Ahhh, yes. Good old Jimmy Dean

Blonde get her first laptop

Strange Cosmos

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Yeah…. Riiiight…..

My other half claims she found this looking for a spice rack using google.


Innocent enough?

Seems innocent enough, but check out the rest of the page.


Im only away for a week at a time, am I being given a hint?? (The other sections on the page arent bad either)

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Anonymous Philanthropist Donates Kidneys

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OK, It’s Not Jurassic Park, but How About “Ice Age Park”?

As an update to She Unblinded Me with Science:

Mammoth Genetic Code to be Mapped

A perfectly preserved baby mammoth has been found in Russia.

“”This is the best preserved specimen not only of the mammoth but of any prehistoric animal.”

The mammoth species has been extinct since the Ice Age. Tests on Lyuba showed she was fed on milk and was three to four months old when she died 37,000 years ago in what is now the Yamalo-Nenetsk region in Russia’s Arctic…

“I believe the genetic map (of the mammoth) will be decoded within a year or two. As for (Lyuba’s) practical use, we will have discovered methods of decoding the genetic map of any extinct prehistoric animals,” he said.

Cue the John Williams music. 😉

Is There a Pattern Here? Victor Davis Hanson

Here we go again with Wright Redux.

By now no one is surprised by what is said by a Rev. Wright (“KKK of A”, Israel is a “dirty word”, etc.) or a Rev. Meeks (“white people” as “slave-masters”), or that they have figured prominently among Obama supporters.

Now the latest is apparently Rev. Eric Lee (“What other kind of Rabbis are there, but Jews?” “The Jews have made money on us in the music business and we are the entertainers, and they are economically enslaving us.’”), one of the designated co-sponsors of a Feb., 2008 “Obama—Get Out and Vote Rally” in Los Angeles, who on April 4th went on a public unhinged anti-Semitic rant about Daphna Ziman, the recipient of the Tom Bradley award.

The point is not to what degree Rev. Lee is directly involved in the Obama campaign (the usual official distancing will follow), but rather three other considerations:

First, once Obama failed to condemn Wright and offered contextualization, the flood gates of extremism were thrown wide open. Now any hate-monger, it seems, can go on a public racist rant, with the expectation that there will be no credible and absolute public condemnation. You see, our potential next President has already weighed in on Rev. Wright’s hate speech by citing his past good works, the commonality of such talk among all our religious figures, the special nature of the black church, and the unfair snippets that are replayed—all of which, of course, will offer the same “context” of mitigation for the Eric Lee hatred. We can imagine the accolades to come in the next few days concerning Lee’s public benefactions.

Second, when one collates what Wright, Meeks, Lee, and Sharpton have said, and then compares those “snippets” and “loops” with the cheery characterization of the unique protocols of the black church by Obama, then one realizes that the public is supposed to accept that African-American pastors are exempt from the sort of no-go speech zones that everyone else rightly accepts. It seems that we are rapidly reaching a sort of scary situation in which the black pastor will say whatever he wishes, no matter how anti-Semitic and racist, and then almost dare anyone to challenge that hatred, knowing that his congregation will support him, African-American intellectuals will contextualize him on television, and politicians like Obama (cf. Hillary’s past hugs of Sharpton) will defend him.

Three, these incidents will only continue until someone of stature in the civil rights community issues a zero-tolerance speech of the sort Obama should have given but failed at. In isolation, each subsequent outburst is explicable; in the aggregate they paint a picture of a deep-seeded racism and hatred that have been encouraged by the absence of any censure—the appeasement that we know so well from the Obama/Wright controversy.

Three weeks ago I wrote, in a number of postings, that we would see more of such Wright-like hatred in response to the widely-praised Obama race speech, which was, in fact, one of the great regressions in civil rights history. I don’t think that anything I have written has received more angry emails in response; but the Lee case, I think, shows that I was correct—and we can expect more still to come in the next six months. I also stand by my second prognosis—that in Obama we are witnessing the slow formation of a McGovern candidacy, a disaster to come that won’t be fully appreciated by now starry-eyed Democrats until September or October when, as in 1972, it will be too late.

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Rube Goldberg Plays Pool

Anyone Want to Play Pool with This Guy?

Via – who else? – Jonah Goldberg at The Corner

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A Little Johnnie Joke…

Little Johnnie’s neighbour had a baby. Unfortunately, the baby was born without ears.

When mother and new baby came home from the hospital, Johnnie’s family was invited over to see the baby.
Before they left their house, Little Johnnie’s dad had a talk with him and explained that the baby had no ears.

His dad also told him that if he so much mentioned anything about the baby’s missing ears or even said the word ears, he would get the smacking of his life when they came back home.
Little Johnnie told his dad he understood completely.
When Johnnie looked in the crib he said, ‘What a beautiful baby.’
The mother said, ‘Why, thank you, Little Johnnie.’
Johnnie said, ‘He has beautiful little feet and beautiful little hands, a cute little nose and really beautiful eyes. Can he see?’

‘Yes’, the mother replied, ‘we are so thankful; the Doctor said he will have 20/20 vision.’

‘That’s great’, said Little Johnnie,’coz he’d be fucked if he needed glasses.’

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“She Unblinded Me With Science”

Apologies to Thomas Dolby, but this is really freaking cool.

High-Powered X-Rays Reveal Bugs Hidden in Amber

“Hundreds of fossilized creatures from the Age of Dinosaurs have been discovered inside a type of amber into which scientists have now glimpsed for the first time.

The trove of ancient animals was found in pieces of opaque amber, the secretive sister of the more familiar translucent amber gemstone.

Though made from the same tree sap as translucent amber, opaque amber is impenetrable to the human eye and all of the microscopes scientists have previously trained on it.”

I want my Jurassic Park!

Dolly Parton

The Eagle lives

DANDRIDGE, Tenn. (AP) – Dolly Parton visited the woods overlooking Douglas Lake near the Great Smoky Mountains in designer buckskins and 4-inch heels. But she knew she wasn’t the star of this show. It was a young American bald eagle.

The eagle was blown from its nest several weeks ago in Florida. On Thursday, it was returned to the wild by the American Eagle Foundation, which is based at the 62-year-old singer’s Dollywood theme park.

Some 90 eagles have been released from the same spot since the 1990s. But this marked the first time that their country music benefactor had seen it in person.

Before she helped open the cage and watched the bird soar away, Parton named it “Liberty.”

“I thought that sounded better than Baldy,” she said.


Hell of an operator…Courtesy, J.M.

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