Well done Greenies

Your stupid bio-fuel crusade has caused a global food shortage.


And cop the source.


One Response to “Well done Greenies”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    Yes, can we all just agree that turning food into fuel is a bad idea? And, the US government subsidizes this lunacy.

    There are plenty of non-food plant sources that can be used for ethanol production, which is great so long as farmland isn’t converted from food production to pursue fuel. Kudzu is a regional pest in the south – getting rid of a lot this non-native invader would be a great thing – and just about nothing can eat it (Which is one of the reasons it’s such a problem). There are perfectly viable processes for doing just that… but retarded Uncle Sam doesn’t subsidize it (Looked at from the other direction, ethanol-from-corn subsidies make it less profitable).

    This is pretty obvious on the unintended consequences list, and it should be pointed out to everybody involved in this idiocy the fact that they are fucking morons.

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