“She Unblinded Me With Science”

Apologies to Thomas Dolby, but this is really freaking cool.

High-Powered X-Rays Reveal Bugs Hidden in Amber

“Hundreds of fossilized creatures from the Age of Dinosaurs have been discovered inside a type of amber into which scientists have now glimpsed for the first time.

The trove of ancient animals was found in pieces of opaque amber, the secretive sister of the more familiar translucent amber gemstone.

Though made from the same tree sap as translucent amber, opaque amber is impenetrable to the human eye and all of the microscopes scientists have previously trained on it.”

I want my Jurassic Park!

3 Responses to ““She Unblinded Me With Science””

  1. nilk Says:

    Next to Ben Hur, Jurassic Park is my next favourite film. I am so there, Angus lol.

  2. Rebecca H Says:

    I have a necklace of amber beads, but alas, not a single bug in any of them. Tres cool!

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