Israel to declare war on Mulga?

Have been stirring the possum a little more over the Unleashed website. The moderators have been blocking any of my posts that mention a comment has been “reported to moderator”, so they do exist, and are feeling a little bit exposed.

So its time to ramp it up some more, I want the moderator to lose their job, head on a plate, impaled at the front gates as a warning to other scum.

So i have fired off an email to the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council. This should be fun if they choose to get involved. Read the rest of this entry »

Urgent Information Needed

I need to know the answer to this question:

Is it morally or ethically wrong to eat a beefsteak pie for breakfast?

Lair Relocated

In a cunning move, The Lair of Mr. Blair has been relocated to the Daily Telegraph site.

Time will tell how successful this move is.

Update: Andrea the Mighty reflects.

And now for the fathers.

Well, the father of this particular blog at any rate.

But you’ve probably got this one in your wardrobe already, eh, boss?

I thought you did. You do all your clothes shopping here, I bet.

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