New ‘Get The Fuck Outta The Road’ Program Aims To Increase Pedestrian Safety

The program is designed as “an easy-to-understand informational tool that will hopefully get future geniuses to pay the fuck attention,” reports say.

The program began in selected cities this month with the distribution of pamphlets at each city’s most dangerous intersections. It will also expand into national radio spots, televised PSAs, and, most importantly, word-of-mouth. Included in the pamphlets are tips on how every responsible pedestrian can learn to “Get The Fuck Outta The Road,” including “Move your ass!” and “Look where you’re fucking going for once!” as well as an instructive diagram for removing one’s head from one’s ass prior to stepping into the crosswalk.

Read it all at The Onion

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3 Responses to “New ‘Get The Fuck Outta The Road’ Program Aims To Increase Pedestrian Safety”

  1. SwinishCapitalist Says:

    Motorists everywhere will get with this program. Some of those catchphrases are already heard quite often even on the streets of Perth.

  2. bingbingloveshisblingbling Says:

    No worries. In Korea they just look at you and start crossing the road anyway.

    Here, pedestrians and drivers alike have pretty much zero road sense. The eighth highest number of road deaths in the world. Twenty-two per day. Kids at my apartment complex run out in front of cars without looking. Drivers tailgate me on the highways. Others overtake me doing at least 150 km/h. Road signs and marking are but mere suggestions. As are traffic lights.


  3. spacecadette Says:

    look who is talking!!!!
    i think i just got some speeding photos taken again…

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