Why do we need local government?

Because nobody else will tackle the hard issues that confront us – bikini car washes, for example.

And it’s good to know that the people advising our local councils are well-equipped for the job. It’s a fact of life: some knotty municipal problems won’t yield to anything except pranic healing.

29 Responses to “Why do we need local government?”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    Jesus X. Rodriguez. Local governments can’t even fix potholes in the roads, but they sure can be the self-appointed protectors of public morality. What a fucking bad – albeit predictable – joke.

    The world is ruled by idiots, because only idiots would want to rule the world.

  2. yojimbo Says:

    Oh I wouldn’t mind ruling the world for a short period of time. Some slight modifications might be forthcoming, and for the better.

  3. tizona Says:

    Yojimbo, been reading Sir Charlie’s Space. Basically same shit, different country. Parasites.

    Jesus X. Rodriguez translated is Tex-Mex for Jesus H. Christ 🙂

  4. yojimbo Says:

    Oh I know all of that but I was going for the Maximum Guido stuff.

    If I ruled the world you wouldn’t have to worry about dictators in Iran, NK or Venezuela. The UN and the World Bank types would actually fulfill their responsibilities or I would have to come back and re-rule the world for another short period of time!

    World domination could be real fun if your heart was actually in the right place. And did I mention the women:)

  5. yojimbo Says:

    Not to mention the Universities of Arizona and Kansas alternating national championships in every sport:)

  6. David Crawford Says:

    Americans (once again showing the rest of the world how far, how very, very far, they are behind us) has bikini espresso stands:


    Don’t worry, these will be coming to Britain, Canada, and Australia in about five years. And then, the rest of the world in about ten years.

  7. Angus Dei Says:

    OK, If Angus Ruled the World:

    “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

    Not original, but it works for me.

  8. Cameron Says:

    You ask why we need local government. I’ll tell you why. Because not all problems are universal, not all problems have a universal solution. I found this by searching for “I wouldn’t mind ruling the world,” if you were wondering.

  9. yojimbo Says:

    I don’t think anyone was really wondering here Cameron.
    Run your explanation by the supernational government types not here, we already know that, thank you very much.

  10. Ash Says:

    So why have State or Federal Governments then, Cameron? Surely the local councils could afford all the services they need to provide without State and Federal Governments.

  11. When I am King… « The Tizona Group Says:

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  12. bingbing Says:

    Go easy on Cameron, eh.

    We DO need local government. Why? Because a local government employs bingbing and pays him quite handsomely considering the workload involved.

    However, bingbing notes that if he were the bureaucrat in charge of the English program, he’d axe it in a second as it serves more as a stepping stone for local government medium-sized wigs more than it serves the people.

    Bingbing also notes, wryly, that the so-called ecological capital of Korea has employed a RWDB who thinks AGW is a crock of shit (and who has given some of the raw [i.e. debunking] data to his students to consider).


  13. spot_the_dog Says:

    I’d rather have regional governments + a federal government and do away with State government entirely, actually, at least here in Oz. Especially in such a big state as Western Australia, there’s all this stuff the State government is supposed to be doing but they don’t; and there’s really not much for the local governments to do so they make shit up to do to look important. Could regional governments, reporting directly to the people of their area, do any worse at schools, hospitals, roads, etc than the state governments?

  14. bingbing Says:

    Actually, Spot, I’m with you on this one. State governments are the unnecessary crock. Just see what wonders they’ve done for state, err, public schools as a case in point.

  15. spot_the_dog Says:

    And just have a look at the infrastructure (housing, schools, hospitals, roads) in some of the areas of WA that are pumping billions (yes, billions with a “b” ) into the State economy – but because they’re out in the middle of Woop Woop, the capital city-based State government does absolutely nada for them whilst the local government anguishes itself about life-changing stuff like whether or not to ban skimpy breakfasts 😉

  16. TimH Says:

    Spot, I agree with you about State governments not necessarily being needed but I must take issue with you about local government.
    Most days at work I am rushed off my feet, I rarely have time to break for lunch, most of my colleagues start work about twenty minutes before the official start time, though I think that’s way too early.
    The thing is, most folk are thinking about what is happening outside their front door:- the damaged footpath that ‘my old dad’ tripped over yesterday, the streetlight which isn’t working, a tree close to a junction which is restricting vision when trying to turn onto a busy road.
    Could a Regional government deal with these very local issues? I seriously doubt it.
    A prime example happened sometime last night, some idiot stole a 4WD then committed a crime of some sort (not yet sure what), drove across one of the footy ovals I am responsible for, then drove through the outer fence and finally hid the 4WD in bushes in another of my parks. It was spotted by a tractor driver just after he started mowing the oval, he phoned me, we told the police and then the report about the smashed fence came in later.
    I doubt a regional government could have dealt with this very local issue as quickly as we did
    Disclaimer* I work for a local council. 🙂
    I am only ‘acting’ in this position and will know tomorrow (Wednesday), wether I get the job full time or not, wish me luck, or not, as you think fit, lol.

  17. TimH Says:

    LOL, skimpy breakfasts sound like fun 🙂

  18. Angus Dei Says:

    The more local the government is, the closer it is to the citizens, and therefore the more responsive it ought to be (Nothing like knowing where your representatives live. LOL!). It is a distant and unaccountable federal government remote from the citizens that has caused all of the greatest atrocities in human history. The founders of the US understood this, and the Europeans are about to relive it with the EU.

    That’s why the US was set up as a representative republic, and not a democracy. Unfortunately, generations of leftists and their ignorant co-idiots on the right have undone what the founders created, so now any eighteen year old retard or illiterate welfare mom can vote. This is insanity, of course, and so we’re paying for FDR’s New Deal (Did that come with KY?) and LBJ’s Great Society bullshit with confiscatory tax rates to fund a government sponsored breeding program for the least desirable segments of society, and we suffer under laws created by lawyers for lawyers.

    Personally, I think it’s time to break out the tar, feathers, and rails.

  19. spot_the_dog Says:

    Maybe regional governments could have local teams of employees to do those fixing-up things? Dunno, my brain is tired tonight… But I see your point about the things that get fixed locally.

    And, next time you’re out in the Goldfields, stop in for a Skimpy Brekkie – steak, eggs, a beer and a shot and an eyeful… quick, before they ban them. LOL.

    Catch y’all tomorrow, I’m off.

  20. thefrollickingmole Says:

    I vote for public radishings (see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDBAJhGoxSc ) of and elected offical silly enough to push this crap.

    From my local paper. Our local member is pushing hard for the coppers to crack down for what???

    FFS we couldnt get into the local tip to dump rubbish because it was flooded (thanks Al and AGW) but they find the time to worry about me looking at pink bits at the pub!!!

    They rapidly get ideas above their station, at least here in Oz. But if I had to pick, it would be state rather than local that got the chop..

  21. TimH Says:

    It’s possible that a regional government could have teams to do those fixing-up things, but I think it would be too beaurocratic. The thing is that I know who to phone to get the job done and that needs a local knowledge, what I mean is, a ‘g’day how are you going’ type of relationship between me and one of my workers or a contractor who can fix up the problem, and when you have a good relationship with them, they’ll do the job as soon as they are able, which benefits everyone.
    I seriously don’t think a large regional govt. could manage that.
    Also, today, I took a phone call from a 77 year old widow who had lived in her house for something like 50 years. When they bought the house, council put in a front lawn for them, hubby mowed it for years but after he died she had to get a mowing contractor to cut it for her, With the recent petrol (gas) price hikes, the contractor kept raising his prices to the point where she couldn’t afford him. She phoned a colleague on Friday to request a mow, it was done first thing this morning and she phoned me (got the wrong number) but asked me to pass on her huge gratitude to my workmate.
    She was sweet and so thankful that he had organised it so quickly.I think I’m trying to say the “Act Locally” thing works.
    Lol, I think a quick run to the Goldfields, for a skimpy breakfast, might be in order this weekend 🙂

  22. bingbing Says:

    Local government vs the Obamessiah?

    Yes, the representative Republic has changed a bit. Yet with lawyers and the stock market (I own shares in property funds), just exactly what would constitute a ‘land owner’?

    I don’t own land per se, though. Still, considering the number of dickhead, young moonbats who’ve been ‘educated’ in the last 30 odd years, the loss of my vote compared to, perhaps, 30 or so moonbat votes seems a pretty good trade off.

  23. bingbing Says:

    One thing: Have noticed calls for no councils and/or no state governments and/or no federal governments.

    Can we agree on one thing?


  24. thefrollickingmole Says:


    Seconded… do we have a majority??

  25. TimH Says:

    Okay, I haven’t seen those calls.

  26. Angus Dei Says:

    Quorum present, the motion is adopted: Big Government Sucks.

  27. Red white and blue Says:

    Local government is more important than the federal government. The federal government should just protect us, print money and do a few other things. The most important levels of government in the states are the state and local governments. They know more about what is important in the local areas than the federal government. I know that the federal level has local representatives, but they can get drowned out by more powerful members of the chamber. Our founding fathers never intended there to be an all powerful federal government. They were afraid of a powerful federal government, so much so they came up with the 2nd amendment which was designed to protect us from an out of control federal government. Our founding fathers were brilliant men.

  28. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Red white and blue
    Agree with most of that. Being a bunch of people from a few countries the best we can hope for is ” DONT TREAD ON ME” which to my mind means ALL levels of government butt out unless they can prove an immediate need to intervine.
    I might add Ive come a Looong way from what I used to believe on a lot of things a few years ago. Drugs you can chuck up your ass till they come out your ears, but you dont have voting rights till your urine samples clear….

  29. Rebecca H Says:

    I actually think we need local government, because I don’t want to have to go out and put in manual labor to fix the 100+ year old water main system in my little village that’s beginning to cave in. However, I could do with LESS FEDERAL government, that dictates from on high (and elsewhere), exactly how this would be done, and with whose money, and with what impact on the fucking ducks in the nearby river.

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