Mag 7.8 Quake in China, Estimate Over 8,500 Casualties

Evidently, God isn’t too keen on having the Olympics in Peking this summer either.

A 7.8 temblor is a really big one – anything over 7.5 is – and so I’d expect the number of casualties to go much higher. China is not known for robust building codes, if you catch my drift.

It will be interesting to see what, if any, damage there has been to the Olympic Village.

UPDATE: The above article has been updated, and the quake estimate has gone up to a magnitude 7.9 – truly epic – and it was 600 km from the Olympic Village, so no reported damage there… yet. A 7.5 EQ in China once killed and/or injured over a quarter million, so this could get really hideous. Fortunately, China’s government is marginally better at handling this sort of thing than, let’s say, Burma’s.

UPDATE II: Hugh Hewett is on the case, complete with links for disaster relief donations. Here’s the incident map:

As you can see, this happened in a remote central region, and nowhere near Peking.

6 Responses to “Mag 7.8 Quake in China, Estimate Over 8,500 Casualties”

  1. Ash Says:

    No doubt the Government already has teams in, helping clear casualties and make buildings safe.


  2. yojimbo Says:

    “Clearing casualties” equals transplant nirvana. When was the last time you heard prisoners jump for joy:).

    Not to worry, they have universal healthcare;).

  3. El Cid Says:

    Damn! Poor people. Wal*Mart, may have to close a few stores.

  4. nilk Says:

    I guess I’m not the only one who wondered about God smiting the wicked.

    The Godmother commented about all the negative energy focussed on China at the moment, and she could be onto something also.

    And just an OT aside, Ash, I couldn’t get into your password protected post. My password didn’t work so not sure if it’s actually supposed to.

  5. Dminor Says:

    India looks a bit small on the map.

  6. 1.618 Says:

    Wendy Deng did it!

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