glass.”

The spokeswoman said she could not comment on whether the five males were students, former students, or unrelated to the school.

There was no immediate word on their motives.

One student was admitted to hospital for treatment of a minor facial injury and a teacher was taken to hospital with bruising to the back of the head, an ambulance service spokesman said.

“We’ve assessed 18 school-aged children … all having minor injuries, some lacerations, some bruising and they’re obviously quite anxious about what has happened,” the spokesman said.

The regional director of the New South Wales education department, Tom Murie, said he did not believe those arrested were students at Merrylands High School.

“At this stage we don’t believe they’re school students,” Murie told a radio interviewer, adding there was no information about the alleged offenders’ ages.”

The invaders were evidently males of no particular age, race, religion, or ethnicity.

Absolut Texas

In An Absolut World,Texas would still be a republic, and would include half of New Mexico, the panhandle of Oklahoma, 1/3 of Colorado, and part of Wyoming.

Of course, Absolut said they were sorry. No apology necessary: The Muslims will own Sweden soon enough.

One Cool View Of Global Warming

Although it was plain that the learned academies, governments and the UN all seemed to believe AGW was true, what puzzled me was the stridency of the claims that we had to act now. If it was all so obvious, why weren’t our governments acting to save us? What followed were months of discovery and learning.

I think the central AGW proposition can be put like this:

Human activity in burning coal and oil, and clearing forests has put an enormous amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, where it has combined with water vapour to increase global temperatures in an unprecedented way. The evidence that this has occurred is clear-cut, and the increase in temperature will have, according to our computer models, dire effects on the planet. We must change our ways lest catastrophe strike us. It may already be too late.

This article by Don Aitkin, published in the Canberra Times, is worth a read.

Article thanks to Rafe Champion.

Hercules Is Powerful

John Howard Wins Prize

This will piss off a lot of people.

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