Cadillac Escalade Owner Makes Major Mistake Parking on Beach to Watch Sunset

Breitbart TV

I would say this guy, is as sharp as a bowling ball.

New Roommate Hopes Five-Hour Fuckfest Didn’t Keep You Up

OSHKOSH, WI—Roommate Brian Penderman, 26, announced Monday morning that he hopes the loud bumping, grinding, and moaning of the five-hour-long fuckfest he had with his girlfriend did not in any way prevent you from sleeping last night.

“I’m exhausted—are you exhausted?” Penderman asked while he extended his arms in a stretching motion and yawned loudly. “Honestly, though, I sincerely apologize if all that fucking that was going on in my bedroom kept you up until the early hours of the morning.”

The Onion

Bin Laden lashes out at Arab leaders

Osama bin Laden released a new message on Sunday accusing Arab leaders of sacrificing the Palestinians and calling on Muslim militants in Egypt to help break the blockade of Gaza.
Bin Laden called Arab leaders “agents of the crusaders” and “wolves” in the audio message posted on an Islamic militant Web site where al- Qaida leaders have issued past statements. He portrayed the citizens of Arab nations as herds of sheep who have been handed over to the wolves to look after them.

“Every day, the herd wishes the wolves would stop preying on it,” he said.

“Those (Arab) kings and leaders sacrificed Palestine and Al-Aqsa to keep their crowns. … But we will not be relieved of this responsibility,” bin Laden said.

Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City is one of the holiest sites for Muslims.

Al-Qaida leaders are increasingly using the Israeli-Arab conflict in their media campaign to rally supporters. Israel has warned of growing al-Qaida activity in Palestinian territories, although the terror network is not believed to have taken a strong role there so far.

The new audiotape comes just two days after bin Laden’s last audio message was released, marking the 60th anniversary of Israel’s foundation. He vowed to continue what he called his struggle against the Jewish state.

Israel and Egypt have closed their borders with Gaza since the Islamic militant group Hamas violently seized control of the Palestinian territory in June of last year.


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J.M. nails me…LOL.

HEY! I won the POWERBALL Lottery last evening…..

NO…not the $35,000,000 Biggie…I matched THE Powerball…$3.00 whole fucking dollars. Gosh, I think i’ll invest it…Like into A BEER.

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Photographs Taken

If you’re in the mood for even more evidence of how disgusting and disgraceful Mugabe’s regime is, click this link.

I warn you, it’s disgusting.

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Analogy Made

It’s taken me a little while to post on this.
Evil Pundit has a perfect analogy in relation to academia and politics.

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Amazingly True

Written by Dan Lewis over at Tim Blair‘s:

Supporters suggest the technology could reduce the need for high-level policing on roads, make speed cameras irrelevant

The Government could have prevented “Speeding” any time they ever wanted to in the last decade, by putting a speed camera on every street, or a speed limiter in every car. However, no more “speeding” = no more fines revenue.
It will never happen. Like banning cigarettes.

Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal said speeding was the biggest killer on NSW roads

Bullshit. NSW Roads are the killer. People driving in excess of 200kmh in Germany manage to survive, all the time.

It comes down to your definition of “speeding”. For me, “speeding” means driving at a speed unsafe for the prevailing conditions. Not exceeding the posted speed limit, which hasn’t been raised ever, despite advances in driver technology and safety.

There is no reason why dual-carriage, dead-straight, multi-lane sections of the Hume Highway, for example couldn’t be Autobahns. Right now, the biggest risk is falling asleep from boredom.

Meanwhile, there are 100 year old goat-tracks, signposted 100kmh which is asking for trouble in the wet. Yet people drive at that speed, because we have been programmed to trust the sign, and not our own driving ability.

On “Double Points” long-weekends, it’s not unusual to see convoys of dozens of cars, travelling at precisely 110kmh, mere inches away from each other, the drivers’ eyes fixated on the speedometer lest they surely get a ticket. Can anyone seriously tell me this is an improvement to safety? No, I don’t have sour grapes having not received a speeding ticket in over a decade. But the whole government attitude towards road safety sucks.

In this country, most people were taught to drive by their father. He was taught by his father. So it follows, if your Great Grandfather was a lousy driver, so are you. So by all means, turn without indicating. Hog the right lane. Tailgate other vehicles. Under-inflate your tires, overtake in the left lane, brake too hard. It’s all acceptable to the NSW Government, who never enforce laws against these hazards. But heaven forbid you should “speed”. That would be dangerous!

Daniel Lewis (Reply)
Sun 18 May 08 (01:37pm)

Except for the part about learning to drive from fathers, it’s all true.

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I’ve never worked with these people.

Sometimes you just never know how lucky you’ve been, right?

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