Al-Qaeda in Iraq: Determined but Desperate, by Omar Fadhil

The latest three messages from al-Qaeda addressing the Sunni community uncover the depth of the crisis that al-Qaeda is facing in its former host community.

The threatening tone of the missives from the alleged Abu Omar Baghdadi and Aby Ayyub, and the insulting tone of the second by Zawahiri, reflect mistrust, anxiety and a dire need to retrieve what was lost.

Death threats do not represent a serious call for cooperation on an achievable objective. This “work-for-me-or-I-kill-you” tone is completely different from the usual recruiting slogans that have focused on the ideology of fighting for absolute truth against absolute evil.

Those slogans have failed, which is why they have been discarded and replaced by threats and an effort to seek out third parties to render verdicts on disagreements, which is what Baghdadi alluded to when he proposed that some (not all!) Sunni clerics come forward to mediate between al-Qaeda and the public.

This call for mediation indicates first, that al-Qaeda has lost direct contact with the public and second, that there are still some clerics involved with al-Qaeda.

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4 Responses to “Al-Qaeda in Iraq: Determined but Desperate, by Omar Fadhil”

  1. bingbingloveshisblingbling Says:

    What I don’t fucking get (well, I do, they’re fucking morons) is when I talk to Leftards about the Iraq war and they shit on about how it’s so illegal, and pointless and costing so much money [let’s not mention the safest] war blah blah blah blah is that when I mention to them that the US was attacked, directly attacked by Al Fuckda (regardless of the Left’s hysterical the-US-government-did-it moonbat conspiracy theory[9/11]), that Bush the US military took the fight to them, set out a more conventional battlefield, brought the scum out of the woodwork, and after five years, has basically destroyed Al Quaida’s pathetic asses. Oh, and they liberated 20 million people…

    And yet so many think Bush and the American machine is the bad guy. Pathetic. Utterly contemptible and pathetic.

    Almost as pathetic as the global warming swindle, which if ‘it’ has its way, will actually affect us all more.


  2. tizona Says:


    As bright as you are, surely you know that the Left have indeed found a “freedom” in Sharia previously unknown. We of sane minds, cannot see this “freedom”. We do not possess, nor do we look at the world through super Koran reading glasses

  3. bingbingloveshisblingbling Says:

    Seriously, mate. I had to listen to this 22yo fuckbag, last weekend, shit on about 9/11 being an inside job. With a sprinkle shitstorm of AGW and Obamarism to go with it.

    Cop that with the Aussie (an I’m one of them) 2020 clusterfuck that was held over the weekend, and well…

    Triple that with with the only entertaining journo on CNN being caught with ropes tied from his neck to his balls, and a bit of meth in his pocket for good measure (and I actually liked the guy), and it’s been one helluva Leftist fuckfest the past few days.

    Classic mate. Classic.

  4. tizona Says:


    You an Aussie?…By damned, I’d have never guessed SHIT! The giveaway, should have been a fellow with your same last name. 😉

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