McCain: Democrats’ stance on Iraq flawed

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Monday that calls from his Democratic rivals to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq stand as a “failure of leadership” as they are making promises they cannot keep. Democrat Barack Obama said the failure rests with McCain’s support for an open-ended occupation of Iraq.

It’s getting to the point that I’d like to smack Hussein in the chops…Poor baby has his SS detail though and has, since last year. Whatsa’ matter Hussein, Black Panthers couldn’t get it up? You could have at least put your lovely “just proud” ugly wife out there. She’d frighten buzzards off a shit wagon.

At last word, McCain had none…Which I think is a silly ass thing to do, John.

I mean come on…out of the three running…YOU are the only one to vote for… Shape up, tough guy.


One Response to “McCain: Democrats’ stance on Iraq flawed”

  1. yojimbo Says:

    This will be a big subject in the debates and a good reason to get Condi as the VP. While she won’t debate Obamaramlama directly, she would be able to confront him directly on the Sunday shows.

    This is really a critical issue since it relates to the US ability to maintain its commitment to friends. The ROP’ers think we are weak and lack resolve, and Obama just strengthens that view. Just look at what happened after Clinton cut and ran from Somalia. All hell broke loose after that. Just look at the 1995 or 1996 OBL Fatwa published in England. I wish McCain would just read that Fatwa to an audience and then challenge Obama with it.

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