Number of the Month

If no one objects, I’ll start linking to John Brignell’s Number of the Month item which closes each month-by-month account of all those misleading, biased, skewed or just plain wrong numbers we are constantly being invited to swallow by the MSM and, regrettably, sometimes popular science journals (you won’t find copies of New Scientist in my waiting room, put it that way).

For May 2008, we have 1,162 – the total number of QANGOs in the UK, costing that country 64 billion pounds a year, which works out to over 2 and a half thousand pounds per household (say a cool five grand in Australian or US dollars, which are virtually equivalent now).

Brignell’s NumberWatch site focuses much on the UK and Europe, but rarely would an item bear no relevance or warning to one’s own situation. I think global warming (Brignell’s list is still growing, by the way) has been supplanted by exposing the machinations of unelected EU officials as his number one crusade. Glad I live here.

PS: how do you type the ‘pounds’ symbol?

12 Responses to “Number of the Month”

  1. tizona Says:

    Sir D

    One of three ways:

    1. Lbs.

    2. Go to this site and download the convoluted and fee based Code2000 Font

    3. Cheat, like I do. Bookmark, Copy and Paste from the chart at the same site £

  2. Angus Dei Says:

    Better question(s):

    Why the fuck is a pounds symbol an L instead of a P?

    Or the dollar symbol an S instead of a D?

    Yen is a Y and euro an E.

    And even the lowly cent is a C.

    I call this, “The Money Poem.” 😉

  3. Eggz Says:

    Lbs is the abbreviation for the pounds weight symbol (Latin libra for “scales”).

    The currency measure originates from Pounds Sterling (i.e. the value in weight of Sterling silver) £.

    Thanks to Google, ‘course.

  4. tizona Says:

    Yes Eggz…I was waitin’ for a guffaw…Hell not even a snicker did I get. I shall have to buy, a Milky Way®

  5. Eggz Says:

    ‘Cid: A few pounds of Sterling would nice? 🙂

  6. Eggz Says:

    ‘Cid re #3 above:
    I’m old enough to have grown up under the Imperial system here in Oz (we changed to decimal currency ($) c. ’66 and the Metric system c. ’72) ‘Pounds Sterling’ was well known but pre-Interweb didn’t know WTF Lbs was derived from.

  7. countingcats Says:


    ie – hold the alt key down, and then type 156 on the numeric key pad gives – £
    Don’t use the top numeric row, it doesn’t work.

    I used to have a job converting software written for the US market into a version for the UK market. Picked up all sorts of trivia doing that.

    I thought that it was from libra, Latin for ‘pound’ as well as scales. The French ‘livre’ and the Italian ‘lira’ come from the same root.

  8. tizona Says:

    WOW! Things ya’ learn, from being on this thing Al Gore invented, huh? Thanks Al…lol, now go to your room.

    OH, excuse my bad manners…Welcome Countingcats.

    Damn! Shit! Thank you Eggz.

  9. Dminor Says:

    Thanks, Countingcats. £ Hey, it works! Ü×ØÖÿù|oy{®¿ºÉìÄÅæÆôöçêëèïüz╝Ã♂♀↨▬!,7BMXc│◙ Holy dooly.⌂Çî☻♥♦♣♠

  10. tizona Says:

    Again, thank you CC. Sir D is absolutely head over heels with his new found toy, as one can tell…God love him. That prison life is tough, in Australia.

    Holy drooly dooly, indeed. 🙂

  11. countingcats Says:


    Glad I could be of use, it makes a nice change.

    Always a pleasure to meet someone new, and [big hint] If anyone would like to visit, I am sure they would be welcome. [/big hint]

  12. bingbing Says:

    #11 Countingcats.

    Well, it seems clear the doctor has given you a clean bill of health.

    Took a squiz at your site. Good stuff.

    Now, even though I’ve not even been officially inducted myself, I highly recommend that you become a member of the VRWC… even though you are already a member.

    Officialdom is for Leftist, authoritarian wankers.


    Any objections? Spit it out.

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