An Australian’s View On McCain

John McCain hasn’t received too much media coverage here in Australia at this point, but now that Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic Party nomination, that will probably change.

Australia isn’t likely to hear too much about John McCain’s outstanding military service, or that a number of people in the McCain family have served their country, or that McCain and his wife adopted one orphan who couldn’t get the medical treatment she needed in Bangladesh, so Cindy McCain brought the child home and cared for her, or that McCain and his wife also rescued another child, who was taken in by a McCain aide.

We’re also unlikely to hear about the injuries McCain received while in the Navy, while as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton, and his refusal to be treated as anything more than another prisoner, and if we do hear about it, it’s incredibly likely that we will hear about it in the context of proving that McCain is just ”another vicious war criminal with no regard for human life like George W Bush!!11!!!”

It’s a stupid analogy, because it not only removes all the credit and respect due to McCain’s service, but also implies that he would not have learned from his own experiences. He certainly would have, and he certainly came out the better man from his experiences. They were certainly incredibly tough, but it’s not possible to look at McCain and think “There’s a man who hasn’t learned a single thing out of life.”

McCain is quite the statesman. He’s somewhat reserved, certainly, and is keeping his family out of his campaign, which is a tremendous feat considering the pressures of an election campaign. After all, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama haven’t been able to keep their mouths shut, and in the case of both of the Democrat frontrunners, it was to their detriment in most circles.

John McCain’s reservations of not mentioning his military service in any great detail, or inviting his family too heavily in his campaign, speaks greatly about the man. It shows that he holds his military service in high regard and is not so egotistical as to need to be seen as a war hero, unlike John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential Race. Unlike Kerry, John McCain earned his war honours, which include the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

By not making his family a main focus of his campaign, John McCain demonstrates his great love for them, and that he doesn’t want to disrupt his childrens’ lives too heavily. Several of his sons are enlisted in the military, and McCain clearly doesn’t want to jeopardize their careers. This is however, another thing we’re unlikely to hear in the Australian media.

The policies of John McCain are also pretty sound, although fairly vague as to how they will be achieved at this point. John McCain wants to make the United States more secure, and to secure the borders, although he makes no mention of deportation of illegal immigrants on his website.

He does however, wish to extend an olive branch to countries in Latin America who “reject authoritarians like Hugo Chavez, support freedom and democracy, and seek strong domestic economies with abundant economic opportunities for their citizens.” This is another good move, because it will encourage business in countries where many illegal immigrants come from, and if the move is successful both in the short term and the long term, there will be less immigrants entering the United States. However, this plan is still weak in how it will be achieved.

John McCain’s stance on Iraq and the war is a good one, and one I can fully appreciate. Cutting and running from Iraq with a full withdrawal of the troops shouldn’t be an option, because it’s unrealistic and would result in a huge number of deaths.

McCain supports the reduction of government spending and the reduction of tax rates, both of which are admirable goals, though very unlikely to actually occur. It’s certainly a good aim, and goes to the heart of many Americans, but unless McCain is going to privatize a bunch of governmental departments, it’s not likely.

I must say, I like McCain’s approach to healthcare and insurance. If he can implement such a policy in an effective way, the US healthcare system should improve vastly, in my expert, furrin’-type opinion. Having never had to use the thing though, I can’t be too sure.

The primary problem with McCain is that his policies don’t have too much on how they’re to be implemented, although unlike Barack Obama’s, McCain’s policies are much easier to understand and approve of because he’s put them in a much more simple way and has more explanation of what his actual aim is. This eloquent simplicity makes it easy for the reader to recognise what the policy is, and from there, it’s possible to imagine and consider the different ways the policy could be implemented.

From Melbourne, I think McCain has the goods to be a great President for the United States of America, and I’d vote for him any day, if I could.

24 Responses to “An Australian’s View On McCain”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    Best of all, McCain’s not a lawyer. 😉

  2. Burbank Says:

    “Best of all, McCain’s not a lawyer.”

    Actually that’s a pretty big plus. I long ago came round to the point of view that lawyers should be barred from political office (narrow views, conflict of interest and so forth) – let them advise by all means, but not hold office.

  3. pheonix Says:

    Next US President: McCain or Obama?

    Who would you like to be the next US president?


  4. Rebecca H Says:

    It’s going to be a tough slog for the old warrior, what with the MSM rooting for (in every sense of the word, Australian and all) the Obamessiah. But he’s a tough old bird, and the Obamessiah is smoke and mirrors.

  5. Angus Dei Says:

    Burbank is my new best friend.

    As long as we allow lawyers to make the law, the law is going to be designed to allow lawyers to rip off the citizenry. Does anyone seriously think there will ever be any kind of substantial tort reform as long as lawyers run the show? Hell no.

    I have a laundry list, but I’ll spare you. LOL!

  6. Dave Wane Says:

    Mc Cain is the most impressive of all the candidates who contested the GOP and Democratic Party nominations.

    Obama is an impressive speaker, but like our new PM here in Australia (Kevin Rudd), he will turn out to be 97% spin and only 3% substance.

    However in Obama’s case that 3% could end up being far more scary than Rudd’s 3%!

  7. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Surely you dont mean a system made by lawyers, with ex-lawyers promoted to oversee it, with a closed shop, would work towards their own enrichment by making simple yes/no answers into a 15 page preamble that no normal person understands??
    Im shocked at your cynicism….

  8. Ash Says:

    Dave, I’m inclined to agree. He’s impressive in that he doesn’t seem to see the need to bignote himself, to brag about his achievements, yet everyone knows what he has achieved.

  9. Angus Dei Says:

    Mole, the only ex-lawyer is a dead lawyer. LOL!

  10. Richard Ryan Says:

    Comment Removed By Administrator

  11. Ash Says:

    That’s because the State Labor Governments have failed us for years, but the Liberals are unelectable because no one’s ever heard of them.

    It’s the fault of the State Labor Governments that we have no water, that our police are ineffective, that we don’t have enough electricity to handle a large situation, that we’re in major debt at a State level, that we pay taxes that were meant to be removed from tax law after the passing of the GST, that house pricing is through the roof (excuse the pun), that roads and infrastructure aren’t keeping with demand, that public transport is almost useless unless you’re heading to the city or back, that hospitals are overcrowded to a dangerous level, and that the school system is deteriorating into something where you can’t be sure that your kids will learn even how to read. In Victoria, we’ve had kids suing the school for failing to teach them how to read, and it hasn’t been picked up until high school, because the kids were taught on the whole word system, not phonics, and so they merely memorise the most commonly used words and don’t know how to read properly.

    Surely even you, Rick, can see what a disgraceful failure that’s been?

    And for the record, I’d rather a lawyer for a politician than a pencil pushing, self-absorbed bureaucrat.

    Say, Rick, does that mean you don’t want the ambulance-chasing Slater & Gordon partner Julia Gillard in power? I’d rather the non-ambulance-chasing partner of Clayton Utz Julie Bishop in the chair, because she’s smart as a whip and is much more in touch than Gillard will ever be.

  12. bingbing Says:

    Richard, nice point about one of Australia’s greatest prime ministers being a lawyer by trade (even though by the time he got there, it’d been almost 20 years since he’d plied his original craft).

    Angus, re your bent against lawyers. Sure the clutter and nonsense that is much of the legal system can be a bitch and activist lawyers such as Australia’s Julian Burnside really bug me. However, one of the main pillars of Western Society is the Judiciary…

    I remember when I had my final day of uni and I was speeding back to a mate’s place to celebrate. As I was coming round a blind bend, I thought to myself, “If a cop car’s coming the other way, I’m fucked.” Speak of the Devil. Anyway, when he was about to write out my ticket, I said, “C’mon man, it’s my last day of uni, (also threatened to contest the fine in court [I had grounds])” and then words to the effect of ‘and that’s why I was doing 100km/h in a 50 zone… to see my mates and celebrate’. The cop replied, “What did you study?” to which I answered, “Journalism.” Boy did he cringe until I pointed out, “Hey mate. We’re just as hated but just as necessary as you are.”

    He threw the ticket away. Cops, politicians, journalists… lawyers. They may piss you off but they’re necessary.

    A lawyer got my licence back after I lost it for, ahem, speeding (separate incident). A mate’s dad, who charges about $500 an hour, pulled a few strings and kept my ass outta trouble for another, unrelated, incident. No charge, BTW.

    But back to you, Richard… Good. Howard ‘looked after’ the Big End of town. Why do you think our economy has recovered so well from the latest dip in the markets (stock market up 15 per cent over the last three weeks my FA told me)? Beacause Howard didn’t meddle too much. He let Business take care of business and thank goodness Rudd hasn’t gotten round to stuffing it up yet. Too busy trying to ban nukes and crying for Japanese Imperialists I guess, even whilst Ferguson plugs the nuke waste dump idea. Twat. Rudd that is. Ferguson has been granted temporary redemption.

    You see, that’s the problem in the long term with Leftist-leaning governments. Always thinking they can run the economy better that our businessmen. That they can do things better than the people doing them. Always with the grand plans. Always with the sweeping, meaningless gesture but never with the boring, rational sense which is required to steward a country.

    BTW, Howard not only let the BIG End of town get on with the job, he let the small end do so too. Small business managed funds are also doing very well, Richard (pre the latest market correction which is now starting to right itself). I know coz I’ve made heaps off them.

    Smaller government is always the better option, RR.

  13. Richard Ryan Says:

    Comment Removed By Administrator

  14. thefrollickingmole Says:

    children overboard

    One of the biggest shibboleths of the howard haters.Boats were sabotaged and sunk, with people ending up in the water, children and babies held over the railings and threatened to be dropped in. Thats fact.
    One charming chap and his POS family actually threw 3 Afghanis overboard 1/2 way across,(as he was the boat organiser he wasnt dobbed in till after people got visas, and never charged) he became a poster child for lefties despite being one of the most evil men I have ever met.

    I met and played quite a few games of chess with a chap who lost his whole family on the SIEV X, he didnt blame the government, he blamed the smugglers. Every boat I went to collect detainees from was grossly overcrowded, unsanitary and in many cases unseaworthy.

    If your going to parrot ABC talking points you might want to check the forum your doing it on doesnt contain a person who had personal involvement in what your being ignorant about.

  15. Richard Ryan Says:

    Comment Removed By Administrator

  16. thefrollickingmole Says:

    What do you think the results would be if kids were an automatic release from detention?

    The fact of the matter is I saw the centre I worked at go from having basicly 2 sets of chain link fence and open compounds to having jail type fencing with internal fencing as well. it wasnt done for shits and giggles it was done because groups of detainees who had been found not to be refugees and were awaiting deportation began to riot and commit criminal acts.
    If the system had been able to work as was designed (refugees released, non-refugees deported) there would have been no group to make life in the centres a misery.

    The deterioration in conditions was seldom, if ever due to a deliberate “policy change” by Howard, but the acts of the small criminal group who decided if they caused enough trouble theyd be able to force a change in policy to get everyone released. They were encouraged in this idea by many, many useful idiots at the ABC and advocacy groups.

    We had a chap who was constantly being encouraged to kill himself by a group of other detainees, it got to the stage he was placed in protective detention for his own safety. However when we had a interperter visit I asked her to check the graffiti in the segregation area.Most of what was written on the walls was directed at this fellow, again telling him to kill himself.
    The major law change which stopped the human traffic, drownings and extortion which was going on was the temporary protection visas introduction. We went from hundreds of arrivals a month to nearly none. That would tend to indicate Australia was a chosen destination for reasons other than immediate safety, wouldnt you think?

  17. Richard Ryan Says:

    Comment Removed By Administrator

  18. spacecadette Says:

    omg! richard ryan, where the FUCK are you from?

  19. Angus Dei Says:

    I just love maladjusted misanthropes. They live in self-created artificial realities and spew the most entertaining inanities as though their pseudo-thought had some sort of meaning in reality.

  20. bingbing Says:

    No worries, Angus. Bill over at Bolt’s has got Ahmadinejad and Bush confused. He can’t work out who’s the bad guy.

  21. Ash Says:

    You of course, refer to the case of Ronald Ryan, the last man hanged in Victoria, and rightly so because he was a robber and a murderer? In fact, he murdered a prison guard during an escape attempt.

    Is it still a bitter subject in your family Rick?

  22. Richard Ryan Says:

    Comment Removed By Administrator

  23. Ash Says:

    I’m proud of my name, and my surname, and don’t hold back on what I think. Just because you don’t know who I am, doesn’t mean I’m not proud enough to die for my name, my beliefs, my family, and my country.

    But then again, my relations were not murderers, were not prisoners, were not robbers, and actually contributed to society.

    Sir Henry Bolte had his problems, yet he was not a crook.

    Weapons of Mass Destruction did exist, and were used on the Kurds. Something you don’t give a flying fuck about because you don’t understand the issues.

    The Irish were some of the most hard-working people in Victoria, and are certainly still among them, yet Ronald Ryan was not. He was a criminal who married in to money, yet still screwed that up.

    I don’t care what happens on Andrew Bolt’s blog. He runs a very open blog, allowing comments from almost all sides, and I’m not him. He has a national reputation to protect, and your vile, stupid and moronic comments don’t get a run simply because they’re vile, stupid, and moronic. He has to protect News Ltd from the type of legal stupidity that you spew.

    Further to that, I will add that if you continue on posting “information” that misrepresents facts completely, it will be removed. You only seem to do so to make yourself feel good. Consider this your second warning Richard.

    You are much more likely to get an airing if you provide facts and backup to your statements.

    I know a great few Aboriginal people, yet none of them have an Irish surname. Proof that Aboriginals and Irish were always strongly opposed is quite welcome.

  24. Richard Ryan Says:

    Comment Removed By Administrator

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