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Climate Experts

From JunkScience and The Reference Frame (another great site I’ll add to our links), here’s a list of the top 100 climate experts whose opinions and qualifications never seem to be questioned:

Al Gore, B.A. Government (no science degree)
Alanis Morissette, High School Diploma
Bill Maher, B.A. English (no science degree)
Bono (Paul Hewson), High School Diploma
Daryl Hanna, B.F.A. Theater (no science degree)
Ed Begley Jr., High School Diploma
Jackson Browne, High School Diploma
Jon Bon Jovi (John Bongiovi), High School Diploma
Oprah Winfrey, B.A. Speech and Drama (no science degree)
Prince Charles of Whales, B.A. (no science degree)
Sheryl Crow, B.A. Music Education (no science degree)
Sienna Miller, High School Diploma

ABC – Sam Champion, B.A. Broadcast News (no science degree, not a meteorologist)
CBS – Harry Smith, B.A. Communications and Theater (no science degree)
CBS – Katie Couric, B.A. English (no science degree)
CBS – Scott Pelley, College Dropout
NBC – Ann Curry, B.A. Journalism (no science degree)
NBC – Anne Thompson, B.A. American studies (no science degree)
NBC – Matt Lauer. B.A. Communications (no science degree)
NBC – Meredith Vieira, B.A. English (no science degree)

Al Sharpton, College Dropout
Alicia Keys, College Dropout
Alicia Silverstone, High School Dropout
Art Bell, College Dropout
Ben Affleck, College Dropout
Ben Stiller, College Dropout
Billy Jean King, College Dropout
Brad Pitt, College Dropout
Britney Spears, High School Dropout
Bruce Springsteen, College Dropout
Cameron Diaz, High School Dropout
Cindy Crawford, College Dropout
Diane Keaton, College Dropout
Drew Barrymore, High School Dropout
George Clooney, College Dropout
Gwyneth Paltrow, College Dropout
Jason Biggs, College Dropout
Jennifer Connelly, College Dropout
Jessica Simpson, High School Dropout
John Travolta, High School Dropout
Joshua Jackson, High School Dropout
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, College Dropout
Julia Roberts, College Dropout
Kanye West, College Dropout
Keanu Reeves, High School Dropout
Kevin Bacon, High School Dropout
Kiefer Sutherland, High School Dropout
Leonardo DiCaprio, High School Dropout
Lindsay Lohan, High School Dropout
Ludacris (Christopher Bridges), College Dropout
Madonna (Madonna Ciccone), College Dropout
Matt Damon, College Dropout
Matthew Modine, College Dropout
Michael Moore, College Dropout
Nicole Richie, College Dropout
Neve Campbell, High School Dropout
Olivia Newton-John, High School Dropout
Orlando Bloom, High School Dropout
Paris Hilton, High School Dropout
Pierce Brosnan. High School Dropout
Queen Latifah (Dana Elaine Owens), College Dropout
Richard Branson, High School Dropout
Robert Redford, College Dropout
Rosie O’Donnell, College Dropout
Sarah Silverman, College Dropout
Sean Penn, College Dropout
Ted Turner, College Dropout
Tommy Lee (Thomas Lee Bass), High School Dropout
Uma Thurman, High School Dropout
Willie Nelson, High School Dropout


John McCain, B.S. (Graduated 894th out of 899 in his class)
Newt Gingrich, Ph.D. Modern European History (no science degree) (Hypocrite)
Pat Robertson, B.A., J.D., M.A. Divinity (no science degree)
Robert F. Kennedy Jr, B.A. Government, J.D. Law (no science degree, ‘recovered’ Heroin addict)


Bill Nye, B.S. Mechanical Engineering (Bill Nye the Science Guy)
Gavin Schmidt, B.A. Ph.D. Applied Mathematics (RealClimate.org)
James Hansen, B.A. Physics and Mathematics, M.S. Astronomy, Ph.D. Physics (NASA, Gavin Schmidt’s Boss)
James Lovelock, Ph.D. Medicine, D.Sc. Biophysics
Lonnie Thompson, Ph.D. Geological Sciences
Michael Mann, A.B. Applied Math, Physics, M.S. Physics, Ph.D. Geology & Geophysics (RealClimate.org)
Michael Oppenheimer, S.B. Chemistry, Ph.D. Chemical Physics
Richard C. J. Somerville, Ph.D. Meteorology
Steven Schneider, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering and Plasma Physics

Social Scientists:

Ronald Bailey, B.A. Philosophy and Economics (Science Correspondent, Reason Magazine)

We all know that politics is full of dicks.

But this is ridiculous.

NSFW – perhaps.

UPDATE…to this story…

Marine Narrow Escape

Pregnant Wife of Marine Pictured in Taliban Firefight Says She Feared Labor



The pregnant wife of a brave Marine — whose brush with death during a gun battle with the Taliban was captured in a dramatic photo — told FOXNews.com that she feared an early trip to the delivery room when she realized the leatherneck under fire was her husband.

“I’m over seven months pregnant, so I thought I was going to go into labor,” said Bobbie Bee, the wife of Sgt. William Olas Bee of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit deployed in Afghanistan. “I knew automatically it was him.”

Click here to see the dramatic photo sequence of Sgt. Bee under fire.

A Reuters photographer captured Sgt. Bee’s very close shave during a May 18 firefight in the Garmsir district of Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where U.S. and British troops have mounted an offensive since April 28 against a supply route used by the Taliban to funnel insurgents and weapons along the Pakistan border.

Bobbie, expecting her first child — a boy — said her 26-year-old husband is a “poker-face guy” who “lives for the Marine Corps.” She spoke with him Wednesday morning and he reassured her he was “perfectly safe.”

Fox News

 Stay Safe Sgt. Bee…Wear your God Damn Helmet!


Barr ‘Underdog’ at Libertarian Convention. Pundits believe that Libertarian Bob Barr could siphon votes away from John McCain in November. But first he must secure his new party’s nomination — which will be no easy task.

Just what’s needed. A complete idiot from the right, out of the State of Georgia, to muck things up.

I couldn’t read it…it made me ill…but you may.

Pajamas Media

Mark Steyn vs. the ‘Sock Puppets’..Warming up for his appearance before a human rights tribunal next month, Mark Steyn recently confronted his phony “accusers” on live TV. He got the better of them, but they will have the upper hand in court.

Mark Steyn is in the business of making predictions. The possible consequences of some of those predictions recently led him to make another one: “My career in Canada will be formally ended next month.”

How has it come to this?

On June 2, Steyn and Maclean’s magazine — the nation’s oldest newsweekly — are obliged to defend themselves against charges of “flagrant Islamophobia” at a British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

The saga began two years ago, when Maclean’s published an excerpt of Steyn’s bestselling book, America Alone, which asks how the West’s changing demographic profile — specifically, the difference between Muslim and non-Muslim birthrates — will affect its future.

In December 2007, the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) filed Human Rights Commission complaints against Steyn and the magazine in three different jurisdictions, charging them with “exposing Muslims to hatred and contempt” for, among other things, accurately quoting a Norwegian imam who boasted that Muslims were breeding “like mosquitoes.”

The CIC demanded that Maclean’s print five pages of unedited Islamist propaganda in the interest of “fairness” and “balance.” Maclean’s refused. In fact, publisher Ken Whyte’s response to the group — that he would rather see the magazine go bankrupt than bow to their blackmail — outraged the CIC as much as Steyn’s original article.

The story soon became an international cause célèbre. Unlike many other Canadians who’ve been caught in the HRC’s clutches over the last ten years (and subsequently ruined), Steyn and his co-defendants are well-connected and eloquent, with relatively deep pockets and high profiles. Their case has helped expose a bizarre quasi-judicial set-up that’s part extortion scheme, part secret police.

Now the petitions have been signed and the op-eds written, and members of Parliament faxed and emailed. There seemed to be little more to do than wait anxiously for that first tribunal to start.

Then the paperback edition of America Alone was released north of the 49th parallel this month, complete with a cheeky yet ominous yellow badge on the cover that read “Soon To Be Banned In Canada.”

The undisputed highlight of the subsequent media blitz came when Steyn confronted his “accusers” for the very first time. On live TV.

(”Accusers” because the real complainant is Mohammed Elmasry, the CIC president and terrorism advocate; three young, photogenic, and properly “outraged” Muslim articling students are fronting for “ElMo” in public, and have therefore been nicknamed “the Sock Puppets” by Steyn’s supporters. One of these supporters, Tarek Fatah of the rival, moderate Muslim Canadian Congress, derisively calls the trio “the boy band.”)

These students had insisted for months that they “just wanted to debate the issues in public.” Yet when that opportunity presented itself, they refused to share the set with Steyn.

A must read, for our intellectually gifted friend from Canada, Mark Steyn. Pajamas Media

Just for you, Kevin (our latest commenter)…Are Political Spouses Fair Game?

A tip for presidential hopefuls: if you want your husband or wife exempt from scrutiny, sending them on the campaign trail as your surrogate or making them a key advisor isn’t a good idea.

We have barely established the nominees for the presidential general election battle, but the ground rules are very much up in the air. Not for the candidates, mind you, but for their wives.The Tennessee state GOP recently ran an ad quoting Michelle Obama’s oft-quoted comment that she had never been proud of America until her husband’s campaign. Barack Obama struck back, declaring such a tactic was “low” and “detestable” and everyone should just “lay off” his wife.

When Tennessee’s Republican Senator Bob Corker took Obama’s side and called for the ad to come down some conservatives took exception. Michelle Malkin wrote:

Is it “negative personal campaigning” when candidate spouse Bill Clinton’s public campaign trail remarks are scrutinized, criticized, and analyzed? Are we to shut up about him, too? Will the Republican civility-mongers not stop until the Right is completely disarmed?

Indeed it would seem odd that Obama could claim the benefit of his wife as spokeswoman, surrogate and explainer-in-chief of his personal charms, yet plead that she be exempt from scrutiny. Moreover, we seemed to be entering an Alice in Wonderland of rules since the DNC had just recently criticized Cindy McCain for refusal to release her tax returns (a position shared in more restrained terms by the National Review’s editors).

So what to make of all this? Neither of the presumptive nominees offers “two for the price of one” as Bill Clinton did, and yet wives have become fixtures on the stump. It is not always obvious what is fair game with regard to spouse scrutiny and what is not.

Todd Harris, political consultant and former Fred Thompson Communications Director says: “You walk a very fine line when you start using a candidate’s spouse as a surrogate for the candidate. On the one hand, it’s always been an article of faith that spouses are and should be off limits. But when a campaign starts using the spouse to carry very political, and often negative, messages, that lines really start to get blurred.”

And blurred they have become with Michelle Obama. Her comments about her pride (or lack thereof )in America, her view of her husband’s historic impact on the country and her complaints about their finances have all been much discussed. What they reveal, or confirm, Obama’s critics say, is an elitist, out-of -touch mindset and an arrogance about themselves and her husband’s achievements.

the rest of this story at Pajamas Media

For Habib once again…Courtesy of J.M.

Obama sees prize within reach

It isn’t a “prize”. It IS the leadership of the world. If Obama thinks it IS a “prize”, he should join a carnival. You know…with a rag doll like Michelle or some such shit!

Barack Obama moved to the brink of the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday after a victory in the Oregon primary election that brought him within 100 delegates of the total needed to win the race.

the rest of this disgusting event is at Financial Times

North Miami Intruder Killed in Self Defense, with a twist.

Breitbart TV

Saves the State of Florida money…No trial, no feeding in prison…A win-win situation.

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Didn’t Fox News misspell something?

Like “No Quit In THE Lyin………………..SOB“?

The family has issued a statement saying, the circuitous route will take them over the Chappaquiddick Bridge.

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The Blues Brothers make a rare public apperance. This time with consequences.

Death by 1000 Papercuts

Sir Charlie….You and Theo Spark MUST save Britain.

Titanic – Another Government Conspiracy!

I was clicking through The Best Page In The Universe, having a read of some of Maddox’s Gold, and I came across this shocking video of proof that TEH GOVAMENT SET UP TEH TITANIC SINGKING!

Fuck Maddox is funny!

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Unleashed regains some respect

As our Frollicking Mole has well demonstrated, the Australian ABC’s latest blog, Unleashed has allowed some pretty whacky concepts to be ‘debated’.

Take the rehashing of the WTC building 7 conspiracy.

Current research indicates that an incendiary (thermite) may have been used to sever the massive box columns of the towers, causing the buildings to plummet to the ground at close to free-fall speed.

Yet the bing was most pleased today to see some semblance of balance.

Hugh Tobin:

Yet, a group of conspiracy theorists continue to claim that the official account of what happened that day amounts to the greatest cover up in the history of modern civilisation.

…I last wrote about the lunacy of this theory in March 2007…

So why do these theories continue to have support in the community?

Those involved establish their conclusions first, and gather their evidence later. Contradictory evidence is either ignored or discredited.

No kidding. But kudos where kudos is due. Today, well done, Unleashed.

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Maybach pic’s Strange Cosmos




Not to shabby. Bring Money.

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Hobbies:Walking on beaches, dentistry

I haven’t seen to many Dentist’s look this way, if I had, I wouldn’t have brushed my teeth so often.

How can Dentistry, be a “hobby”?…And who cares, huh?

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