Master Chainsaw Art. Pass him everyday…Mike Copas. Sculptree Studios. Took the first two shots, today. The other two, from Mike’s website..

Sculptree Studios/Mike Copas



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17 Responses to “Master Chainsaw Art. Pass him everyday…Mike Copas. Sculptree Studios. Took the first two shots, today. The other two, from Mike’s website..”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    That’s some seriously cool shit! I have nothing but glass top tables in my place – I hate keeping them clean, but I love how they look – and that bear coffee table would fit my decor perfectly.

  2. 1.618 Says:

    Wow, how do they do it?

  3. tizona Says:

    I’ve watched him work, 1.6. Still can’t figure it out. Ummm… and I don’t want to ask a hell of a lot of questions of someone with a chainsaw in his hands. 🙂

  4. Ash Says:

    I dunno. I’d ask a question of a guy holding a chainsaw.

    Then again, I’m a big chainsaw fan…

  5. Edith Plazotta Says:

    i am looking for Mike Copas Homepage…. can you mail me the adress?
    I think he is one of the best carvers in the states
    Sorry, because my bad english
    Ciao from Austria Edith

  6. tizona Says:

    Edith Plazotta

    Don’t worry about the English. Hell, I was born in the States from two Sicilian parents..I still cannot speak, nor can I write English, properly.

    Copas, being an artist, with his chainsaw…is typical of artist’s in general (Ummm, I’m one too, just don’t do anything noteworthy enough…OR what I do, does NOT come out the way my minds eye, see it…so I trash it).

    I say that because in looking at your website…ummm you are an artist also. So, please do NOT take offense.

    Anyway, Mike Copas is not listed in this area’s phone book. SO, I went by his shop today…He wasn’t there. I wanted to get one of his business cards…BUT no such luck today. Copas also does NOT advertise in the phone book, so that shot that in the ass. Most of Mike’s work is done on a commision basis. Just in case..”commission” is, people stop…and ask him to do it and he has done tons of work in this area for business, as well as private clients.

    I did however get his shop address…after I cleared the saw dust away…lol. I will also stop by his shop again, as I pass it quite regularly…and when I see his truck there, I’ll stop.

    In the meantime…What I have as far as his shop address IS:

    Sculptree Studios
    2263 U.S. Highway 321 South
    Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738

    (I will also email it, if I can as my stupid email is acting up).

    OH, by the way…your work is wonderful. Your talent is magnifico. Ciao.

    DAMN IT! I always forget stuff:

    Mike Copas Website:

    • mike copas Says:

      that’s right mike i have UR name & i live in athens Ga. & am retired from doing whatever kept the rent paid. including six months in a rock band with col Bruce hampton. i like UR work it’s very impressive.

  7. Michael Copas Says:

    My email address is

    I can email my portfolio if someone is interested. Thanks,
    Michael C.

  8. Marilyn G. Says:

    You really should drive by sometime to see “Emancipation” now that the foliage is in full bloom. It is gorgeous in the spring. Do you let anyone know it is registered with the Smithsonian? Would you like me to post a picture or two on this site?

  9. Greg Mathiesen Says:


    Please contact me regarding a bear sculpture commissioned on June 24, 2008.

    Greg Mathiesen
    (972) 636-5566

  10. Filmore Strunk Says:

    Hey Copas!

    Give me a reply. I’ve got a funny story sent to me that made me think of you, a cigarette, and a big ole worm laying at the bottom of a trout pool……


  11. Todd C Says:

    There is a chainsaw artist down 321 from this location, I think the guy’s name is T-Bone? Does anyone know the name of his shop or his address? He had some bird art I was interested in but I did not get his info.

    Thank you –

  12. sarah k Says:

    I met Mr. Copas last year in October. His work impressed me, and I scraped together the funds to purchase a piece that was still in its rough form. He thought he would be coming to Ohio before Christmas, but I never heard from him. I told him I could pick up the piece in the spring, but when I called to arrange a day and time, his numbers have been disconnected. Does anyone know how I might be able to contact him???

  13. Debbie Hansel Says:

    Where can we find Mike Copas? Love his work!!

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