I teach English as a second language differently

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Hillary Clinton: She’s a Lawyer, and Her Lips are Moving

This is both sad and hilarious.

From a blog I’d never heard of before, The Jed Report. This guy is good. Very good. I’m bookmarking him!

Via Tim Blair.

Obama: Let’s campaign, not have more debates. Gee, wonder why?

I’ll be honest with you, we’ve now had 21,” he said. “It’s not as if we don’t know how to do these things. I could deliver Sen. Clinton’s lines; she could, I’m sure, deliver mine.”

Obama has that deer caught in the headlights, look.


Courtesy of a friend….Have no damn idea what the title should be. Well, guess I do now.

King of beer…Topping off the tank.

Cool Dude…Check the shades real close.

Damn, now where was I?

Courtesy, a friend..Your House as seen by:


A Buyer

A Lender

An Appraiser

A Tax Assessor

Bad, Bad, Vlad: Putin Gives Us Middle-Aged Bachelors Hope

Per the rumor mill, Vladimir Putin is leaving his fifty year-old wife for a twenty-for year-old former gymnast.

“Rumours are circulating in Moscow that Vladimir Putin has left his wife and is set to marry a former rhythmic gymnast less than half his age
The 56-year-old Russian president is said to have formed a relationship with the beautiful Alina Kabaeva, 24, and the couple have decided to tie the knot.”

Excellent. I still have a good six years left to find myself a girl I can’t relate to on any level but sexual. Woo hoo!

The outgoing Mrs. Putin v1.0, fifty, was evidently unavailable for comment.

I’m guessing she was a former East German “female” Olympic athlete.

Via Andrew Stuttaford at The Corner.

I was a bit curt (well, actually still John) last evening. This, some pills and some booze, made me type and/or do things, I normally wouldn’t. Especially wiping out a whole thread, BUT then that was the thread Dan was barfing on.

Long story short, a piece of a cut log fell on the damn toe. Damn near popped the whole toenail off. I’ve cut as much of the toenail off as I can…Time to stop screwing with it and take more ibu’s.

I’m just trying to decide what to swallow them with…Beer, rum, vodka, tequila, gin…Oh wait…I have some red wine, too.

Could have and Should have been prevented…BUT! Video essays

Broken Left Ball Screen Shot…Stay the FUCK away maggots!

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