One Cool View Of Global Warming

Although it was plain that the learned academies, governments and the UN all seemed to believe AGW was true, what puzzled me was the stridency of the claims that we had to act now. If it was all so obvious, why weren’t our governments acting to save us? What followed were months of discovery and learning.

I think the central AGW proposition can be put like this:

Human activity in burning coal and oil, and clearing forests has put an enormous amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, where it has combined with water vapour to increase global temperatures in an unprecedented way. The evidence that this has occurred is clear-cut, and the increase in temperature will have, according to our computer models, dire effects on the planet. We must change our ways lest catastrophe strike us. It may already be too late.

This article by Don Aitkin, published in the Canberra Times, is worth a read.

Article thanks to Rafe Champion.

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