A View Of Melbourne

I was in a leisurely mood, and felt like driving somewhere a bit different.

So I drove to the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, and drove up Mt Dandenong. I forgot how many tight and dangerous turns there is along that road, but it’s fun to drive!

When I got up to SkyHigh, I took a photo of the view. And here it is for you:

On the horizon, you can actually see Melbourne CBD, and the white area in the foreground is an industrial area with a bunch of factories in it. The green area in the foreground is trees.

10 Responses to “A View Of Melbourne”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    Glad you explained those trees for me. ~zzzzzZing!~

  2. Ash Says:

    LOL. In Melbourne, we’re not allowed to grow many trees ’cause they use water.

    One day, Brumby’s water police are gonna take me away for having a shower longer than four minutes.

    Have you ever washed hair that’s down to halfway down your thighs in under four minutes? DOESN’T WORK.

  3. yojimbo Says:

    Mt. Dandenong!

    One of the things I like most about Australia-great names. Here on the west coast we have mountains called Baldy, Shasta, Ranier and Lemmon(tucson)-whoopie.

    Women running around with hair halfway down their thighs not bad either:)

  4. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Ash, You selfish person, you should follow Costas example and go bald for gaia!! /moonbat off

  5. Angus Dei Says:

    “…hair that’s down to halfway down your thighs…”

    That gave me a visual. 😉

  6. tizona Says:

    Have you ever washed hair that’s down to halfway down your thighs in under four minutes?

    Yes, but it wasn’t my hair I was washing, halfway down my thighs. 🙂


    Did for me. 🙂

  7. SezaGeoff Says:

    You mean tight and fun corners, Ash! Only spoilt by slow-moving tourists looking at the views. My friends from the ‘back-o-the ranges’ used to wear D.R.A.T.S tee-shirts – Dandenong Ranges Anti-Tourist Society – as a symbol of solidarity against the incursions of the blue-rinse brigade.
    I thought as an SC430 girl you would have liked a quick fang through the great roads on your back door-step?

    P.S. I hope that the hair down to your knees starts from your head! Angus seems to have a similar conception problem! Probably due to the old song that has a partial verse going ” and the hair on her dicky-di-doe hung down to her knees. ” Shudder!

  8. 1.618 Says:

    Awsome Ashy..

  9. eggz Says:

    @7: Ditta for the Great Ocean Road …

    Ash: White area is Scoresby?

  10. Ash Says:

    Angus: The hair on the top of my head mate, I’ll leave it to your imagination what happens elsewhere.

    Seza: It was kind of foggy going up the mountain, and the road was still slightly damp, and I still need to get new tyres for the car. Plus, living where I do, I’d forgotten some of the finer points of mountain driving, so I was a little out of practice in completely screaming around the corners. It was still fun though.

    Eggz: sure is.

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