Ropa Dopa, in politics with a real Dopa.

Great Heavyweight boxing Champion Muhammad Ali, used this in the ring. It was a great strategy, by a great boxer.

Obama isn’t A Muhammad Ali. Personally, I know Hussein Obama, could hold Ali’s jockstrap.

Obama: No More Debates Before Next Primary

In an interview with Fox News Chris Wallace…Obama said:

Asked why he was repeatedly “ducking” Clinton’s debate challenges before the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, Obama said, as he has before, that he just wants to spend time with voters.

“I’m not ducking. We’ve had 21 (debates), and so what we’ve said is, with two weeks, two big states, we want to make sure we’re talking to as many folks possible on the ground taking questions from voters,” he said, so no debates.

“We’re not going to have debates between now and Indiana,” he said.

Fox News

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2 Responses to “Ropa Dopa, in politics with a real Dopa.”

  1. Paco Says:

    Well, he got clobbered in the last debate, so I guess he’s milking the equivalent of a “long count”. He’s still likely to wind up as the Canvas-Back Kid.

  2. Rebecca H Says:

    Like Paco said: got tired of having his ass handed to him.

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