Mark Steyn vs. the ‘Sock Puppets’..Warming up for his appearance before a human rights tribunal next month, Mark Steyn recently confronted his phony “accusers” on live TV. He got the better of them, but they will have the upper hand in court.

Mark Steyn is in the business of making predictions. The possible consequences of some of those predictions recently led him to make another one: “My career in Canada will be formally ended next month.”

How has it come to this?

On June 2, Steyn and Maclean’s magazine — the nation’s oldest newsweekly — are obliged to defend themselves against charges of “flagrant Islamophobia” at a British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

The saga began two years ago, when Maclean’s published an excerpt of Steyn’s bestselling book, America Alone, which asks how the West’s changing demographic profile — specifically, the difference between Muslim and non-Muslim birthrates — will affect its future.

In December 2007, the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) filed Human Rights Commission complaints against Steyn and the magazine in three different jurisdictions, charging them with “exposing Muslims to hatred and contempt” for, among other things, accurately quoting a Norwegian imam who boasted that Muslims were breeding “like mosquitoes.”

The CIC demanded that Maclean’s print five pages of unedited Islamist propaganda in the interest of “fairness” and “balance.” Maclean’s refused. In fact, publisher Ken Whyte’s response to the group — that he would rather see the magazine go bankrupt than bow to their blackmail — outraged the CIC as much as Steyn’s original article.

The story soon became an international cause célèbre. Unlike many other Canadians who’ve been caught in the HRC’s clutches over the last ten years (and subsequently ruined), Steyn and his co-defendants are well-connected and eloquent, with relatively deep pockets and high profiles. Their case has helped expose a bizarre quasi-judicial set-up that’s part extortion scheme, part secret police.

Now the petitions have been signed and the op-eds written, and members of Parliament faxed and emailed. There seemed to be little more to do than wait anxiously for that first tribunal to start.

Then the paperback edition of America Alone was released north of the 49th parallel this month, complete with a cheeky yet ominous yellow badge on the cover that read “Soon To Be Banned In Canada.”

The undisputed highlight of the subsequent media blitz came when Steyn confronted his “accusers” for the very first time. On live TV.

(”Accusers” because the real complainant is Mohammed Elmasry, the CIC president and terrorism advocate; three young, photogenic, and properly “outraged” Muslim articling students are fronting for “ElMo” in public, and have therefore been nicknamed “the Sock Puppets” by Steyn’s supporters. One of these supporters, Tarek Fatah of the rival, moderate Muslim Canadian Congress, derisively calls the trio “the boy band.”)

These students had insisted for months that they “just wanted to debate the issues in public.” Yet when that opportunity presented itself, they refused to share the set with Steyn.

A must read, for our intellectually gifted friend from Canada, Mark Steyn. Pajamas Media

7 Responses to “Mark Steyn vs. the ‘Sock Puppets’..Warming up for his appearance before a human rights tribunal next month, Mark Steyn recently confronted his phony “accusers” on live TV. He got the better of them, but they will have the upper hand in court.”

  1. Rebecca H Says:

    The little rat bastards don’t really want a debate, because they’d have their asses handed to them on a platter.

  2. Blazingcatfur Says:

    Heh Steyn woid moidilate em.

  3. Angus Dei Says:

    Soon, the US will have third world nations on both borders.

  4. Dminor Says:

    I’ve been looking out for Steyn’s book ever since Tim Blair posted about it, which must have been over a year ago. Might have to order it from Amazon along with that Taneiev CD. Anyway, without knowing first hand what he’s said in America Alone, it sounds like some present and future speculation backed up by a bunch of facts and real quotes from real Imams. Whilst I can see how repeating anything an Imam says is a crime against humanity, that doesn’t sound like the HRC’s agenda. Rather, it would seem they’re more interested in the suppression of free speech when it doesn’t fit their PC world-view. Inciting violence is one thing. Criticizing a religion and its followers is another. Hell, even out-and-out racist crap shouldn’t be illegal. It’s no worse than the sexist, homophobic authoritarian filth many Muslim clerics – and a few Christian ones – preach every day.

  5. tizona Says:

    Angus agree, but if by some damn chance Hussein and Michelle get voted in, there won’t be any borders and WE will be included in that third world scenario.

  6. thefrollickingmole Says:

    The Australian HEROC or human rights and equal opportunities commision here in oz is probably the nearest thing we have to that star chamber.
    they operate independent of the judiciary and are able to use heresay and allegations as evidence in their reports. A report they did during my time at the detention centre was a masterpiece of allegations accepted as fact.
    We had one report while I was at port hedland, I had begun taking photos of outings, parties and kids activities for a little photobook at the detention centre. During the HEROC reps visit I gave him copies of a fair number of the photos as well as activity schedules (I was acting activities officer at the time).
    In the big report all the centres got a blast for “lack of activities”, which really meant lack of documented proof. Port Hedland however got only about 4 lines in this area, no pics, no breakdown of activities.
    During the Reps visit he accused a lady officer of “spying on him” and wanted her serched in front of about 30 male detainees.
    A more biased and outright piggish individual i have never met.

  7. minicapt Says:



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