Life In The Fast Lane

Eagles in Melbourne….Heartache Tonight

Beemer-M1 Homage…Oh yeah baby.

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Manufacture and Sell Anything — in Minutes…PACO Worldwide Enterprises, Inc. Who else can state this promise? NO ONE!

Our founder, president and first three vice presidents… Paco Ebenezer.

From the rise in instant manufacturing to the growth of open-source business models, these trends show that innovation can bloom even in a grim economic climate. Damn Straight.

Anything WE produce and sell, comes with A 100% money guarantee…Yesirree…If it’s money, we get it back.

Wired No really…Wired.



Part one of of this two-part series showed you how to set up a terrorist organization. Part two explains how you can fight one. May 1, 2008 – by Austin Bay

What Powers — And What Weakens — Terrorist Organizations?

Bits and Pieces:

Writing for Pajamas makes it easy to review those nine factors in depth, but here’s the list:

1- Grievance

2- Ethnic or Sectarian Antagonisms

3- A Recruitment Base

4- Crime

5- Money

6 -Training Facilities


8- Media

9- “The Terrorists Tool Kit” (Materiel)

The rest at Pajamas Media

In the first of a three-part interview, the human rights activist tells correspondent Jonathan Gelbart about his escape from bondage and explains why the world has ignored the horrors in Sudan.

Pajamas Media

The Dark Lord Writeth

Karl Rove has put his blood and parchment (does he look like a Microsoft Word kind of guy?!) to an excellent piece on John McCain. He’s quite accurate on much of it.

1.618: Global Warming In Abundance!

No3 in the mulgawatch saga.

The federal broadcaster still cant bring itself to moderate the mulga.

Surely they’d draw the line at a truther covering their slime with false sympathy for the brave men and women who were attempting rescues when the towers went down…wouldn’t they? Read the rest of this entry »

It’s 3:00 AM, and I Need Someone to Make the Damn Coffee

Hillary can’t work a coffee maker.

Bet she can’t cook, either.

“We’re going to do our best to move forward,” she said. “Barack and I and our campaign, we’re going to, with everything in our power — if allowed to by the press — move forward.”

The lovely and talented, Michelle Obama blaming the media, for the words of her and hubby’s racist, preacher.


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