Quote of the day….I don’t even notice the color of his skin. I do notice the thinness of it, though. Dennis Miller, on Barack Obama.


Dennis the Man…Nice one, guy.

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Sarkozy calls for EU immigrant crackdown. We need this dude, in the U.S.

Financial Times


Plans for a Europe-wide clampdown on immigration that could see asylum-seekers forced to apply for refugee status in advance and more effective deportation measures, are to be at the heart of France’s European Union presidency.

Nicolas Sarkozy, French president, is proposing a co-ordinated crackdown on illegal immigration in government documents, seen by the Financial Times, which have been drawn up in preparation for France’s EU presidency, which starts in July.

Emergency Crews Scramble to Respond to Train Crashes in Boston, Chicago

Calling Hero’s Obama and Kennedy.

Fox News

Obama Considering Solo Trip to Iraq, After McCain Challenge

Barack Obama is considering a trip to Iraq, after John McCain repeatedly challenged the Democratic front-runner to join him there and see the situation on the ground before concluding that U.S. efforts have failed to get the war-torn nation back on track.

“A trip abroad is under consideration, but there are no plans at this point,” Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki told FOX News on Wednesday.

Earlier Wednesday, in an interview with The New York Times, Obama declined the invitation to take a joint trip with McCain but said he was considering visiting U.S. troops overseas this summer all the same once he secures the Democratic nomination.

“Iraq would obviously be at the top of the list of stops,” he told The Times.

They’ll love you, Hussein

Just wear this, you’re in DUDE.

In fact, you may wanna’ give running for Prez a shot, over there.

Rival to Iran’s President Is Elected Speaker…WOW! They made the bastard a speaker. I mean come on huh, couch, chair…HEY! A rug, you gems are good at that shit…yeah, rugs.

Ali Larijani, second from right, the newly elected parliament speaker, with Saeed Jalili, a top nuclear negotiator, right, during the opening ceremony of Iran’s new parliament in Tehran on Tuesday.

TEHRAN, Iran — A rival to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected by an overwhelming majority as speaker of the Parliament on Wednesday, a strong signal of growing impatience with his economic policies and a possible sign of a political shift in the country.


The Mullah in the back, ain’t happy at all….Jesus!

Let’s Fuck Up US Healthcare: This Girl Might Have an Opinion

“Cody Hall was born with a hemangioma, a tumorous birthmark that distorted the shape of her face and grew larger as she got older.”


Cody would have been shit out of luck in England.

“When she was 1 year old, her doctors in England told her parents that nothing could be done about her condition, so her parents took her to see surgeons in the U.S.

Fourteen years and 18 reconstructive surgeries later, most of them at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in New York, the girl who once had a hopelessly deformed face was flashing a beautiful smile at the prom.”


America. Fuck yeah.

Via FOX News.

Read the whole goddamn thing, and then tell me if you think piece-of-shit shyster-politicians and 75 IQ moron government workers ought to have fuck-all to say about how healthcare is run in this – or any other – country.

If, as I believe, lawyers are among the lowest forms of functional human life on earth, doctors are certainly among the highest… and we let excrement ambulance-chasers like John Edwards to get rich off of suing them. It’s fucking insane, and it ought to be the other way around: 50% of everything a lawyer makes ought to be confiscated and given to hospitals.

Mainstreaming in education. Reason for Thread…Below.

The young lad of the story


Florida Teacher Allegedly Lets Kindergarteners Kick Autistic Boy Out of Class in ‘Survivor’-Like Vote

Fox News

My opinion… for what it is worth:

This “teacher” should have her credentials lifted and ass kicked…BUT (no pun) she didn’t start the idea of “Mainstreaming“.

My grandson Christian was born with multiple birth defects He dealt with cruelty from kids whose parents, had or have ZERO class. They did NOT teach their “little darlings” class because they had none, themselves.

Christian is now a first degree black belt in one school of the martial arts and going higher. Tiz a damn good thing that the martial arts teaches strict discipline, otherwise, those that taunted and bullied…AT FIRST, would have been broken in half and left for their parents to pick up the pieces, as his grandfather would have left them.

Christian is also on his high school golf team. The damn little shit, shot a 45 on the course that the high school uses, for 9 holes….now THAT really pisses me off. 🙂

What say you concerning “mainstreaming”? The lad in the above article was not as fortunate as Christian.

US fails to toe tough Bush line on Mideast

Financial Times

I find this article nothing more, then paying jizya to Islamists. Tiz, disgusting….If true to its core, WE are on course for and Hussein Presidency and the added status of an Islamic conquered nation.

Democrats fear that Hispanic voters will abandon Barack Obama for the immigrant-friendly John McCain and it is likely they’ll launch a smear campaign to keep that from happening.

Democrats are on a mission to undercut John McCain’s support with Hispanic voters, by hook or by crook.

Now that Barack Obama is the presumptive party nominee, Democrats are terrified they could lose Hispanic voters. During the primaries, those voters went for Hillary Clinton by a 2-to-1 margin. There are questions about whether Hispanics will fall in line behind Obama in November, or throw their support to McCain. It doesn’t help Democrats that McCain did incredibly well with that population in his reelection campaigns in Arizona, earning as much as 70 percent of the Hispanic vote.

So Democrats are trying to prevent those defections by portraying McCain to Hispanics as just another opportunistic, fear-mongering, nativist Republican who offers nothing more than sound bites and simple solutions. They want to paint him as missing-in-action on immigration, as someone who backed off earlier efforts to push for comprehensive reform that includes earned legalization for the documented. They might even go so far as to paint him as a clone of Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-CO, a short-lived presidential candidate who helped give the immigration debate its distinctively anti-Hispanic flavor.

Good luck. McCain has made plenty of enemies over the immigration issue, but they’re all on the Right. It’s conservatives who resent McCain for depicting them as bigots who are willing to trash the country’s immigrant tradition to scare up votes.

And, speaking of bigots, comparing McCain to Tancredo? That sheet won’t fit. The two men have tangled too many times. In fact, during one of the earlier presidential debates, Tancredo was asked what it meant to be an American and gave an answer tied to speaking English and blending into the mainstream culture. McCain responded that Tancredo’s views were “beyond my realm of thinking.”

That was a good moment for McCain, one that demonstrated his willingness to stand up to the xenophobia that has hijacked the Republican Party and pollutes the immigration debate.

McCain showed that side again when, according to former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-PA, the Arizona senator scolded Republican senators over their plans to declare English the national language of the United States. According to Santorum, McCain warned that many Hispanics would interpret the gesture as racist, and he was right.

Then there was the time that McCain took on union members angry over his support for guest workers. McCain challenged the workers to do the jobs that they claimed immigrants were taking from them. He even offered to pay them $50 per hour to pick lettuce in Yuma if they stayed for the entire season. A few guys who apparently didn’t know much either about lettuce picking or Yuma threatened to take him up on the offer before coming to their senses.

Even the charge that McCain has flip-flopped on immigration reform doesn’t hold up. Critics say that, while McCain used to push for a comprehensive approach, now all he talks about is securing the border first. But McCain hasn’t stopped talking about the need for comprehensive reform. He made that case again just a few weeks ago when he announced an outreach initiative aimed at Hispanics. And besides, the emphasis on securing the border first isn’t new for the Arizona senator; the bill that McCain proposed with Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-MA, was amended in 2007 to include enforcement “triggers” — goals that had to be met before undocumented immigrants were put on the path to permanent residency.

Democrats have their hands full trying to keep Hispanics from flocking to McCain. They have every right to plead their case to those voters — but not at the expense of distorting the truth.

Ruben Navarrette Jr. is a member of the editorial board of the San Diego Union Tribune, a nationally syndicated columnist, a frequent lecturer, and a regular contributor to CNN.com.

Pajamas Media

A must share, from El Cid…via Pajamas Media

Obama Practices Looking-Off-Into-Future Pose…Subtle muscular adjustments can show, from left, wistfulness, determination, and unbridled hopefulness.

CHICAGO—As the 2008 presidential election draws closer, Democrat Barack Obama has reportedly been working tirelessly with his top political strategists to perfect his looking-off-into-the-future pose, which many believe is vital to the success of the Illinois senator’s campaign.

When performed correctly, the pose involves Obama standing upright with his back arched and his chest thrust out, his shoulders positioned 1.3 feet apart and opened slightly at a 14-degree angle, and his eyes transfixed on a predetermined point between 500 and 600 yards away. Advisers say this creates the illusion that Obama is looking forward to a bright future, while the downturned corners of his lips indicate that he acknowledges the problems of the present.

“The senator spends six hours a day gazing resolutely off into the distance,” said chief political strategist David Axelrod, who regularly analyzes video of the pose with Obama, pinpoints areas that need improvement, and makes necessary tweaks.

“It is critical to get every detail right,” Axelrod continued. “If he looks up an inch too high, he appears aloof or confused. If he looks down too low, it appears that he is distracted by something in the back of the auditorium. If the curvature of his upper lip is not at the exact 0.87-centimeter radius, it reads that he does not care about preserving the environment for future generations.”

The pose also requires Obama to arch his eyebrows at 32-degree angles, open his mouth to prevent the misconception that he is frowning about the future, and briefly flare his nostrils to convey faith in the nation’s children.

He must then clench his jaw with sufficient force to express strength and decisiveness—if he uses too much force, Axelrod said, his supraorbital forehead vein becomes visible and makes it appear as though he is in physical pain.

“Every millimeter of that head vein costs him 150,000 votes,” Axelrod said.

To complete the pose, Obama must then open his eyes at an aperture of 1.43 centimeters, tilt his chin slightly upward, and rotate his head 37 degrees to the left. His advisers stressed that he must always look to the left.

“When you look to the future, you look to the left,” Axelrod said. “Looking to the right is an I-am-sorry-for-the-mistakes-I’ve-made-in-the-past-but-promise-to-work-my-hardest-for-this-great-nation-from-now-on pose. It’s too early for that.”

The biggest obstacle Obama has had to overcome in recent weeks is his proclivity to squint while looking toward the future, which aides say alienates voters.

“We’ve worked on the squinting,” said Obama adviser Sam Hosking, who claimed it was a “death knell” for a candidate to appear to be struggling to see the nation’s future. “It took a lot of work, but we were able to turn the squint into a solemn blink.”

“The blink humanizes him,” Hosking added. “But you have to be careful. Two blinks and people will start to question if he’s a man of his word.”

Obama has also worked on increasing the speed with which he can strike the pose. Advisers say that it is critical for him to be able to quickly and seamlessly transition into the looking-off-into-the-future pose at any moment, especially during applause breaks in his speeches, while being photographed from low angles, and whenever there is a large American flag waving gently behind him.

Obama’s advisers have recently given him clearance to nod resolutely upon completing the looking-off-into-the-future pose.

“A nod is acceptable,” Hosking said. “The American people respond well to nods.”

Although Obama’s pose has been modified and fine-tuned over the course of the campaign, some pundits claim that Obama’s original looking-off-into-the-future pose was the strongest and most believable.

“I fell in love with the chin-three-inches-from-the-neck Barack Obama,” said longtime Obama supporter and MoveOn.org employee Peter Koechley. “I just don’t know if a chin-four-inches-from-the-neck or, even worse, a chin-two-inches-from-the-neck Obama is the same Obama that first inspired me.”

As soon as Obama masters his looking-off-into-the-future pose, aides say he will begin honing his looking-straight-down-and-gripping-the-lectern-while-taking-a-deep-breath-to- communicate-both-his-rise-from-humble-roots-and-his-dedication-to-upholding- the-honor-and-responsibility-of-the-presidency-while-still-fully-understanding- the-historical-significance-of-the-moment pose.

I can’t tell you how much the Interactive Graphic, “The Science of Inspirational Poses”, (Obama’s advisers have created a computer model to simulate the optimal looking-off-into-the-future pose) in this article helped me to understand Hussein Obama. Do run the graphic, it will help you, as well….The Onion. NOW, I’m scared shitless.

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Come On! Don’t Hold Out!

Does anyone know if it was the owner of Channel 7, Kerry Stokes, who purchased the Victoria Cross that was awarded to Lieutenant George Mawby Ingram for bravery and initiative in the battle of Montbrehain on October 5, 1918?

I’m very curious to know if Mr Stokes has again bought a significant medal and donated it to the Australian War Memorial, as is happening with this medal.

My curiosity is rightly fed by this piece of fantastic news.

Mr Stokes,


What Really Happened to Tim Blair

This may or may not appear over at Paco Enterprises (I’m not sure if he was inviting us to write stories or just addressing himself):

They struck at dawn.

Concealed by shrubbery, they waited with the calm, icy detachment gained only through years of professional espionage. There was only one moment of alarm, when Detective Paco noticed one of Commander Wronwright’s jodhpurs – which he insisted were standard Guatemalan field issue – poking out from behind cover, but it was too late to do anything about it, for directly in front of them, no more than fifty feet away, the daytime security detachment for the Daily Telegraph was relieving the night shift.
MarkL checked his watch. “Twenty seconds.”
Everyone inspected their dials.
“Check,” whispered El Cid.
Kae confirmed hers: “Check.”
Frowning, Margos Maid tapped his watch. “Mickey’s big hand seems to have stopped.”
“Forget about it,” Grimmy growled under his breath. “It’s time.”
They watched as the security guards cracked their jackboots and saluted each other, right palms up. Everyone held their breath as the departing night shift marched straight past their shrubbery, 1.618 suddenly regretting the amount of Chanel No 5 she had doused herself with just an hour ago, but the danger moment came and went without incident. From the front glass sliding doors to the Daily Telegraph’s main building, the day patrol surveyed the outside area a minute more, then split into two groups, each moving away in the opposite direction to circle the complex.
“That’s it,” the Real JeffS said when both groups rounded corners, “everyone move out.”
They scurried, commando-style, over to the main building. Infidel Tiger quickly brought out the Particle Atomic Conversion Obliterator and applied it to the glass in front of him. In an instant it was no more. They proceeded into the darkness of the foyer.
“Map!” barked Swinish Capitalist.
Ash produced the blueprints for the building and a pen-torch. “Okay, we’re here. The stairs leading down to the cells should be over there.”
They moved as one to the inconspicuous single door well off to one side. The sign on it warned AUTHORISED PERSONEL ONLY. FAIRFAX SPIES KEEP OUT!
Infidel whipped out the Particle Atomic Conversion Obliterator, held it to the door and switched it on. This time the device emitted a sick-sounding whine, three sparks and a whiff of smoke.
“Bugger.” Infidel shook it a couple of times and tried again. Nothing.
“I thought that thing was atomic powered!” said Yojimbo.
Paco coughed with embarrassment. “Yeah well, the EPA was giving us some static on that. Health and Safety regs, they said. We couldn’t afford the bribe money – they’ve got this scale, see. Atomic’s right up the top, just under coal and oil. Anyway, after R&D it was just too much. Ecuador wouldn’t loan us again, said somethin bout us being a credit risk, so we compromised. It’s solar powered.”
“That’s false advertising!” remarked carpefraise.
“Hey, the sun’s atomic powered, ain’t it?”
“Enough!” roared Mr Bingley in a whispery kind of way. “Step aside, I’ll do it.” Deftly he removed a hairpin from his hair. Spiny Norman opened his mouth to comment but shut it just as quickly when he caught the look from RebeccaH. Before anyone could really worry too much about it, a little click came from the lock Mr Bingley was working on and the door gently swung inward.
Ash consulted her blueprints. “He’s probably being held in solitary confinement, maximum security section. That’s six levels down.”
“Then let’s get going,” said andycanuck. “The sooner we nab him, the sooner we get our blog back.”
They descended the stairs single file, stopping at a door at the very bottom.
“There’ll be a guard on the other side,” Paco cautioned. “Captain, get ready, but wait for my signal.” The detective removed his fedora. “Ma’am, if you’ll allow me…” Without actually waiting for permission, he adroitly plucked a long, slightly waved strand of coppery hair from Missred’s scalp. “Pogria?”
Sucking away the excess saliva, Pogria took the piece of gum she’d been chewing from her mouth and handed it over. Paco used it to fix the hair strand to his hat.
“No one make a sound.”
They all held their breath as he gently, silently opened the door just enough to slip his fedora into the corridor on the other side. Then he closed the door, leaving the distinctive strand of hair trailing along the floor where they could see it.
“Now we wait.”
What was probably only a minute seemed like an hour as they waited for the guard to notice the hat. He might not have been the usual mindless grunt, either, because no one heard the sound of his approaching jackboots. It was only when the hair began to slide away that they knew he was directly outside.
“Captain, you’re on!”
Whilst it was true Captain J.M Heinrich’s slightly resented being considered just the ‘muscle’ of the squad, he was more than ready and willing when the opportunity came. Launching himself in one powerful charge, he shouldered the door, crashing it open and knocking down the guard who was already bent over rather awkwardly with one hand on the fedora. The guard managed a short gasp of pain and shock before Heinrich followed through with a vicious kick to the left temple, putting him out cold.
As Wimpy Canadian and Mr Creosote expertly bound the guard’s wrists and ankles with electrical wiring and dragged him away, the rest of the squad split up to inspect the cells, which were all were equipped with judas peep holes.
“My God, they’ve got Nicki Webster,” said Nilknarf. “Always wondered what happened to her.”
Stackja found who they were actually looking for at the very end of the corridor. “He’s here.”
They gathered outside the cell door, examining with no small consternation the series of bolts and deadlocks.
“They’re not mucking around, are they?” said Mr Bingley. “I don’t think the hairpin’s going to work with this lot.”
“Nothing else for it, then” Habib said, ostensibly concerned, though even in the dim light they all noticed a gleam in his eye. “Who’s got the C4?”
Dan Lewis and Dave S both produced the explosive and set it to the cell’s doorframe. Michael Leonie connected it to the detonator.
“Tim!” 1.618 called through the judas hole. “Tim Tam, can you hear me?” She bit her lower lip with worry. “He’s just sitting there. I don’t know if he can hear me.”
“We don’t have a choice,” said Richard McEnroe. “If we don’t do this now, News Ltd will be all over us like flies on a hippy.”
“Right then,” 1.618 agreed, steeling herself. “Tim Tam, if you can hear me, get under cover. We’re blowing the door!”
Everyone backed up as far as possible. Michael Leonie gripped the detonator. “Three, two, one!”
They averted their eyes from the sudden flash. The sound and impact of the explosion shook the corridor. But as the dust and smoke cleared they found a satisfactorily large hole gaping where the cell door used to be.
Paco and Wronwright were first in. They rushed to Tim Blair who sat in front of a old 1940’s Olivetti typewriter. Iron bracelets secured his ankles to the legs of his chair and there were strange, different coloured wires connecting a metal headband to some electrical equipment against one wall. Similarly there was an intravenous drip in one arm connected to a bag of fluid suspended from a nearby metal bracket.
“You can still smell the pentothal,” whispered Kae.
Blair had a dazed look about him, but something suggested it wasn’t from the explosion. He was typing dejectedly on the keys, one finger at a time, muttering what he wrote.
“No one seems to be holding these bastards to -”
A light on the equipment against the wall came on, followed by an electrical buzzing sound and suddenly Tim Blair’s body jerked like someone suffering an epileptic fit. When it was over, he went on typing and muttering.
“No one seems to be holding these people to account.”
Paco shook his head in sad disbelief. “Okay, I think we’ve seen enough. Someone unhook him from that stuff. Dminor, check him out.”
Dminor leant forward, examining the shackled journalist. He took Tim’s head gently in both hands and rotated it from side to side. It didn’t take a doctor to see that although the head moved, the eyes didn’t track.
“Doll’s eyes. This is bad.”
Tim was mostly limp as they took off the metal headband and removed the IV line, but when they tried to lift him from the chair he suddenly looked panic and seized the armrests.
“No, no! Leave me alone!”
“Tim, we’ve got to get out of here,” 1.618 urged him. “There’s no time to lose.”
“I don’t want to go.”
There was a stunned silence. Puzzled glances were exchanged.
“Tim, you’re delerious. But you’ll be better soon. Come.”
But when they took him by the arms again, he resisted violently. “No, no! Let me go! I like it here. I like it here…” His voice trailed off. He did nothing to stop some spittle dribbling down his chin.
“We’re too late,” said Dminor. “They’ve broken him. Trying to force him now would probably leave him in a permanent vegetative state; he’d have to write for The Age.”
1.618 wiped the tears from her cheek. “But surely we can’t leave him like this.”
“We have to. He was a strong man, I’m sure he held out a long time. But the Tele got him in the end. Come on, we have to go before they come for us, too.”
Paco nodded. “D’s right. We split up. Rendezvous at o-eight hundred at Paco Enterprises or Tizona’s.”

The Very Sad End.


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