Car Show 4

This one is mine…I wish.

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Car Show 3

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Car Show 2

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Pic’s from Rod Run/Car Show 1…Pigeon Forge, Tennessee..


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Did Obama Give a ‘Flip’ Response to Clinton Attacks?

After watching the video…I’d say he’s a no class, smart ass to boot…They report, You decide

I think he knew exactly what he was doing…his words and smiles, after…giveth him away….BUT have a look.

Fox News

Just in case the Fox page refreshes…and it goes ZIP…

Damn! I fear something has happened to Saltydog…

Have seen hide nor hair of her, over the last couple of weeks. Have looked everywhere she normally comments. No comments. Have sent her at least two emails…with no response.

Put some words in for her, with whatever “Big Boy Upstairs” you use. Even if you do not have a “Big Boy Upstairs”…Put some words in, wherever.

catallaxy and Andrew Bolt…Mucho Gracias for the “English Teacher”

Andrew Bolt



Kevin Rudd’s all-singin’ all-dancin’ goat rodeo

…Also known in some circles as “The Australia 2020 Summit”

To get us in the mood, here’s young Annette getting ready for the Summit, in “Faces of 2020”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Stay tuned…

UPDATE: “Everybody was standing around a sheet of, you guessed it, butchers’ paper when the PM entered and took a seat – on the floor. Kooky. According to the PM, he ‘just felt like sitting down’.” -via Annabel Crabb’s summit live-blog

UPDATE #2: (Sunday 20 April, 9pm AEST)

Well, Kevin’s all-singin’ all-dancin’ goat rodeo has finally drawn to a close, and what a circus it’s been!

Andrew Bolt deserves some kind of commendation for going above & beyond the call of duty and spending the weekend actually watching this shitefest and live-blogging it for us from woe to go. Another commendation goes to Tim Blair for his comprehensive round-up. But the Grand Prize must go to both sets of readers/commenters, who filled the pages of all three posts with scads of side-splitting, eye-watering pants-p!ssing observations – at this point, near on a thousand comments all up.

(UPDATE #3: Well over a thousand comments now. And another excellent morning-after round-up by Andrew Bolt, plus a discussion of the Official 2020 Goat Rodeo Summit Theme Song.)

Read ’em and weep, campers.


UPDATE #4: Via Bill Leak

The 16 Ton Catch of Cocaine

Yea, it’s older news…BUT a great intro.

On Nov. 29, Simpson, LEDET 405 and HSL 46 Det 7 worked together for the successful interdiction of a self-propelled semi-submersible (SPSS) vessel suspected of smuggling drugs. An SPSS is capable of carrying 5-8 metric tons of cocaine and has no maritime use other than the covert transport of narcotics or other illegal goods. The SPSS crew managed to sink the vessel and the four suspected smugglers were detained and turned over to Colombian authorities.”

A Modest Proposal — For the Draft

Christ Jules, I thought you was talkin’ about beer.

Calls for a draft are being revived. Here’s anti-war author Frank Schaeffer at the Huffington Post. Here’s the Sacramento Bee’s public editor, fielding readers’ calls for a draft. Here’s Aileen Morey at NPR’s “This I Believe.”

The argument can be summed up simply. Only a small percentage of Americans are carrying the burden of the war. This is unfair. More to the point, it has been impossible to get parents and college kids to give more than a passing damn about the war.

The calls for a military draft are in fact calls for forcible enlistment in the anti-war movement, which has suffered greatly from its failure to recruit in the current voluntary political involvement model. The calls for a draft are nothing more than frustrated efforts to bolster the effectively non-existent anti-war movement to Vietnam levels by swelling its ranks with suddenly concerned suburban Americans.

Jules Crittenden/Pajamas Media

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I Saw THIS Coming: The Courtroom as Three Ring Circus

The raid on the polygamous Mormon sect in San Angelo happened just up the road from me, by Texas reconning, and when it went down, I was just happy that the authorities didn’t inspire those followers to immolate themselves and their children, as Janet Reno did in Waco with the Branch Davidians.

As the story began to unfold, I thought to myself that it would quickly turn into a major fiasco, and that the cases would be in the courts for decades. I had no idea, though, that I would be proven right so quickly.

“SAN ANGELO, Texas — A court hearing to decide the fate of the 416 children swept up in a raid on a West Texas polygamous sect descended into farce Thursday, with hundreds of lawyers in two packed buildings shouting objections and the judge struggling to maintain order.”

Yes, that is four-hundred-sixteen children, and the State of Texas is trying to take every last one of them away from their parents.

“At issue was an attempt by the state of Texas to strip the parents of custody and place the children in foster homes because of evidence they were being physically and sexually abused or in imminent danger of abuse by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a renegade Mormon splinter group suspected of forcing underage girls into marriage with older men.”

So, these 70 IQ government worker morons think every last one of these 416 children would be better off in a state-run foster care system than with their real, actual mothers and fathers. Uh huh. Then, why not take every child away from single mothers? There isn’t even a father to take care of the kids in those situations. Regardless of what you think of religious nuts, they seem to have a pretty descent family life. Much better than a lot of the crap I saw in the poor neighborhoods of Detroit and New Orleans, that’s for sure. Oh, and I’m not buying any of the state’s sensational claims … yet.

Hell, Texas can’t even run an orderly courtroom.

“As many feared, the proceedings turned into something of a circus — and a painfully slow one.”

Count me among the fearing. But wait, there’s more!

“The hearing disintegrated quickly into a barrage of shouted objections and attempts to file motions, with lawyers for the children objecting to objections made by the parents’ attorneys. When the judge sustained an objection to the prolonged questioning of the state trooper, the lawyers cheered.”

That paints a comforting picture of the American Judicial System, doesn’t it? But according to the judge, there’s nothing to worry about.

“”We’re going to handle this the best we can, one client at a time,” Walther said.”

What a relief. Four-hundred-sixteen children, and over a hundred parents… one at a time. Good luck with that, Your Honor.

Being pretty much a purist Classical Liberal – a la Thomas Jefferson (Small-l libertarian, by current lingo) – I recognize that the toughest nut to crack for those of us on my side is how to juxtapose the God-given rights to freedom that adults have against the more limited, but no less precious, rights that children have. Obviously, every child in a civilized society has the right to have their innocence protected, which is why there are rules covering such things as public decency and sexual contact by adults with children. It is the Gordian Knot of libertarianism, and it will be interesting – in a tragic, slow motion, head-on train wreck kind of way – to see how this all plays out.

If the state can document real, actual child abuse in this case by anything other than hearsay evidence, I’ll be surprised. At least, I think I’ll be surprised. I’m sure it will come down to what arbitrary age break they decide on for the child/adult split, something both states and religions disagree on. Here, it seems, the sect uses the traditional Jewish age of inclusion of thirteen. In any case, it seems – on the surface at least – that these sect members were there by choice, and that they view their way of life as Holy, versus a corrupt outside world. I can’t say that I agree with them or not, but I’m betting the State of Texas will attempt to beat these people to death with polygamy laws and child welfare laws, and polygamy features prominently in early Judeo-Christian tradition, does it not? Not only that, but the West seems agreeable to tolerating the practice among Muslims.

I really have no idea what my thinking on this will be by the time it’s all said and done, but we certainly live in interesting times, and as a libertarian, this case embodies many problems I lose sleep over at night.

The whole story is at FOX News.

Poor Little Bunny!

Since you’re feeling poorly, Tiz, I thought I’d post this for you.

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Hillary: “I’m F*cking Obama”

I’m assuming we’ve all seen Jimmy Kimmel’s girlfriend Sarah Silverman’s “I’m F*ucking Matt Damon“, and Jimmy Kimmel’s retort “I’m F*cking Ben Affleck“. If not, watch them for the background, and then watch this version from Aussies Hugh & Jez Atkin. Read the rest of this entry »

Wild Rowan Atkinson

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