Obama Hits McCain on Economy, Calls for New Taxes

Fox News

Yep. You assholes that wanted “change” will get it. “Change” is the only thing you will have left…You know like the stuff that jingles in your pockets and to be fair…your purses, ladies.

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3 Responses to “Obama Hits McCain on Economy, Calls for New Taxes”

  1. bingbing Says:

    The headline is fine but $1000 tax cuts for working families sounds pretty good… at a glance (which, incidentally, is all many people are capable of in the modern-day 24 hour news cycle). Wonder, though, who Obama considers the ‘wealthy’ to be. What’s the bet it’s not just the Donald Trumps of this world who’ll fall into that category of even more people to be taxed. And who do you think big corporations will pass their extra taxes onto?

    As usual, the Left thinks that getting more tax revenue and more government meddling in business and people’s lives is the solution.

    This is the Left’s fatal, fundamental flaw.

  2. bingbing Says:

    BTW, Cid. Noticed BO talked about the need to pump more money into education and infrastructure. That would be federal money, wouldn’t it? Now despite the rantings of the Left, the deal in Australia is that education and infrastructure is primarily a state responsibility. For instance, most main roads are funded by the states as are, funnily enough, the state schools (renamed public schools a few years back). Minor roads, and things such as local libraries are funded by, ironically enough, local councils.

    Only the really major stuff, like highways are funded federally. Even dams are meant to be built by the states (the Labor states aren’t building them though and surprise, surprise, Oz has a water shortage).

    The question I’m leading to is: Is most infrastructure and education in the US the primary responsibility of the state governments (with help from local councils), rather than the federal government? If so, where does BO get off blaming Bush for the failings in these two things? Where does he get off claiming he can fix it, or even that’s it’s his responsibility?

    Sounds like the same kind of politicking that despite it’s blatant inaccuracies, got the Left’s Rudd across the line in Oz.

    Maybe you guys in the US can learn from Australia’s mistake and do a better job of neutralizing this deceptive, Leftist hogwash… if it’s the case in the US as it is in Oz.

  3. tizona Says:

    Sir Bingbing

    Complicated mess here, in the States…For instance(s):

    Fuel Tax

    Every state imposes a liquid fuel tax on gasoline and diesel fuel purchased within the state. Most often the tax on gasoline and diesel fuel is a cents-per-gallon tax. The tax rates vary from state to state, but the concept remains the same. Liquid fuel taxes are collected by the distributor. The distributor must then submit the tax revenue to the state government.

    Liquid fuel taxes are user taxes. A user tax is paid by those people who will most directly benefit from the service it pays for. Because money is required to build and maintain highways and roads, the idea is that drivers who use state highways should pay for them through taxes.

    via Veiwzi


    Federal Highway Administration

    FHWA’s role in the Federal-aid Highway Program is to oversee federal funds used for constructing and maintaining the National Highway System (primarily Interstate Highways, U.S. Routes and most State Routes). This funding mostly comes from the federal gasoline tax and mostly goes to State departments of transportation. FHWA oversees projects using these funds to ensure that federal requirements for project eligibility, contract administration and construction standards are adhered to.

    via Viewzi

    Unfortunately, it is the same for our education system.

    Education in the United States is provided mainly by government, with control and funding coming from three levels: federal, state, and local. School attendance is mandatory and nearly universal at the elementary and high school levels (often known outside the United States as the primary and secondary levels). At these levels, school curricula, funding, teaching, and other policies are set through locally elected school boards with jurisdiction over school districts. School districts are usually separate from other local jurisdictions, with independent officials and budgets. Educational standards and standardized testing decisions are usually made by state governments.

    via Viewzi

    U.S. Tax Dollars…Go to pay for all this bureaucratic bullshit. In essence the ONLY way A President is responsible AND can take charge (and blame) IS to TRY and fire every single bureaucratic asshole in the Federal Agencies. An IMPOSSIBLE task. Hussein Obama couldn’t do it, nor would he. These are the voters he promised “change” to….Firing isn’t one of those changes. He speaks from a ‘supposed knowledge of constitutional law‘. When in fact, it is rhetoric that mesmerises the voters, but has no effect. The U.S. Congress can pass MORE law(s) but again, getting rid of the Federal bureaucrats in a slash and burn way, ain’t gonna’ happen.

    As to the States, were he to meddle in THEIR bureaucracies, he would fall afoul of “States Rights” in the constitution, he studied.

    Simply put Obama is bullshit on top of bullshit.

    Then again, Hussein IS the Messiah…other terms to describe “messiah” include, Dictator, President of the Politburo, and/or Communism…maybe in his case, Islamism.

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