Judge: Corps of Engineers Can Be Sued Over Katrina Flooding

NEW ORLEANS — The Army Corps of Engineers can be held liable for flood damage caused by a “hurricane highway,” a navigation channel that is believed to have funneled Hurricane Katrina’s storm surge into the city, a federal judge ruled Friday.

Wonderful. More of our money going into a city built below sea level. Even Gov. Bobby Jindal, won’t be able to stop his politicos, from diving in the pool of free money.

I think the puzzle of ‘Lost Atlantis’ has been solved…It’s called New Orleans.

Wonder if those God knows how many manufactured houses are still sitting in a field, rotting?


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Interview with Former Sudanese Slave Simon Deng, Part 3

In the final segment, the human rights activist tells correspondent Jonathan Gelbart what he thinks about the pernicious claim that Israel is an “apartheid state.”

Pajamas Media

Cheap Chinese crap from Wal*Mart.

I mean, what bullshit we purchase from them, huh?

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Definition of a Living Doll.

Soldier Barbie!

And, because it’s the weekend, a special treat.

For everyone who thought Badger Badger was irritating…


As The Joke Goes….

When I die, I want to go peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather did; not screaming in terror like his passengers did.

I’ve had that going through my head for the past few days since I woke up to the news on thursday that my nana had died in the night.

She was old and frail, had been given Last Rites five times in the last year, and has been (im)patiently waiting for God to take her home.

Now she’s home.

I cried buckets on the way to work that day, with my biggest regret being that Magilla would never get to know her Great-nana. Brisbane is a long way from Melbournistan when money is tight, so I put off taking her up there until there was more money in the kitty.

Funny how things change.

I spent a couple of days scheming and conniving, and I am taking next week off to go to Nana’s funeral. I’m the representative of the Melbourne tribe, with other representatives to come from South Oz, NSW, Far North Qld, for example.

My cousin in London won’t be coming, unfortunately, but with a 4 day round trip just in the flights, it’s not worth it. Especially when nana was an amazingly practical woman who, having grown up in the Depression, and bringing up 3 children on her own as a widow from the mid-60s onwards, knew the value of money and couldn’t abide fuss.

As it stands, she didn’t want a funeral – just cremate her and get on with our lives.

Well we’re cremating her, but we’re still going to have a funeral. Nana’s been told – she’s gone, this is for us left behind, and we’ll have a funeral if we want to!

She’d just say, oh, okay, if you must.

The upshot of this is that Magilla and I will be in Brisbane Town for a few days. I see no sense in not taking the time to at least introduce my daughter to a whole raft of friends and family members that she doesn’t know.

And there are a lot of them.

Friday afternoon/evening, for any Death Beasts up north (I’m looking at you, Kae!), the plan is after work at the Brekky Creek for drinks, and who knows… a trip to the casino hahahahahahahahaha!

That is just soooo bogan (the casino bit, that is).

Queenslanders, I’m looking at you.

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