Want to know why you’re paying more at the pump?

Here’s a good analysis, thanks to Instapundit, as usual.

Frankly, when I visited Texas a couple of weeks ago, I was astonished at prices that were almost as high as the prices in the state of Ohio, where I now live. As long as I’ve lived, this was never the case. Texas no longer pumps oil, although it could. We’re not taking advantage of the oil sands of Wyoming and Montana, because of “environmental concerns” (and screwing Canada, by the way, who could supply just as much with their Albertan oil shale). Likewise Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico. Our illustrious leaders in Congress are blocking these avenues in the name of Saudi Arabia and OPEC saving the environment.

I am fucking sick of those assholes in Congress. Who else is?

Cartoon or reality?

KRudd over here in Oz scrapped the policy which stopped the mass inflow of asylum seekers a few years back. Hes also looking at importing 300,000 or so low skilled migrants to fill low paid jobs (But it wont affect Aussies looking for work!!)

This little cartoon by the West Australian newspaper cartoonist sums up the policy brilliantly.

A whole 300,000+ low paid workers, who’s natural allegiance will be to who??

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OH, Rebecca???? Some pic’s for you. You know those skinny, scary one lane mountain roads…LOL.

One lane road…goes to and from my place, on this here mountain’. To the Right of each picture, is the Great Smokies National Park. The second is a tad blurred…cause I swear I saw a Black Bear*…Turned out to be a damn good imitation, rock formation. I was kinda’ backin’ up to get my pistol out of ZEE Explorer…when I snapped the second one. Just in case.

* One (Black Bear) was seen at the golf course today, the SOB, shot an 80. Ummm, joke on what it shot, but true about the bear at the course.

Nike Signs Big Brown To $90 Million Horseshoe Contract

PORTLAND, OR—In a move that added the world’s pre-eminent equine athlete to its stable of endorsers Tuesday, Nike signed Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner Big Brown to a seven-year, $80 million endorsement contract that included a $10 million signing bonus as well as the creation of a signature horseshoe, the Air Brown.

“Nike is ecstatic to sign the top star in horseracing,” CEO and Nike president Mike Parker said, unveiling the “jumphorse” logo as the Kentucky-bred colt trotted onstage. “From Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods, Nike has created formidable partnerships with the very best in sports. I can’t say how proud we are to work with B.B., who is an extraordinary individual both on and off the track.”

“Big B doesn’t complain when he gets the far outside starting gate position,” Parker added. “He just gallops. And he gives hope to everyone out there that if they train hard, push themselves, and keep their snout clean, they can accomplish anything.”

Big Brown, whose Nike endorsement deal is the largest ever for a thoroughbred, was flown from New York to Portland in a private Nike jet stocked with the world’s finest bourbon, caviar, sugar cubes, cigars, carrots, and hay. Upon arriving on the west coast, the equine superstar’s handlers whisked him past a throng of cheering fans into a stretch limousine bound for Nike headquarters, where Brown, his 11-horse entourage, and his team of lawyers reviewed the contract one last time before signing.

Slated for release on June 1, the lightweight, U-shaped Air Brown horseshoe features Nike’s patented air-cushioning system, consisting of a pressurized gas encapsulated in polyurethane and aluminum. According to Nike engineers, the innovative technology was created to provide equal measures of comfort, support, and performance on both dirt and grass tracks by reducing shock, distributing pressure, and protecting the hooves from overpronation. Big Brown intends to debut the Air Brown horseshoes on June 7 at the Belmont Stakes, when he attempts to become the first horse to win the elusive Triple Crown in 30 years.

Although Big Brown was approached by a number of suitors from sportswear manufacturers including Adidas, Reebok, and Pony, the undefeated 3-year-old was ultimately won over by Nike’s willingness to work closely with him to create a horseshoe conforming to his strong sense of personal style as well as his physical needs. Big Brown was reportedly impressed by Nike’s efforts when technicians used cameras to record his gait from multiple angles while he ran on a treadmill.

“Because Big Brown’s hooves have been prone to injuries, we created 3D computer models to map out their exact size and shape in order to design a customized horseshoe that fits perfectly,” Nike technician Kenneth Phillips said. “We’ve also determined he can reduce the risk of impact injuries during his workouts by exercising on a quartet of stationary elliptical machines.”

Nike marketing personnel said that throughout the design process, Big Brown has viewed his trademark sportswear as a lifestyle rather than a line of products bearing his image. Whether approving design sketches or choosing materials, the racehorse has emphasized the promotion of individual identity by insisting the Air Brown buyer should be able to customize their horseshoes with alternate color schemes, optional blinking LEDs, or Swarovski crystals.

“B-Squared brings a lot of energy to this project—you should see him cantering around in a frenzy, ranging back and forth in the studio space,” Parker said. “He’s really exposing a side of himself that many people haven’t seen before. He’s showing everyone that he’s for real.”

While some critics have insinuated that Big Brown is too young and lacks experience, Parker confirmed his company’s confidence in the colt’s potential when he pointed out that the racehorse is undefeated in all five of his career starts and yet still takes time to volunteer in the community.

“We signed Jordan when he was just a rookie and brought LeBron on before he even played in the NBA,” Parker said. “Those guys turned out great. Well, B.B. is like three Kobe Bryants, two LaDainian Tomlinsons, and an Alex Rodriguez all rolled up in one. ”

“Big B might be an upstanding citizen, but he’s totally rock ‘n’ roll,” Parker added. “You never know if he’s going to come out of the gate with a green, purple, natural, or orange mane.”

Despite being overwhelmed with pre-orders of Air Browns, Nike has maintained that Big Brown’s new casual line, the B2 Titanium HorseNeaks, would be available for purchase in August.

The Onion

Seriously…Big Brown whose owner is the founder of UPS, from what I understand…SHOULD win the Triple. This horse is so reminiscent of the great Secretariat, it’s scary.

Sanity in Texas Mormon Case: State had No Right to Take Kids

So says The Third Court of Appeals in Austin.

“SAN ANGELO, Texas — A Texas appeals court said Thursday that the state had no right to take more than 400 children from a polygamist sect’s ranch, a ruling that could unravel one of the biggest child-custody cases in U.S. history.

The Third Court of Appeals in Austin ruled that the state offered “legally and factually insufficient” grounds for the “extreme” measure of removing all children from the ranch, from babies to teenagers.

The state never provided evidence that the children were in any immediate danger, the only grounds in Texas law for taking children from their parents without court approval, the appeals court said.”

Just as I suspected, the State of Texas’ actions in this case are going to make goats out of many. People need to be fired over this. LOTS of people. In fact, everybody who had anything to do with this, from the police officers all the way to the judge who approved the raid need to be thrown out on the street and told to fend for themselves.

Can’t Think Of A Person More Deserving

I got an email from a friend today. Below are some of the contents:

I’m going to go to Canada in a week or so, but I need to make sure I have some money stocked up. These days it costs a lot to cross the border, and it’s fucking cold up there.

I’ll go up, certainly, but it’s shit country for shit driving and shit opportunities.”

As someone who was born in Vancouver, I say a hearty “FUCK YOU TO HELL YOU BASTARD!!!”, but I kinda see their point.

Last time this guy tried to get to Vancouver, he accidentally ended up in Toronto.

But if you do that, you almost deserve it.

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Important Question

Important to me at least, because I’m intrigued and it’s bugging me.

Is “A Mighty Heart” worth watching at all?

I have suspicions that Hollywood would have completely destroyed the true story of Daniel Pearl and what happened to end his life in such a horrific fashion, but I thought I’d ask for reviews rather than watching it and destroying my TV.

Tips/Hints and especially opinions are greatly appreciated!

Glen Campbell: Wichita Lineman

I hadn’t thought of this tune for years, but the India pix reminded me of it, and I just loved this tune when I was a kid. Memorized all the words and sang it constantly. This is the original studio recording.

Notice that there is virtually no reverb on his vocal track. Not many singers would have the balls to do that in front of such a lush – and yes, corny – arrangement. Nice.

For Only $5K, You Can Have a Commemorative Plague!

OK, this is freaking hilarious.

This is India

clipped from clipmarks.com

clipped from content4.clipmarks.com

clipped from clipmarks.com

The funny thing is, it is real…

  blog it

Gosh, a little post such as that I did…I wonder if India has their version of Media Watch? I could become famous, not only as The Lord of Compost, but The Lord of Power Pole.

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How high does the price of oil have to go for Congress to increase American production?

The Corner/NRO

K-Lo, you must remember “gaffes”. Those are more important to Democrats (and some RINO’S) then, giving OUR country a break, at the gas pumps at the hands of tin pot friggin’ dictators, be they Islamic or Venezuelan…..Please, Get your priorities straight.

Impressive as hell…Courtesy of J.M. and Theo Spark…I’d rather have it done by hand…Mine.

The Last of The Few

McCain Looks to Fill Ticket, and 3 Hopefuls Step Up…In other words, a LOCK win for Barack Hussein Obama. Christ, I could do better with a fucking blind fold on, throwing darts at names. Exception Bobby Jindal.

Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts and a onetime rival for the Republican nomination, have all accepted invitations to visit Mr. McCain at his ranch in Sedona, Republicans said.

Charlie Crist of Florida…To my knowledge, less experience at the Federal level, then Obama.

Mitt Romney…In the running for the top office and lost, for a reason.

Bobby Jindal…Rhodes Scholar, Former U.S. Representative from Louisiana, Now Governor, (one of, if not the youngest ever elected) of Indian extraction. Tough Kid. Smart, quick on his feet. Up and comer, as they say. Wonder what kind of smears the Leftist Dems can come up with on Bobby?

Since these are your choices John, you had better make it the right one, elsewise stay home on Election Day.

OH and please do consider others, not that Jindal would be ill suited.


After gaffe, Democrats planning to redo farm bill. Actually, the headline meant to read: After gaffing the Democrats, the security clearanced Cleaning Company, by the name of PACOCLEAN, INC. said..”My God, we’ve never seen such a bloody mess”.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democrats are picking up the pieces after an embarrassing technical gaffe that delayed a triumphant rejection of President Bush’s veto of a massive farm bill.

Members from both parties hoped to bring the $290 billion bill, which includes election-year subsidies for farmers and food stamps for the poor, back to their districts over Memorial Day. But that is looking less likely now that the legislation will have to be passed all over again due to a printing error.

The House voted overwhelmingly, 316-108, on Wednesday to override Bush’s veto of the legislation earlier in the day.

The Senate then was expected to follow suit quickly, but action stalled after the discovery that a 34-page section of the bill had been omitted from the printed bill sent to the White House. That means Bush vetoed a different bill from the one Congress passed, raising questions that the eventual law would be unconstitutional.

AP News

And to think, the American taxpayer actually pays these people, to “gaffe”. I don’t get a God Damn cent, when I “gaffe”.

This new rage, pissing near to you soon. Gosh it sounds just hilarious.

Pee & Play: Belgian Beer Fans Invent Interactive Video Game Toilet

Breitbart TV

Ummm, no I didn’t watch it. Why next some bright intellectuals will come up with a Shit and See, “Video Game”. Won’t that be fun? Damn, betcha that would make the dingleberry problem disappear, in a heartbeat. On the other hand…Well nevermind.

OH, this quote is part of the new game, should you watch…

“This is the most incredible peeing of my life.”

Boosting My Cred

Bored today.

Work did it.

So I went for a little drive.

Four hours of it.

Does that make me a good RWDB?

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Clinton compares the Florida and Michigan fight to civil rights movement




BOCA RATON, Fla. – Hillary Clinton compared her effort to seat Florida and Michigan delegates to epic American struggles, including those to free the slaves and win the right to vote for blacks and women.

The current stalemate over the two states’ primary votes threatens to replicate the disputed 2000 presidential election in Florida, she warned an elderly crowd in Palm Beach County – one of the jurisdictions where Democrats allege voters were disenfranchised in 2000.

The pointed speech marked the kick-off of a last-gasp effort by Clinton to prolong her Democratic presidential campaign by making the states count, which would cut into rival Barack Obama’s leads in popular votes and pledged delegates.

“In Florida, you learned the hard way what happens when your votes aren’t counted and the candidate with fewer votes is declared the winner,” she said. “The lesson of 2000 here in Florida is crystal clear: if any votes aren’t count, the will of the people isn’t realized and our democracy is diminished.”

Clinton, at times sounding like a modern history professor, praised the abolitionists, suffragettes and civil rights pioneers and talked about her own efforts to fight legislative redistricting and voter identification initiatives that she said dilute minority voting power.

“This work to extend the franchise to all of our citizens is a core mission of the modern Democratic party,” she said. “From signing the Voting Rights Act and fighting racial discrimination at the ballot box to lowering the voting age so those old enough to fight and die in war would have the right to choose their commander in chief, to fighting for multi-lingual ballots so you can make your voice heard no matter what language you speak.”

Presidental Election 2000/Wikipedia

This is a State of Tennessee Democrat. I don’t know whether this asshole is still in office….Courtesy, J.M.


Rep. Briley, of course, was the subject of quite a few barrels of ink and webspace after getting clipped for DUI after a hit and run. Following his arrest, Briley gave the name of a lobbyist as his next of kin. Later, it was reported by the Nashville Scene that Briley and the lobbyist were having an affair

Personally, I think he’s damn drunk while speaking on this video.

Briley Broadsides Bloggers: He’s In Your Blogosphere Restricting All Your Access [VIDEO]

Representative Rob Briley criticizes the press and bloggers cautioning that if media doesn’t act responsibly they will be denied access to information.

You shouldn’t watch it all, if you DO watch it at all…IF you do, notice the asshats in the State of Tennessee General Assembly, standing and applauding.

As sorry as this asshole is…THIS asshole feels worse, right now. Fucking-A!

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