Dodd: Government Can Mandate What Profit is ‘Fair’ for Business

Vladimir Dodd, Communist, Connecticut/Breitbart TV

“In fact it’s been done that way in the past and particularly when you’re trying to get some relief for people out here when the economy is in a tailspin. We’re about to go into a recession here. This is really causing a tremendous dislocation, not only here, but around the world.”

3 Responses to “Dodd: Government Can Mandate What Profit is ‘Fair’ for Business”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    What a fucking idiot. He’s an economic ignoramus. Why doesn’t that miserable POS read an economics book, and look in the mirror, because one of the factors in the high oil prices is the fact that Democrat scumbags like him won’t let the oil companies drill where – you know – there is actually oil. ANWAR, CO and the Florida coast come to mind. Moron.

  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    When that dickhead can show me something run by government well Ill believe him. Until then he can just go and fuck a goat or something.
    Also when someone can tell me why an ideology which at one stage controlled 1/3 of the globe (USSR) failed let me know.

  3. thefrollickingmole Says:

    I had a little arguement about this on the ABC site when I pointed out that after 20 years of hard work and savings I was going to attmept a business of my own. As most of my previous occupations had been blue collar they couldnt attack me on that.
    So I asked exactly how much I should be able to keep of my money after investing what took me 20 years to build up, and taking a risk with all that capital.

    I didnt get a straight answer. The nearest I got was a doodle saying “as long as I didnt exploit my workers”.
    If nobody risked capital there wouldnt be any workers, and wed still be eating worms and living in mud huts.

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