UPDATE….Rozita Swinton

Phone number in Texas abuse report linked to Colo. woman


Angus first report

For saltydog – more of what I do best.

Namely, find weirdness on the internet.

We had the Monty Python clip a couple of days ago – I’ve wondered (at least once: today) what it would have been like to watch their sketches when they first appeared. There must have been a shitload of head-scratching.

Tonight’s offerings are rather in the same vein. Two cartoons from David Firth, the creator of the extremely bizarre cartoon character known as Salad Fingers. I have to warn you, there is blasphemy, swearing, and guns here in these cartoons. Also, I suspect, cannibalism. But maybe that’s just me.

Enough talk. It’s Showtime!

The Men From Up The Stairs

Burnt Face Man – Episode 8

If you need a reassuring dose of reality afterwards, click here and read about my latest adventure.

Olympic torch arrives in Australia, quickly whisked away

Awwright mates, whadga do widthe damn thing, eh?


1.618: New Zealand Is Gorgeous

Another mountain in New Zealand. The photograph was taken by roving reporter 1.618.

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