She’s On Fire… Yeah Baby.


Oh my….Bomb Explosion at Iranian Mosque Kills at Least 9

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Zombie Rocks…Zombie Chronicles the Olympic Torch Relay in SF

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Frontal Nudity Warning

They must be filled with helium. I have no damn idea how this poor, delicious young woman stands upright.

I keep playing the video…I just love that song..uh huh..They come in two’s…uh huh.

Aussie’s…Do you have knowledge of this? Like I know what I see, but it’s surreal.

Received in a friends email….

Classic Schlock: Winchester Cathedral LIVE!

Ah yes, 1968. Where Bill and Hill still wish we were.

Two Things Of Note

A 51-year-old man has been caught in Southern Thailand with 60 condoms full of hashish in his stomach, and was caught because three of them burst. If Thailand has the death penalty, don’t be surprised if Kev weighs in and tries to help out.


Queensland mining town Mt Isa is looking like it could be for some very rough action with lead poisoning having been detected in the town’s children. One of the mothers is taking legal action, with the assistance of the firm of ambulance-chasers Slater & Gordon, the firm of which Julia Gillard used to be a partner. The licenses for the mines were awarded to the companies by the government of Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson, which will become a matter of much import if there’s much more action on this.

AFL: West Coke Eagles v Sydney Swans

First Quarter:

The Eagles are just entering the ground now, but they look very nice tonight. The game is being played at ANZ Stadium in Homebush, Sydney, one of the sites used at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The ball is being handled by both teams, and I think from the performance of both teams so far, that the coaches have matched up their players well. This has the potential to be an excellent game.

A Coke Eagle has lined up and… kicks a behind for a point. Score 0.1.01 to 0.0.00, in favour of the Eagles.

Sydney evens up the score by kicking a behind for themselves. Game even at 0.1.01 to both teams.

There’s some very good contests tonight, with Sydney quite aware of what they’re doing, but also stacking on the Coke Eagles.

A Swan neatly lines up and boots a goal straight through the Kick-Sticks, scoring a goal for Sydney. 0.1.01 WCE to 1.1.07 SYD.

The ball travels down the field, and on the boundary there’s a dispute and a tackle and a Plastic Swan drags a Plastic Eagle to the ground, making him look like a complete Plastic Turkey, and no doubt he’ll be reported to the AFL Tribunal and get a two week suspension.

There’s 11 minutes left in the quarter, and if I was the type to make judgments this early in the game, I’d call it for Sydney.

The Eagles have the ball, but Sydney are looking quite vicious tonight, sliding into Coke Eagles. I’d wager that the grass is quite wet and they can’t help it. Sydney take the ball and start looking for someone to kick to. Sydney kick it to the center of the ground, where it’s taken by another of their players, and… GOOOOOOAL! Score now 2.1.13 to the West Coke Eagles 0.1.01.

Sydney Swan Barry Hall is awarded a free kick, and lines up right in front of the Kick-Sticks and boots it through for another goal to Sydney, making the score now 3.1.19 to 0.1.01. It’s looking very good for Sydney, although it’s very, very early in the game.

Sydney is awarded a free kick from 45 metres out from the goal, and kick it through nicely for another goal. It’s looking very good for Sydney. 4.1.25 to 0.1.01. The West Coast Eagles will get a pretty good talking to in six and a half minutes, when the quarter ends.

A West Coast Eagle gets the goal on a side boundary and kicks it for a behind. Score 4.1.25 SYD to 0.2.02 WCE.

Barry Hall (SYD) has a dispute with an Eagle, because the Eagle asked him to watch for his neck which Hall accidentally backhanded him, Hall doesn’t like it and fuckin’ decks him, which has put the Eagle off the ground, another Eagle comes in at Hall, and Hall’s definitely going to be out for five or six rounds.

The Eagle will now be out until quarter time at least.

And the game goes on.

The Eagles get their talons on the ball, and pass it around with some nifty little kicks and swoop it through the goals, for their first goal of the game. Score now 4.1.25 to 1.2.08.

Barry Hall gets his hands on the ball, gets a very, very, very loud boo, and boots it through for a behind, but receives almost no cheers. Score now 4.2.26 to 1.2.08.

After the siren, there’s some shoving between an Eagle and Bazza Hall. This could be fun!

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Sneaky Column Published

This column here was snuck into the Daily Telegraph by a certain opinion editor. How… sneaky. How… cunning!

It’s not blatant self-promotion.

It’s a carefully-designed experiment.

Don’t ignore the link to the T-shirt version either.

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