Fat Lady Continues Clearing Her Throat

Hillary is “suspending” her campaign Friday, according to reports citing unnamed sources, such as this FOX news article. Oh sure, “the campaign” is mentioned, but no names are named.

She’ll drag it out just as long as she can without her thinking she’s starting to look desperately classless, in the hopes that some Deus ex Machina revelation about Barack or Michelle will appear and magically resurrect her campaign. She has no shame whatsoever.

Like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Ummm, I tried the link on his site…It doesn’t work, at least not how it should. It takes you to REASON TV. I find nothing on this link, indicating anything close to the quote below..

“Who should Obama choose as a running mate? Obviously, Colin Powell. He fixes Obama’s national security deficit, strengthens the Republican/independent appeal, and completes Obama’s narrative about post-partisanship.” Plus, if you won’t vote for an Obama/Powell ticket, you’re twice as racist as if you wouldn’t vote for Obama alone!


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A Sign and Two Good Zingers…Courtesy, a friend..

Best Sign


To bad, Hillary. You did show grit, but you and Bill evidently pissed off a ton of people…AND YOUR PARTY, is now FAR LEFT. So FAR LEFT, it makes Castro and Baby Huey proud

Some people have no class. Look at his tie, it is so yesterday. Courtesy…A friend.

YES! I know all can read…BUT my mountain weed whacking, just may get me ice packs, heating pads, ibuprofen and drunk. SOOOO….

Let’s get this on the table…’cause we’re gonna hear it over and over and over

The Keating 5

*John McCain’s Skeleton Closet

##The Keating 5

The Keating 5

The Keating 5

The Keating 5

The Keating 5

Obama Says McCain’s Keating Five Connection Is Not Off Limits

The above come from different viewpoints…One in fact is Attorney Mark Levin, from NRO

*Mr. Skeleton Closet…Seems to have an agenda.

If you choose to do so…Read all…and notice this part:

##Reluctant participant

Despite his history with Keating, McCain was hesitant about intervening. At that point, he had been in the Senate only three months. DeConcini wanted McCain to fly to San Francisco with him and talk to the regulators. McCain refused.

Keating would not be dissuaded.

On March 24 at 9:30 a.m., Keating went to DeConcini’s office and asked him if the meeting with the regulators was on. DeConcini told Keating that McCain was nervous.

“McCain’s a wimp,” Keating replied, according to the book Trust Me, by Michael Binstein and Charles Bowden. “We’ll go talk to him.”

Keating had other business on Capitol Hill and did not reach McCain’s office until 1:30. A DeConcini staffer already had told McCain about the “wimp” insult.

When he arrived, Keating presented McCain with a laundry list of demands for the regulators.

McCain told Keating that he would attend the meeting and find out whether Keating was getting treated fairly but that was all.

The first meeting, on April 2, 1987, in DeConcini’s office, included Ed Gray, chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, as well as four senators: DeConcini, McCain, Alan Cranston, D-Calif., and John Glenn, D-Ohio.

(Years later, McCain recalled that DeConcini started the meeting with a reference to “our friend at Lincoln.” McCain characterized it as “an unfortunate choice of words, which Gray would remember and repeat publicly many times.”)

For Keating, the meeting was a bust. Gray told the senators that as head of the loan board, he worried about the big picture. He didn’t have any specific information about Lincoln. Bank regulators in San Francisco would be versed in that, not him. Gray offered to set up a meeting between the senators and the San Francisco regulators.

The second meeting was April 9. The same four senators attended, along with Sen. Don Riegle, D-Mich. Also at the meeting were William Black, then deputy director of the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp., James Cirona, president of the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, and Michael Patriarca, director of agency functions at the FSLIC.

In an interview with The Republic, Black said the meeting was a show of force by Keating, who wanted the senators to pressure the regulators into dropping their case against Lincoln. The thrift was in trouble for violating “direct investment” rules, which prohibited S&Ls from taking large ownership positions in various ventures.

“The Senate is a really small club, like the cliche goes,” Black said. “And you really did have one-twentieth of the Senate in one room, called by one guy, who was the biggest crook in the S&L debacle.”

Black said the senators could have accomplished their goal “if they had simply had us show up and see this incredible room and said, ‘Hi. Charles Keating asked us to meet with you. ‘Bye.'”

McCain previously had refused DeConcini’s request to meet with the Lincoln auditors themselves. In Worth the Fighting For, McCain wrote that he remained “a little troubled” at the prospect, “but since the chairman of the bank board didn’t seem to have a problem with the idea, maybe a discussion with the regulators wouldn’t be as problematic as I had earlier thought.”

McCain concedes that he failed to sense that Gray and the thrift examiners felt threatened by the senators’ meddling.

Obama Taps Caroline Kennedy, 2 Others to Lead VP Search

Barack Obama wasted no time formalizing his search for a running mate after clinching the Democratic nomination, naming a three-person team that includes Caroline Kennedy to spearhead the vetting process Wednesday.

Jim Johnson, a prominent Democrat and Obama financial backer who led the search efforts for former nominees Walter Mondale in 1984 and John Kerry in 2004, will lead the search team. Eric Holder, a former deputy attorney general and U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia under President Clinton, is the third member of the Obama team.

Fox News

Jesus H. Christ…Here we go again up and down the rivers of Cambodia, with his CIA hat…Christmas 1968 When Nixon was President. “Seared”…”Seared in my mind”. Well, I’ll be Roebucked.

It does fit though, Kerry did speak with the North Vietnamese in Paris…Obama, was just a young whipper snapper, I believe…I should add. Just as Obama wants to speak with that nice fella’…Ahmadinejad.

Can hear it now…Obama: “Mahmoud…May I call, you Mahmoud? Thank you kind Sir…So your terms are…WE (the U.S.) nuke Israel, is that what you demand?…AND in return you want the keys, to the White House, right?”

Kerry spoke of meeting negotiators on Vietnam

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

Political Fundraiser Tony Rezko Found Guilty on 16 Counts in Corruption Trial

CHICAGO — A federal jury has found a prominent political fundraiser for Sen. Barack Obama and Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty of 16 of 24 counts in his Illinois corruption trial.

Antoin “Tony” Rezko was accused of scheming to get bribes from businesses seeking state contracts.

The jury delivered its verdict Wednesday after a nine-week trial.

Rezko has known Obama since he entered politics and was involved in a 2005 real estate deal with the Democratic presidential candidate, although testimony barely touched on their relationship. Most of the focus was on shakedowns prosecutors said Rezko arranged when he was a top adviser to Blagojevich.

Neither Blagojevich nor Obama has been accused of wrongdoing.

Fox News

The stench of no “content of character” lingers in the air.

Liberty City Police Face Allegations Of Incompetence, Brutality

LIBERTY CITY—With the city in the midst of a record crime wave, concerned citizens claim the Liberty City Police Department has done little to prevent the constant car chases, ongoing gun battles, and overall atmosphere of violence that pervade the area.

“I used to feel safe in Liberty City, but lately, it’s been total mayhem,” said night-shift worker Lola Del Rio, who spoke to reporters while sucking nervously on a red lollipop. “In the past week alone, I’ve been carjacked twice, run over 10 times, and witness to a half-dozen gunfights that ended with automobiles exploding. What are the police doing to stop all this?”
Since the surge in crime, which began on April 28 at midnight, more than 830,000 civilians have been murdered—nearly one-tenth of Liberty City’s total population. In addition, 35,000 vehicles have been reported stolen, many of which were then driven illegally over sidewalks and pedestrian walkways before plunging into the nearby Humboldt River. And according to startling figures released by local community action group Citizens for a Safer City, drug trafficking has become rampant and prostitution has increased by 800 percent.

“I was shot 14 times on my way to work today, including twice by police,” said one Algonquin-area resident. “That is unacceptable.”

The Onion

AND damn, do we need a laugh…’cause the next few months are going to be NOT laughable!

Obama vs. McCain: The Gloves Come Off

Barack Obama’s historic nomination victory was only the first step. Now the election campaign begins in earnest. Fasten your seatbelts: as Tuesday night’s speeches demonstrated, the coming battle will be rough.Pajamas Media

Lest ANYONE think…DARE think me a “racist” as one did here…and Lest ANYONE think Martin Luther King, was a “phony” as one person did here. My vote AGAINST Obama, has ZIP, ZERO, NADA to do with RACE.

AS MLK did say…Paraphrasing…Tiz NOT the Color of skin…BUT content of character. To ME Obama and Company…Lack even a scintilla of character.

MARC AMBINDER: Clinton supporters offer to help McCain. Instapundit and Ambinder…

My Hollywood Theory

I was talking to a very close mate the other day, and we got around to talking about moonbats such as Sean Penn, Cate Blanket, Susan Sarandon and Leonardo DiCaprio.

During this lively and interesting discussion, I invented the following scientific formula:


In this formula, the total moonbattiness is equal to the time in Hollywood multiplied by popularity.

Upon further discussion, the formula was revised to:


In the revised formula, the moonbattiness is equal to the time in Hollywood, multiplied by the popularity, multiplied by the natural stupidity of the “celebrity”.

Reckon this formula is close?

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Do Your Bit For Gaia!

This is a climate change initiative I can lend my full support to. Interestingly, it’s supported by Joe Lieberman, who is one of the names thrown around as a potential running mate for John McCain.

Does anyone think that this bill could pose a problem for McCain amongst those of us with enough intelligence to realise that weather isn’t always stable?

Back to the article, there’s a number of things on that list I can easily do. Some I do every day. The list, as it stands, and what I do is in red writing:

  • Super-cool your house (turn A/C down 5 degrees)
  • Don’t recycle glass/plastic/aluminum/newspapers for one day
  • Take a plane trip
  • Eat meat with at least two meals (steak dinner a bonus)
  • Mow your lawn with gas-powered mower
  • Leave two light bulbs on for entire day
  • Hang/light one string of Christmas lights
  • Host a barbecue with lots of friends – charcoal (11lbs/hr) or gas (5.6lbs/hr)
  • Drink beer
  • Watch television
  • Light a campfire
  • Do partial load of laundry
  • Take an 8-minute shower
  • Leave computer on 24 hours
  • Drink bottled water

Feeling Like A Holiday?

If you’re feeling like a holiday, you should go on my virtual tour of Melbourne. It’s free!

Touring Melbourne (pdf)

Touring Melbourne (ppt)

Get Well Digger!

May this good man recover from his injuries soon!

Spinning Again

This article.

This man.

Both full of bullshit.

I heard no rumours whatsoever of a heart attack, it’s just another ploy to make everyone realise how hard Kev’s doing it for the good of the nation.

This is really tiresome.

The New PACO Customs Dogs Are Really Working Out…

They check everything out!

Fat Lady Won’t Sing

Despite the fact that Barack has clinched the nomination, Shrillery wouldn’t concede defeat tonight, but did offer to be Obama’s running mate. See? Told ya so.

If Obama accepts her offer, it gives the impression that he’s not a strong enough candidate to win without her, and if he declines he appears to be an ingrate. Clintonian Machiavellianism at it’s best: She’s holding the entire city of Denver over Barack’s head and is giving him an ultimatum. What a shrewd bitch.

I’m a fucking brilliant prognosticator.


One more from THE Eagles, in Melbourne…

Joe Walsh…Squeezes that guitar dry, Doncha’ know

Preventative IED Training to Save Lives…Remember our brave women and men

Monday, 02 June 2008
By Staff Sgt. Mary Rose Mittlesteadt
11th Public Affairs Detachment

TIKRIT — Improvised explosive devices are the number-one killer of coalition forces deployed to Iraq. Tougher and larger vehicles are one way of protecting Soldiers on the roads of Iraq, but another is preventative training.

Sailors with Task Force Troy North who specialized in counter IED measures, spend many days at Contingency Operating Base Speicher, located in Tikrit, Iraq, teaching Soldiers what to look for and how to react on the battlefield.

“We are training units to raise their level of awareness, give them an idea of what devices look like up-close, and give them ideas of what indicators they might see,” said U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Russell Juhl. “We get their eyes trained-in to focus when they go outside the wire to be thinking IEDs here, IEDS there, that could be a timing marker that could be an indicator.”

Multi-National Force Operation Iraqi Freedom

These people are there, so Obama won’t have to go.

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