1st In a new series, Mumblewatch.

The Australian public broadcaster is fairly renowned for its lefty bias, however in recent times it has hit a new low, providing a haven for a particularly vile anti-semite known as “Mulga mumblebrain”.

No accusation is to vile to point at the “evvvil Jooos!!”, and as a result it has been barred from commenting in a number of places. The ABC runs a moderated forum called “unleashed” which provides an open area for articles and commentary from people outside the ABC. All well and good, however its apparent sanction of jewhate by its commenters is beyond the pale. I have reported a couple of the worst ones for moderation, and as they are still present, I can only draw the conclusion that the ABC has no problems with blood libel and anti-semitism.

The worst of these filth is a creature Called Mulga. It is my intention to start a little ‘Mulgawatch” section here with quotes from the ABC forums, a log of comments “reported to moderators” and any responses by the ABC.

I hope El Cid will indulge me in this little vanity project. The following post is extremely long, and only comprises a fraction of comments from this poster. It would be extremely satisfying if a few of us could lodge enough complaints to embarass the ABC into removing such filth from a government funded website. please ad your own “report comment” by visiting the website and picking a couple of favourites.

(Apologies for not commenting much, am starting a new business as well as working, so am as busy as a dingo in a child care centre)

Here is the link to the whole “Unleashed” site. http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/

Here is the moderation policy for the site. http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/comments.htm

And here is the first link containing the mumble. http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/stories/s2226078.htm#comments

And let us begin our thrilling reading:

This is one of the tamest posts Ive seen the mumble start, not worth reporting.

“Mulga Mumblebrain :

26 Apr 2008 4:32:05pm

Peter, comments such as Anthony’s where a false inference is invented in order to heap yet more contempt and denigration on Moslems and Islam, are these days nearly inescapable. The reason why this is so is, of course, plain. While the Western powers are attacking the Moslem countries of the Middle East, killing millions, imprisoning the Palestinians for decades, destroying priceless cultural heritage etc, they need the populations of the Western countries to be indifferent, at least, to this ongoing genocide. So depicting Moslems and Islam as essentially evil is a prime task of the Western media propaganda system. Those, such as Griffith University in this instance, who attempt to mediate between the cultures, become, in Thatcher’s memorable expression ‘The enemy within’.
While personally indifferent to Islam, and as unimpressed by its claims as I am by the other monotheisms, the mass murder of millions of fellow humans is, in my opinion, a great wickedness. As is the fostering of an atmosphere of hatred designed to de-humanise the victims. As in every other thing, the Right shows by its appalling hatemongering that it is a force for evil and destruction.”

This is much more like vintage Mulga, the ABC is controlled by the jews (as usual) with the cheery anecdote of all those hook noses behind the control room. Reported to Mod.

Mulga Mumblebrain :

25 Apr 2008 10:15:04am

Precisely, Surprised. Apparently Kohn either cannot read or has such habitual contempt for the intelligence of the public that she thinks she can get away with such vulgar misrepresentations. Habitual listeners to the so-called ‘Religion Report’ know it to be a veritable clearing-house for Islamophobic hatred.When Islam is covered it is invariably critically, or a sympathetic ear is lent to hatemongers against Islam. Discussion of Judaism, is, in contrast, generally sympathetic. And can that come as any surprise when Crittenden, some months ago, during a typical piece where the ethnic cleansing and Judaisation of Jerusalem was covered with considerable sympathy, mentioned the fact that he was able to gaze into the program control room and look on all the beaming ‘Israeli faces’.
Now I wonder what the reaction of the Right would be if the Religion Report, or any other ABC program, or any other media outlet in this country was dominated by beaming Moslem faces, or Palestinian ones? It hardly bears contemplation!

I will only bother posting the more extreme of the mumbles comments and the threads they are from. The list would be to great otherwise.

From this link on the Chinese Olypics http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/stories/s2226067.htm#comments

Sarko is a Mossad agent? Innocent Chinese communists provoked by the Evvvil west? Nuse my medication…Reported.

Mulga Mumblebrain :

26 Apr 2008 4:48:09pm

Well said Fromafar. The Western provocations to disrupt the Beijing Olympics won’t stop at the torch attacks. The Mossad ‘asset’ Sarkozy is still agitating for a boycott of the opening ceremony, and various Western sources are ‘predicting’ terrorist attacks against athletes at the Games. They probably have inside information, particularly when you consider many of the ‘terrorist’ groups at large in the world are actually controlled by various intelligence organisations. The utter cynicism and viciousness of the West is revealed in how quickly this provocation has transmogrified into rank anti-Chinese racism, with Chinese doing no more than responding to Western inspired and financed ‘Tibetan’ violence, being roundly traduced and criticised. We are entering very dangerous times, and the rulers of the West, being completely unprincipled and infinitely dangerous, can be expected to act with criminal recklessness.

Rupert Murdoch, attacks his biggest market? And the usual hatred of Australians and the west of course. Tame enough not to report.

Mulga Mumblebrain :

26 Apr 2008 5:06:50pm

Watch out Daniel. Reporting facts that expose the lies of the propaganda system we risibly mis-name the ‘Free Press’ is unforgivable. Remember, we are all of one mind, we all think just as does Chairman Rupert, the greasy eminence whose personal taste in facts determines the great bulk of media opinion, and reporting, in this sad, little, terminally self-deluded, mediocrity of a country.

All Israel supporters are racist right wingers?

Mulga Mumblebrain :

25 Apr 2008 6:07:32pm

Never forget Rui that the average Western Rightwinger is a visceral racist. Belief in racial supremacism runs through Rightwing ideology like an open sewer. The Chinese are just the most recent whipping boy, but unlike Moslems, black Africans or other ‘lesser breeds’, they are feared as well as despised. China’s great progress over the last fifty years has frightened the racial supremacists of the West, and there is nothing more dangerous than a bully-boy who fears being put in his place.

Now the dali lama is a CIA asset as well? Mao was framed ? The economic rise of China will stop resource depletion?…Reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

25 Apr 2008 11:02:37am

I believe you’re quite wrong Greg. Apart from the truly delirious hypocrisy of the Western powers, who have committed more crimes against humanity than the rest of the human population put together, criticising China, especially while US and NATO forces continue to slaughter thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan, in neo-colonial wars of aggression, China’s record is not that bad. Sure, the Western Right has invented a mythology of squillions personally strangled by the dreaded Mao Ze Dong, but these fabrications are believed only by the brain-dead and Rightists contemptuous of all non-Western peoples. The truth is somewhere else entirely.
China rose from the ashes of 150 years of Western aggression in 1949. It wasn’t entirely conquered as had been that other great Asian civilization, India, but it was carved up, ruthlessly exploited and humiliated. Western interference never ceased, of course. The Yanks effectively sundered Taiwan from China, providing a refuge for its lap-dog Chiang Kai-Shek. CIA intervention in Tibet began almost immediately, culminating in the CIA organised ‘uprising’ in 1959, and the flight of the Dalai, almost certainly a CIA ‘asset’ since the 50s, joining such other notables as Saddam Hussein and Manuel Noriega.
The current uprising in Tibet is transparently Western motivated. Its occurrence on the anniversary of the CIA revolt in 1959 is no accident. The performance of the Western media in conveniently forgetting the brutality, the criminal damage, the arson and the murder of Han Chinese by Tibetan thugs, and turning the affair into one of ‘Chinese brutality’ without a scintilla of evidence, and such vicious tactics as printing pictures of monks being bashed in Nepal, inferring they were pictures from Tibet, is, in my opinion, both typical and truly detestable.
I say good on the Chinese for protecting their flame. No one in China, save the basest would-be compradore, can possibly doubt that the rulers of the West detest and fear their great country and it’s economic rise. This carefully contrived attack on their country, by an alliance of racists, hypocrites and fools, must surely alert them to the coming storm. The Western, White rulers of the world will never let their dominance pass to a bunch of mere ‘Asiatics’. We are in for truly testing times, just when global co-operation and amity are most vital to address ecological and resource depletion problems of gigantic size.

Amnesty international is a front for the “West”?

Mulga Mumblebrain :

25 Apr 2008 11:05:08am

Ah yes ‘Amnesty International’, the same nasty hypocrites who let Ruddock parade with their lapel pin on, while he drove children mad behind razor wire. Amnesty has been a contemptible joke, doing the propaganda work of the West against its enemies, for years.

Again the Dali lama is a CIA man?…reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

25 Apr 2008 11:12:20am

Don’t spout rubbish, earle. Even the CIA ‘asset’ the so-called Dalai, acknowledges Tibet is part of China. The only people in the West who see Tibet as an independent country are the anti-Chinese racists, the sentimental deluded fools and the victims of fifty years of Rightwing propaganda. As there is no chance that China or any conceivable Chinese regime will allow the West to again step in to break up their country, those who support Tibetan independence are at best fools who guarantee years more turmoil and pointless exile in India for thousands. They are, in my opinion, foolish dupes being exploited by evil and sinister forces, implacably opposed to China for racist and imperialist reasons, sinister forces couldn’t give a stuff over Tibetans, but see them as useful pawns in a fight for world domination.

More anti-semitism from the master…reported…

Mulga Mumblebrain :

25 Apr 2008 11:28:35am

Yes, James ‘human rights’, the most hypocritical weapon in the armament of Western bully-boys. Words fail one when countries such as the UK, the US and Israel, with their bloody record of mass murder from Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan to Somalia and the Congo, have the unspeakable gall to lecture China over human rights. And the inmates of the ‘floating world’ of the media sewer screech the oh so familiar propaganda, falsifying events and history, in their habitual service to power, with the toady’s true enthusiasm for pleasing his Masters.

The people attacking the fame were paid by the CIA?? I bet it was PACO who got the contract…reported

Mulga Mumblebrain :

25 Apr 2008 12:13:12pm

What a hypocrite. Its OK for the CIA and NED financed and organised Tibetans to attack the Olympic flame, with the clear collusion of the authorities in London, Paris and San Francisco, but if the Chinese rally to support their country they become the thugs. What happened yesterday was the would-be bully-boys of the anti-Chinese claque found themselves comprehensively outnumbered, so, naturally, they set to, with the media collaboration one expects, to concoct further lurid tales of Chinese wickedness. This travesty is now taking a familiar, and I don’t doubt carefully contrived path. Not only is the Chinese regime being demonised, but now the Chinese people as well. The Western media sewer has already de-humanised them by burying the facts of the initial anti-Chinese pogrom in Lhasa down Orwell’s ‘memory-hole’. This demonisation is reminiscent of the ongoing denigration of Moslems by the same Rightwing propaganda apparatus, and to the same end. To create a daemon figure, evil China and its wicked, brainwashed people. This will make the coming increase in anti-Chinese activity, possibly leading to war, more palatable to the brain-dead Western public, so easily roused to racist hatred and antipathy.

More anti-Israel shite…reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

25 Apr 2008 12:20:56pm

Don’t talk crap, Robert. The Yanks have learned nothing from the Bush experience. The likely next President, the madman McCain, promises 100 years of occupation in Iraq, by which time, at the current rate of murder, the Iraqis will have been exterminated entirely, several times over. As for China’s ‘dreadful inhumanity’, you are plainly, in my opinion, that species of ignoramus who substitutes hatred and demonisation for any rational cognitive activity. China’s human right’s record isn’t perfect, but compared to those in the West, it’s a veritable paradise. For instance, merely compare the position of Tibetans, where life is incomparably better than fifty years ago, with that of the Gazans, entrapped in a gigantic concentration camp, currently being starved into submission in contravention of every human rights law known, by that inestimable bastion of ‘Western Civilization’, Israel.

Genocide in iraq?….reported…

Mulga Mumblebrain :

25 Apr 2008 6:42:04pm

You’re correct blacksheep. I imagine Sally merely means that those who support the genocide in Iraq and the dreadful mistreatment of our indigenous people have no right to criticise China, and in that I fully concur. Those who oppose Iraq, and who support the indigenous here, are certainly entitled to oppose China and support the Tibetan irredentists, but I’m convinced they are morally, historically and practically mistaken to do so.

Jesus this twat can ramble on. Note the number of anti-west/anti-semetic remarks in a post that was about China FFS!! I didnt expect to find this much crap on such an off-mania topic.

This topic was on selecting judges for the courts. http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/stories/s2221096.htm#comments

Suprise suprise anit semetism rears its ugly head again..reported…

Mulga Mumblebrain :

26 Apr 2008 6:18:18pm

The Howardite regime you are a vulgar apologist for, involved this country in a war of aggression, the ‘supreme crime’ in Nuremberg parlance, based on known lies, in Iraq, that has led to over one million deaths, so far. If you don’t think that vile, you’re in moral danger. The Howard regime habitually lied, as had Howard in his earlier Government roles, beginning with the insult of ‘core and non-core promises’ and never ceasing for eleven years, culminating in the AWB fiasco, and the rigged Royal Commission, as thoroughly rorted as was the republican referendum in 1999. If you don’t think habitual lying in government vile, then you are sinking deeper into the moral quicksand. Howard never disguised his racist contempt, for Aborigines, whose welfare was deliberately and callously neglected, whose leaders were treated with open contempt and whose land rights were deliberately subverted, or for Moslems, who suffered unending abuse and denigration from a politician more attuned to the interests of the Jewish community, famously generous to those who acknowledge their special place in human affairs. If you don’t agree that is vile, then the moral quicksand has you up to the neck.
But vilest of all Howard’s wickednesses will surely turn out to be his climate change denialism, his insistence on putting the interests of his fossil fuel mates before those of all future generations. Doubtless Howard, being too stupid to actually understand the science, was simply acting in an ideologically reflex manner, simply opposing, as he always did, any proposition that emanated from the Left, for no other reason than the idea’s ideological provenance. That just about sums up Howard, his regime and his bootlickers. Evil and imbecilic.

This thread doesnt even make it to 4 comments before the Jews run the internets as well! http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/stories/s2225054.htm#comments

Can i become jewish? they seem to have control of everything…reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

25 Apr 2008 1:08:56pm

One of the clearest signs of what is to come is the habit of Zionist and other Judeofascist bullies to label any web-site that contains criticism of Israel and its barbaric policies, as ‘anti-Semitic hate-sites’. This meshes nicely with witch-hunters general like David Horowitz in the US, who has launched a McCarthyite pogrom in academia, targeting Moslem, Arab and other academics daring not to bow down in total submission to Israeli benevolence, and claiming that their thought control exercises are a defense of ‘academic freedom’. Ah, Orwell, where art thou? This dreadful bullying, thuggish, intimidatory campaign has recently been praised and proposed to be introduced here, where else but in the pages of Murdoch’s national news-rag ‘The Fundament’, by none other than Janet Albrechtsen, the La Passionaria of the demented ultra-Right in this country.
Adding a touch of comic Gallic wit, although even more sinister, is the dreadful Bernard Henry-Levy in France, who now asserts, with practiced chutzpah, that all criticism of the US, its policies of genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan and its War of Terror against the Moslem, is, in fact, anti-Semitism also. Methinks there lies a grain of truth here, amongst the dross.

Oh good a thread about plane security, what can go wrong here? http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/stories/s2222591.htm#comments

Again Israel is singled out for abuse. (Not to mention the semi-truther comment at the top)..reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

25 Apr 2008 1:43:08pm

Yeah, I was reading of Israeli security practices a while ago. If you are a Palestinian visiting relatives in the concentration camp of the West Bank, even if from the US, you will be strip searched. You will mill about naked for a lengthy period, a practice known to the Israelis to be intensely shaming for Arabs and Moslems. Your children will be searched in another room, a truly distressing prospect for any parent. Then you find your clothes all heaped together, and have to engage in another humiliating scrabble to find your own garments. Isn’t Western Civilization truly awe-inspiring?

Thats just from the first page brought up, fo the older ones ill restrict myself to a few from Ant Lowenstein. http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/stories/s2188218.htm

As usual Israel started all the wars, and runs a ‘concentration camp”..reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

26 Mar 2008 9:49:24pm

Surely you’re not going to imply that Israel is the poor innocent, harmless, victim of nasty, detestable Arab aggression, are you Mavis? As Israel is the country imprisoning, killing, torturing and dispossessing the Palestinians, who are the ones locked up in the concentration camps, this is a little rich. As Israel was the aggressor in the wars of 1948, 1956, 1967, and the aggressor attacking Lebanon in 1968, 1978, 1982 and 2006, and Iraq in 1981, and occupied south Lebanon, between ’78 and 2000, with racist cruelty, terror and torture until kicked out by Hezbollah, it takes real chutzpah to blame the victim and exonerate the brutal victimiser.

Israel mudering palestinians..again…reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

26 Mar 2008 9:54:22pm

Now, Mavis, who is this Ariel you speak of? Sharon, ‘hero’ of the Sabra, Shatilla and Qibya massacres? He had nothing to do with Oslo, alas. By 2003 when the illegal slaughter and aggression in Iraq, definitely not a war, was launched, Israel had finally openly repudiated the Oslo farce and had re-occupied the Palestinian areas and was murdering Palestinians with the usual relish. If your grasp of such recent history is so tenuous you really ought to do some revision.

More blood libel…reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

19 Mar 2008 10:26:22am

Maggie, may I humbly disagree? May I speculate that if you, too, were walled up in the Gaza concentration camp, your people subject first to near forty years of brutal occupation, random killings, arrest, institutionalised torture, all by people who proclaim their innate racial superiority, not just to you, but all the rest of humanity, you too might be moved to anger and hate. Perhaps after your child was shot through the head by a sniper, for the capital crime of throwing stones at a tank, or wakes screaming, yet again, after another 3 AM sonic boom designed to traumatise and terrorise, you too might be roused to hatred. Or perhaps it might take having your 13 year old daughter slaughtered, an entire clip of automatic ammunition riddling her body, to, as was captured on radio in this particular infamous episode, ‘confirm the kill’, revealing the Israeli practice of killing wounded Palestinians in cold blood. Precisely what do you expect from the Gazans after forty years of this? That they should crawl on their hands and knees and kiss the jack-boots of their oppressors?

Anti semetism…reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

22 Mar 2008 11:42:14pm

What a load of bollocks, Astrid. Although you are correct that the Palestinian refugees in the surrounding Arab states are treated appallingly by the various pro-Western, thuggish despotisms that rule in these countries, the prime reason for their suffering is the ethnic cleansing of 1948, and Israel’s subsequent refusal to obey international humanitarian law and allow them to return home. The ethnic cleansing in 1948 was particularly brutal. At least a score of massacres occurred, the most infamous at Deir Yassin. You really ought to acquaint yourself with the facts of history, Astrid.
As for ‘walled-up’ I was referring to Gaza, although the walling-up in the West Bank, found to be illegal by 14 out of 15 justices of the International Court of Justice, is a brutal crime itself. The walling-up of the Gazans is primarily Israel’s responsibility, particularly as they control electricity, oil supplies etc. However you are correct that the fascist regime of US stooge Mubarak is complicit. As for the rocket attacks on Israel, in fact, repressed and brutalised people are morally and legally entitled to resist their brutalisers. If civilians are killed it’s ‘collateral damage’ as they say in Washington and Tel Aviv, when the civilians are Arabs. And I do love that oh so typical Israeli selective moral judgment, where the one or two Jews killed are a source of outrage, but the hundreds of Gazans slaughtered by Apaches, F16s, tanks and missiles fired from drones are simply of no interest, whatsoever. But, then again, only one side has Holy blood, that it is a crime to shed. The others are a lower type with souls closer to those of animals, to paraphrase the estimable Rabbi Kook the Elder, the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Palestine.

Israel as the aggressor …reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

23 Mar 2008 10:46:40pm

Astrid, how is it that Israel, nuclear-armed, the imprisoner of the Palestinians for forty years, the thief of their lands, the killer of several Palestinians for every Israeli, the recipient of billions in tribute from the US every year, has ‘its very survival on the line’, while the Palestinians, imprisoned, dispossessed, murdered, tortured, illegally detained and bereft of any real outside aid, are not so threatened? I mean, your appalling racist double-standard, so typical of apologists for Israel, and born, I believe, in a belief in the racial superiority of Jews over Arabs, simply beggars belief.

When you see lines like this”and the financial pressure of European Jewry”.. you know the final solution holds a fond place in this persons memory…reported.

Mulga Mumblebrain :

24 Mar 2008 1:52:19pm

Astrid ,the Palestinians suffer grievously because of Israeli and US policy. During the incursions of 2002 the Israelis destroyed most of the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority, desecrating Palestinian offices, stealing computer records from the Ministry of Education, smashing computers and defaecating on desks, in a true display of Israel’s legendary ‘purity of arms’. The Europeans, who had paid for much of this destroyed infrastructure, cowardly, but typically, bowed to US pressure, and the financial pressure of European Jewry, and did nothing to protest. The Gazans have been subject to a siege of medieval cruelty since Hamas defeated an attempted Fatah coup to overthrow the election results that had installed a democratically elected Hamas Government. Super Quisling and Israeli stooge Mohammed Dahlan and his thugs were forced to flee to Egypt where Quisling thugs still rule. Abbas was only kept in power by Israeli presence in the West Bank. His regime is as illegitimate as any other Yankee puppet, but the Western media, with trademark hypocrisy, are re-writing history to their Zionist owners’ approval, removing Hamas’s election victory from history and painting them as insurrectionists. The amounts of money going to the Palestinians are a pittance besides the billions flowing in tribute to the Jewish racist state, every year. And then the Palestinians have to cope with roadblocks, arbitrary arrest, torture, killings, the cutting off of electricity and oil and night-time terrorising by sonic boom, which is leading to the highest levels of child psychopathology anywhere in the world. In light of Israel’s unending and fiendishly inventive cruelty, and your own unceasing apologias for it, your call for calm and moderation makes me want o vomit.

More historical revisionism and racism..reported

Mulga Mumblebrain :

23 Mar 2008 12:04:40am

The Palestinians, 700,000 of them, were ethnically cleansed by terror and murder in 1948. Israel then razed 400 of their villages in an attempt to expunge all trace of their presence. Then in 1967 Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza, and the hundreds of thousands of inhabitants who call themselves Palestinian, have been subjected since to forty years of dispossession, murder, torture, arbitrary arrest and humiliation. Your attempt to expunge the Palestinians from history, and to deny their existence as a people, is, in my opinion, a typically abominable expression of Zionist racism.

Reality can be problematic at times..reported.

Mulga Mumblebrain :

24 Mar 2008 10:33:40pm

Sarcasm is the lowest form of humour. The bit about Hezbollah hiding its weapons amongst civilians was exposed as a lie by the UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch et al, during the Lebanon aggression, the ‘best prepared war in Israel’s history’, and was a typically vicious lie to cover the deliberate, or criminally reckless, targeting of civilians. As the good Rabbis of the Yesha Council said, ‘there are no such things as civilians of the enemy in the time of war’.,

A scoop, the jews killed Kennedy as well!!!

Mulga Mumblebrain :

15 Mar 2008 10:53:23am

James you left out some detail. The Liberty was overflown by Israeli jets for hours before the attack so it was clearly identified as US. Israeli torpedo boats joined in the attack, and sailors in boats and in the water were machine-gunned. It was speculated at the time that Liberty, an electronic spy-ship, had picked up Israeli signals concerning the murder of Egyptian prisoners, a practice the state of moral purity also employed during the 1956 Sinai war. Whatever the reason, the non-action by LBJ was an early sign of US obeisance to Israel, although it has been speculated that Johnson did not wish to share the fate of John Kennedy, who was assassinated not long after threatening Israel over its nuclear weapons program

The depths of mental illness have now been reached, Jewish whermach vetrans slaughtering palestinians..reported.

Mulga Mumblebrain :

16 Mar 2008 10:37:19am

Sorry Len, but you’ve been misinformed. In 1948 Israel, more powerful militarily than its neighbours and certainly than the Palestinians, put into action a carefully contrived scheme, Plan Dalet, to ethnically cleanse Palestine of non-Jews. As outlined in Ilan Pappe’s magisterial work on Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine, the Jewish settlers had carefully surveyed all the Palestinian villages, identified leaders etc, for years, for just this eventuality. The plan was put into action, and the Palestinians stampeded into leaving by a series of massacres and many random murders. Deir Yassin was the most infamous, but there were at least a score. The entire Arab population would have been expelled, but for the intervention of the Arab states. When Ben-Gurion realised hundreds of thousands of Palestinians remained in the Galilee, he was reportedly furious.
For years we were fed the Judeofascist lie that the Palestinians were told to leave by their rulers, in radio broadcasts. This deeply cynical lie was exposed years ago, when the records of both the CIA and the BBC, who monitor Near Eastern radio broadcasts, showed conclusively that the only radio broadcasts relevant were instructions to stand and fight.
The fact that some of the Jews involved were Holocaust survivors is as irrelevant as the fact that some were veterans of the Wehrmacht, which, despite everything, deployed thousands of German Jewish soldiers during the war. The use of the Judeocide as some sort of justification for murder, dispossession and ethnic cleansing is, in my opinion, deeply morally repugnant. And the Mufti seems to have been a Nazi sympathiser alright, but so too was half the British establishment and Robert Menzies.

Jews ruling the world..again..reported.

Mulga Mumblebrain :

19 Mar 2008 1:19:24pm

Ben, you’ve hit a particularly nasty nail on the head. Judeofascist penetration of US institutions and critical facilities, in particular the media, is unprecedented in history. Not only do Rightwing Jews dominate the ownership of the US media, with predictable results in media coverage, but also they dominate the neo-conservative movement that has been the chief ideological engine of the Project for a New American Century, the ideological plan for the US to exercise ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ over the world, in perpetuity. One ghastly result of this dominance is the War of Terror against the Moslem world. The ideological impetus for the attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, comes directly from Israeli Rightwing circles, notably the Likud Party and its hyper-belligerent cappo Netanyahu. The plan is clearly set out in a number of freely available planning documents. It is to smash all the Arab states, and Iran and Pakistan, along sectarian lines. Civil strife between Shia and Sunni is to be fomented, as the US has done in Iraq, and Lebanon. The Imperial tactic of ‘Divide and Rule’ is ancient, but still highly effective. The death-toll of these machinations already exceeds two million, and with wars against Iran and Syria plainly intended, and the threat of use of nuclear weapons still very, very real, millions more are slated for extermination’
But even more depressing is the certainty that sometime, most probably very soon, the US and its puppet-masters in Israel plan a confrontation with China. As was absolutely certain from the day China was awarded the Olympics, a boycott is, I believe, certain to be instigated by the Western powers. The current provocations by Tibetan separatists, coincidently on the anniversary of the CIA financed ‘uprising’ by Khampa bandits in 1959, almost certainly, in my opinion, organised and financed by foreign intelligence services, will be the catalyst. I expect one of the US Presidential candidates to call for a boycott soon, and the hysteria to be fomented by the Rightwing media sewer. The Right needs to disrupt China’s rise somehow, and soon, else the 500 year reign of the West over the world will come to an end. The racists of Western Civilization have no intention of living in a world dominated by non-Europeans, and the tactic to be employed is that which worked so well in the USSR and Yugoslavia-forced disintegration.
Although anyone with the least knowledge of Chinese history knows that China always re-unites after periodic episodes of disintegration, and that a powerful central Chinese Government will resist such meddling, more and more often one sees the Right proposing China is unstable and will break apart. Imagine if the Chinese fomented separatism in, say, South-West US, aiding and financing Hispanics who believe in the concept of Aztlan, the territories stolen from Mexico in the 1840s. We are in for ‘interesting’ times.

Please make the deranged man stop…reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

15 Mar 2008 11:03:45am

Its interesting that the real causes of Islamic resistance to Western state terrorism, the attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan, the millions killed there and in Occupied Palestine, Somalia and Lebanon, the Western installation and support for brutal despotisms in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria and Pakistan, and above all the support for the brutal racist terror state Israel, and its forty plus years of murder, dispossession and torture of the Palestinians, are never mentioned by the likes of DaveM. In his moral universe, everything is predetermined by the ethnicity and religion of the protagonists. Therefore the Moslems are always wrong, unless they are compliant Quislings like Mubarak and Abbas. The West, no matter how many hundred thousand children it slaughters in Iraq, is always right. It is, in my opinion, a world-view guaranteed to lead to interminable war and growing bloodshed. That its proponents dress themselves in the garb of ‘moral purity’, is, I believe, truly repulsive.

More jews rule the world..reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

23 Mar 2008 11:10:31pm

Well Sheilah, as ever, you have it totally arse-up. The killings in Iraq, as revealed by the epidemiological work published in The Lancet and in other journals, are in large part due to ‘coalition’ military activity, particularly the brutal air campaign of bombing. The sectarian conflict that is convulsing the country was deliberately contrived and fomented by the illegal invaders. Sunni resistance in the early days of occupation was provoked by the intense brutality of the occupying Americans, racist thugs who delighted in killing children and babies in their nightwear,as at Haditha, taking ‘trophy’ photos of their victims, and swapping them on the internet for pornography. This is the essence of ‘Western Civilization’ when it deals with the global ‘niggers’. The Yanks decided to take the ‘Salvador Option’ ie the setting up of death-squads to terrorise the population, and it was bragged about in obscure journals like Newsweek. Guess you missed that one, like much else, eh Sheila.
Since then the Yanks have played one side off against the other, an old Imperial tactic, and one utilised by Israel in Lebanon and the Occupied Territories. Many of the worst atrocities were committed by Yankee controlled death-squads. The Yanks have made no efforts to improve civilian infrastructure. Child mortality is even worse than under the genocidal sanctions regime. As for the responsibility of Israel, it is clear-cut and unarguable. The plan to attack Iraq, dismember it along sectarian lines and then move on to Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, was concocted long ago in Israel. One of its first manifestations was Oded Yinon’s ‘Zionist Plan for the Middle East’ from the ’70s. It was reiterated by hyper-racist and chauvinist Netanyahu in the ’90s, and many of the neo-conservative motivators of Bushite foreign policy are Rightwing Likudnick Jews with divided loyalties. All this is plain and easily accessed on the Web. If you know nothing of it, then you are ignorant, and ought to educate yourself before pontificating. If you know the facts, but pretend they do not exist, then you are a typical apologist for Israel, and your opinions are best consigned to the rubbish bin.

The protocols of the elders of Zion anyone?…reported..

Mulga Mumblebrain :

14 Mar 2008 9:01:28am

Des, as was outlined above in reference to Cook’s book, and many others, Israel is a perpetually aggressive cancer in the Near and Middle East. The current war of terror against the Moslem states is in full agreement with plans that have emanated from Israel for decades. Just Google Oded Yinon and the Zionist Plan for the Middle East, and you will see that Israel, utilising its cats-paw the US, has planned for years to smash all the Arab and Moslems states along sectarian and racial lines, reduce them to an archipelago of impotent statelets, and ensure Israel’s regional hegemony. This will usher in the establishment of Eretz Yisrael, ‘from the Nile to the Euphrates’. None of this is hard to find, but the media sewer, dominated as it is by Rightwing apologists for Israel, deliberately suppresses it, as it does so much else.
The great danger in the future is, of course, Israel’s nuclear capacity. While there is much made of the danger of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal falling into the hands of Moslem zealots, Israel has its own fair share of fundamentalist extremists, many represented in the Knesset in the likes of Shas. As Seymour Hersh has already shown, Israel has in the past threatened to provoke nuclear war between the Soviet and the US, by attacking the Soviet, if it did not get its way, the so-called ‘Samson Option’. Why Israel requires hundreds of thermonuclear weapons, as well as bacteriological and chemical WMD programs invites chilling speculation. As Israel showed yet again in Lebanon, it has absolutely no qualms in targeting and slaughtering civilians and littering their land with depleted uranium, nuclear waste and cluster bomblets.

Thats it for now, apologies for the length of this post and 1,000,000 Algore carbon credits to anyone who made it this far. The frightening thing is that this leaves about 6 more Lowenstein articles to trawl through. I felt it was important to see what the ABC allows in its “moderated’ comments. Nor have i touched upon the occasional anti-semite agreeing with the mumble.

I will confine my Mumblewatch to new posts at unleashed.

14 Responses to “1st In a new series, Mumblewatch.”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Ooops sorry, claen up in aisle 2!!! Can one of the competent mods let me know why it didnt cut it out after a couple of sections rather than it taking over the whole page?
    Sorry about that.

  2. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    This guy should be easy to locate. We’re looking for a total misanthrope who either won first division or poisoned his rich old uncle; either way, he’s now blessed with the life of leisure that most of us can only dream about.
    With nothing but his bile and insanity to offer the world he spends every waking moment at his keyboard.

  3. Ash Says:

    You didn’t attach a “More” cut Mole, that’s all.

  4. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Ill work it out sooner or later, thanks Ash.

  5. Rebecca H Says:

    So, “Mulga Mumblebrain” is leftyspeak for “Anti-social Shitbrain”?

  6. Astrid Says:

    I, too, have found it utterly bewildering that Mulga was allowed to continue posting on Unleased for so long. She not only went way beyond expressing an opinion (however ill informed and vicious) but resorted to lies and personal insults.

    I came in for a fair share of it for daring to question her sources, or to confuse the issue with facts. Nothing seemed to outrage her more than my peace closing.


  7. kazak Says:

    A Mulga Mumblebrain fan site, I went looking for one after his erudite comments on unleashed and I found it.

    I asked for Mulga Mumblebrain to write his own pieces

  8. thefrollickingmole Says:

    kazak, let me know if you get a response, they should be a hoot….

  9. Bill Says:

    i reckon the mumble is pretty much spot on.

    of course – anyone who points out anything bad about israel –
    is bound to be mocked by the ignorant for fearing the evil joos
    you seriously have issues.. but i bet youre a republican – then thats just standard. http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/6251/rsbj4.jpg

    what a crap site

  10. tizona Says:

    Gee thanks Billy..Now time for those meds…OH and that jacket that laces funny. Thorazine, STAT!

  11. Ash Says:

    Oh yeah, that’s the way to convince me. Link to Info Clearing House.

    How did Bush blow up WTC7 again?

    And how did a man many of your side deride as stupid and moronic manage to achieve it with such military precision?

  12. Chris Oliver Says:

    Mulga McKenzie blogs regularly that 9/11 was a joint operation by the omniscient and omnipotent CIA and Mossad, aided and abetted by the Jewish lobby in America. He also blogs that more than one million Iraqis died under the sanctions regime (we all remember those images of starving Iraqis after the invasion in 2003, right? we don’t? oh). Anyway, Mossad seems so far to be sparing one of the few people wise enough to see the truth about 9/11. In case that’s because they don’t know who he is, his name, I can reveal is Matthew McKenzie and he lives in Norwood, South Australia – the only M McKenzie in White Pages.

  13. AM Says:

    Chris you are completely WRONG!!! Mulga does not live in South Australia he lives in, where I heard, NSW. And his name isn’t Matthew. God.

    Mulga Supporter.

  14. Oksanna Says:

    I have attacked Mulga a few times on ABC comments sections for being so over the top. I think your sensitivity to critiques of Isreali policy and actions is as much of a worry as Commissar Mulga’s prognostications and …well, let’s face it, abuse. Banning Mulga would be a shame even though many a column has been wrecked by Mulga’s comments. And there is something I think you should know.

    Mulga Mumblebrain is Jewish.

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