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Another flash of mental flatulance from the mumble. Reported, and a formal complaint made to the ABC regaurding the moderation of their website.

Surely no-one would think Bob Mugabe is a good bloke …would they….

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ISF Improve Security in Tarmiyah…. By Sgt. Daniel Blottenberger

CAMP VICTORY — The citizens of Tarmiyah have seen a substantial reduction in violence over the past four months, which can readily be seen throughout the vibrant market places midday as consumers packed the markets to purchase needed goods from vendors.

“Things have been very quiet in Tarmiyah over the past four months,” said Staff Sgt. Mikey Fernandez, who is attached to Troop A, 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team “Warrior,” 25th Infantry Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad.

“You would not see the markets the way they are now four months ago. The people of Tarmiyah are no longer afraid to come out of their homes,” added the New York native.

Fernandez said he credits the city’s success in fighting violence to the fact that the Iraqi army, Iraqi police and Sons of Iraq in Tarmiyah are all working together to reduce criminal activity in the area.

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Operation Iraqi Freedom

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In Kuwait Elections, Blogs Emerge As Powerful Force

The Kuwaiti paper Kuwait Times reports that young bloggers have emerged as a viable political force in the upcoming five constituency party elections.

DAMN! To bad I’m NOT young.

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Kuwaiti Paper: If Hamas Really Wanted ‘Tahdiya,’ It Would Stop Its Violent Activities

In the Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa, Saudi columnist Yousef Nasser Al-Suweidan attacked Hamas, calling it a terrorist movement fomenting anarchy and causing suffering to Palestinians in Gaza.

He wrote that if Hamas truly wanted a Tahdiya, or calm, it must immediately cease and desist from violent activities and firing rockets, in order to prevent an Israeli response.

Source: Al-Siyassa, Kuwait, April 28, 2008


Calling Jimmy Carter…Jimmy? OH Jimmy?

Rev. Wright Taunts Journalists, Blasts Government

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright taunted a gathering of journalists Monday in Washington, D.C., calling their coverage of his speeches an attack on the black church, while defending his claim that the U.S. was responsible for the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Wright, the controversial former pastor of Barack Obama’s church, took dead aim at the U.S. government Monday — saying American soldiers in Iraq have died “over a lie” and calling the war “unjust” — as he called for reconciliation and understanding between blacks and whites.

Fox News

You know…This asshole has had way more then 15 minutes of undeserved yet racist fame. Rev. Wright, may you have a happy death.

Three about Canada from J.M. Hey up there, J.M. How that hell are ya’?

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OK, let’s see if I have this straight…

Livingstone wins City support for re-election

Red “Ken Livingstone v. Boris Johnson for Mayor of London.” The reason Red Ken is favored IS….

“Ken Livingstone has won the tacit support of the City in his bid to be re-elected as London mayor, Financial Times research suggests.”

“Leading business organisations, while stressing their apolitical nature, praise the Labour mayor’s “good track record” in running the capital. The City is not overtly hostile to Boris Johnson, but sees the Tory candidate as an untested proposition, given his lack of experience in running large organisations.”

But you see, it is perfectly fine, to have Barack Hussein Obama “an untested proposition, given his lack of experience in running large organizations“, “running” the U.S.

Do I have that right?

Financial Times

A Gift For The Mole

Songs From Squirreldom (NSFW).


Too Good to Pass Up: The Modern Marvel of Rotary Telephones

And to think, my mom was a little girl when this was a big deal in the 1930’s.

Now, mom surfs the net. Amazing technological progress for just 70 years.

Via Ed Driscoll.

Back to the woodshed.

For you know who..

I’m probably going to regret this….

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