First Test Tracks with the New Axe

For those interested, there are three downloadable MP3’s I recorded with my new guitar here:

Test Tracks

Three pieces I wrote. The sound is a little edgy yet, and they are all first takes, and so not perfect, but I’m happy with the direction.

I have a screaming need for beer this evening. LOL!

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A Plan For The Future

I’m so stealing these ideas from Sherro at Andrew Bolt’s.

An alternative 2020 vision of new ideas assembled over a slab by some of our most jaded and drunkest Australians:

1. Issue the growing homeless warm Police Uniforms, they are on the streets anyway and this way people will see cops out on the street other than for Gay Pride Marches.

2. Extend the death penalty from unborn babies to cover criminals as well.

3. Let people have the option of registering an open vote with the AEC, that way if a pollie changes his position after the election, we can too.

4. Transport Ministers trade in their limos for a bus ticket and a bike pump.

5. Aviation and Tourism ministers have to fly economy and line up like everyone else.

6. Take the revenue from speed camera fines and divide equally amongst drivers with a clean record for 12 months off their rego. This makes it revenue neutral and rewards and encourages people to drive safely, which is what are told constantly is the only reason to have these cameras.

7. Immediate ban and jail for any small business owner who appears in his own TV ads to assist our mental health by removing these annoying twits shouting at us.

8. End the baby bonus… if you can’t feed em, don’t breed em!

9. Stop arts “grants”, start arts “loans”. The artist has to generate enough income from their work to pay the public back. If their work is unwanted trite we want a refund just as we would demand for anything else we pay good money for.

10. End the “Australian Values” exam for potential immigrants and replace it with an IQ test instead.

11. Get the aboriginal community to write down everything they want to be happy, total it up and put it to a referendum.

12. Introduce HECS at the Australian Institute of Sport, if doctors and engineers have to pay for their career, so can netballers.

13. Every wage and salary earner is entitled to a “study tour” every five years that is tax deductible. If they help our pollies to be better workers, then let’s extend a good thing to all.

14. Amend the Tax Act so you can deposit your wages in overseas accounts without penalty, that way we can introduce some actual competition into Australian banking and let’s us threaten them to send them to the wall for a change.

15. Force phone companies to have a simple, flat rate fee for all mobile calls. Nobody can currently tell what is the best plan to be on, so there is no informed choice.

16. Do the same with the airlines, the same seat on the same flight should cost the same dough as the one next to it. Also, no more “one way” or “plus taxes” in small print under the prices.

17. End advancement by age in schools and replace with advancement by ability. You don’t go up until you can pass your current grade. This prevents illiterate kids coming out the other end and allows bright children to be challenged. Its much fairer at both ends and the same for those in the middle.

18. Stop calling graffiti vandals “artists” and start debiting them the full cost of cleaning off their mess. Alternatively, allow victims 10 minutes unfettered access to their homes to express themselves fully.

19. Let’s protest against Global Warming by refusing to anything about it until China does.

20. Don’t have anymore summits.

Sherro of Templestowe

In The Confessional

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It’s been nine weeks since my last confession.

Since my last confession, I have:

  • Eaten more than one Magnum in one sitting;
  • Coveted secret fantasies about harming a “celebrity“;
  • I ate more than my body weight in steak (I should be embarrassed about this, but I’m not);
  • Answered my mobile phone in the Shrine of Remembrance (This is the one thing on this thread I really do feel guilty about);
  • Turned the air completely blue with about fifty swear words in a row;
  • Eaten six large tubs of KFC’s Potato & Gravy. It’s very tasty;
  • Dropped Josh on the floor;
  • Not fed Josh when he demanded it, and insulted his mother; and
  • Made very insulting, demeaning and disparaging remarks to a complete moron.

I don’t think the Father would like hearing this…

A true story. (and a sad one)

I worked for a number of years in Immigration detention here in Oz,  mostly at the Port Hedland facility. If people are interested i can post a few ‘war stories” from my time there, which happened to coincide with the majority of the riots and unrest.

My first post is related to this news article.,23739,23659947-953,00.html

Rudd tougher on asylum seekers than Howard

Read below for an example of just how complicated an Asylum case can be. Read the rest of this entry »

Blaming Barry

A sequel. Just like Hollywood, isn’t it?

Available for purchase here.

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