Man on Skydiving Trip Dies After Jumping Without Parachute

DUANESBURG, N.Y. — A 29-year-old man leaped out of a plane at 10,000 feet with a camera but no parachute Saturday. His body was found next to a house with a damaged roof, police said.

Sloan Carafello of Schenectady, who was observing on the flight, followed an instructor, student and videographer out the door, wearing no skydiving gear, officials said.

Police said they did not suspect foul play but would not elaborate.

Robert Rawlins, pilot and owner of the Duanesburg Skydiving Club, said he was flying the single-engine plane and had begun to close the door when Carafello jumped.

His body was found next to a house west of Albany.

Most are probably familar with The ‘Aha!’ phenomenon, the illumination of discovery. In this case, unless it is ruled a suicide, I wonder when this poor bastard discovered the equal and opposite ‘Oh Shit!’ phenomenon?

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One must remember, it isn’t the fall that kills you…It is the sudden stop.


Police Rule Plane Jumper’s Death a Suicide

DUANESBURG, N.Y. — A 29-year-old man who plunged to his death from a skydiving plane with no parachute on Saturday committed suicide, state police said.

Sloan Carafello of Schenectady was described as an observer on the small plane. Witnesses say he leaped out behind three parachuters.

Check this next line out….

“An autopsy on Sunday found that the cause of death was massive trauma”


Carafello’s co-workers tell the Times Union of Albany that he asked them frequently in recent months, “If you had to die, would you rather jump off a building or jump out of a plane without a parachute?”

OK, Coppers..WHAT if he were PULLED…Only takes a slight tug, I would think?

Fox News

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Ive been thinking…. Bill Henson treated unfairly?

Unusual I know but maybe the artist Bill Henson has been dealt a dud hand for his activities. No I haven’t gone barking mad, just remembering something current which is still available from many newsagents which (from memory) contain pictures of naked kids.


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We Are The Navy Blues

Winning against Port Adelaide in the AFL, when at the start of the fourth quarter we were 30 points down to win by 12 at the end, that’s even better than beating Collingwood.

Even if we did have to seriously injure one of their players to do it. I do hope he recovers.

And Scotland looked absolutely sensational tonight.

UPDATE: Injured player is Paul Stewart. Best of luck to him, it was a head injury after all.

Obama the Parrot.


The real think wants to “Slow down the development of new weapons systems” and slash the spending on the military.


Well hes got to get the money to pay danegeld to Iran from somewhere….

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