Civil Liberties Groups Are Funny…

…although, that’s in the same way that a car crash is funny.

Civil liberties groups in Australia are complaining about new laws proposed by Labor that would allow security agencies to intercept emails.

However, as you’ll read, they’re complaining that employers will then be able to read email with the intention of finding a reason to fire an employee. They completely miss the major error in this thinking: if you’re sending personal emails on work time on company equipment, your employer already has the complete right to read what you are sending!

As is often the case, civil liberties groups are making Much Ado About The Wrong Issue.

Big surprise.

2 Responses to “Civil Liberties Groups Are Funny…”

  1. 1618 Says:

    Hi ashy XXX

  2. Ash Says:

    Hi 1.6. How’s NZ?

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