Special Treat Night…Bobbie Mugabe’s militia burn opponent’s wife alive

The men who pulled up in three white pickup trucks were looking for Patson Chipiro, head of the Zimbabwean opposition party in Mhondoro district. His wife, Dadirai, told them he was in Harare but would be back later in the day, and the men departed.

An hour later they were back. They grabbed Mrs Chipiro and chopped off one of her hands and both her feet. Then they threw her into her hut, locked the door and threw a petrol bomb through the window.

The killing last Friday – one of the most grotesque atrocities committed by Robert Mugabe’s regime since independence in 1980 – was carried out on a wave of worsening brutality before the run-off presidential elections in just over two weeks. It echoed the activities of Foday Sankoh, the rebel leader in the Sierra Leone civil war that ended in 2002, whose trade-mark was to chop off hands and feet.

The Times UK

To Celebrate Obama’s Win, A Gift

White Chocolate

Chris Osgood Gets To Third Base With Stanley Cup

LOS ANGELES—Sources within the Red Wings organization confirm that goalie Chris Osgood, who is currently engaged in accompanying the Stanley Cup on a victory tour of talk shows and publicity events, has repeatedly and insistently claimed to have gotten as far as third base with hockey’s championship trophy during the past week.

On Tuesday night Osgood, teammate Nicklas Lidstrom, and the Stanley Cup made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno during which Osgood was seen repeatedly touching and attempting to hold the Cup. Witnesses say that after the segment had taped, Lidstrom left for the airport, while Osgood and the Cup left together for the Four Seasons Hotel.

Housekeeping staff said Wednesday morning that the Cup’s room had not been slept in.

When asked for comment, Osgood himself initially refused to give details.

“Listen, it’s tradition for us to all kiss the Cup. But I’m not one of those hockey players who are always saying ‘I’m gonna fuck that Stanley Cup,'” Osgood told ESPN’s Jim Rome when asked about his involvement with the trophy on Wednesday’s Jim Rome Is Burning. “I mean, everyone dreams of winning the Cup, that’s only natural. But it’s not like that with me. Come on, man.”

Complete, lewd and lascivious details at The Onion

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A Blogictionary

From the estimable Samizdata.

A very useful find by our good friend Kae.

Analysis: Court’s course in next president’s hands

WASHINGTON (AP) – In a campaign dominated by the economy and the Iraq War, the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling Thursday on detainees at Guantanamo marks a forceful reminder that John McCain promises one course and Barack Obama pledges another in picking future justices.
In the current controversy, McCain quickly expressed his disapproval of the opinion, while Obama issued a statement of support. It fell to outsiders to point out the broader implications in the race for the White House.

“With the replacement of a single justice from the majority … today’s four dissenters could become tomorrow’s majority,” said Nan Aron of the Alliance For Justice. The group supported the court’s decision, which said detainees in the war on terror held at Guantanamo have the constitutional right to challenge their incarceration in the federal courts.

DAMN…This is a NO SHITTER, huh?. Lemme see now, what is being said IS, it could go from SCOTUS to SCROTUM. Ahhh, now I get it.


Obama campaign: Wife never used the word ‘Whitey’

Translation: She DID

Slowly that “No such tape exists,” video…leaks out. Way to go, you ugly bitch. “For the first time”, in XX “years” (lol)…I’m “proud”, Michelle.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democrat Barack Obama’s campaign said Thursday that Michelle Obama never used the word “whitey” in a speech from the church pulpit as he launched a Web site to debunk rumors about himself and his wife.

The rumor that Michelle Obama railed against “whitey” in a diatribe at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ has circulated on conservative Republican blogs for weeks and was repeated by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. The rumor included claims of a videotape of the speech that would be used to bring down Obama’s candidacy this fall.

“No such tape exists,” the campaign responds on the site, http://www.fightthesmears.com. “Michelle Obama has not spoken from the pulpit at Trinity and has not used that word.”


Supreme Court Lets Guantanamo Prisoners Challenge Detention in U.S. Courts

WASHINGTON — A divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have rights under the Constitution to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts.

The justices, in a 5-4 ruling, handed the Bush administration its third setback at the high court since 2004 over its treatment of prisoners being held indefinitely and without charges at the U.S. naval base in Cuba.

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion and was joined by Justices John Paul Stevens, Stephen Breyer, David Souter and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Dissenting were Chief Justice John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

“Petitioners have the constitutional privilege of habeas corpus. They are not barred from seeking the writ or invoking the Suspension Clause’s protections because they have been designated as enemy combatants or because of their presence at Guantanamo,” Kennedy wrote.

The Suspension Clause is a constitutional guarantee that blocks Congress from suspending habeas corpus.

“The Suspension Clause has full effect at Guantanamo. The government’s argument that the Clause affords petitioners no rights because the United States does not claim sovereignty over the naval station is rejected,” the opinion reads.

What pure unadulterated HORSE SHIT!

I would strongly suggest that the FIVE assholes that ruled the way they did…HOUSE at least 25 of these foul bastards from GITMO…Up close and personal…Like THEIR HOMES!

This could be Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s first chance at a good fuck. She looks like a fucking camel, anyway.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here…BUT, think of the ramifications and consequences should Hussein Obama, win the election. Strike the prior statement from the court record…Make that, MOST of the choir.

A SCOTUS, packed with Leftist’s. One, maybe two with beards and THEIR OWN ROBES.

Females of the U.S….From what I’ve seen in my local area, burka’s would assist you. You will love the “honor killing” thingy. Getting “stoned”….NO NOT that way, sweet chickies.

Males of the U.S….Again, from what I’ve seen in my local area, long beards would assist you. You will love self flagellation. A fair bit of you will NOT miss your heads, anyway.


Would someone please tell, Mr. Kevni Rubb Rudd, that the U.S. had a prick at GITMO, by the name of Dawood of OZ, (who by the way, should have been DOA) when Dawood of OZ left GITMO, he was still a prick, but a fat one.

Same goes for our little cowboy John Phillip Walker Lindh aka “Jihad Johnnie”. Who certainly had I been there and lived…would have been sent home, with a toe tag.

If Hillary had won the nomination

(our worst nightmare – make sure you watch till the end)
If Hillary had won. (I haven’t figured out how to embed videos, sorry)

(Via James Lileks)

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Australia Has Wicked Cool Beer Ads II

Further to my indication that Australia has fucking cool beer ads, here’s some from Victoria Bitter.

A 1974 ad:

A 1980 ad:

A 1984 ad:

An ad from sometime in the 80s, I think:

Shout Politics:

The Kebabs:

Victoria Bitter’s Response to Global Warming:

The Victoria Bitter Orchestra:


Yep, she got me. Bagged me and tossed me in the boot.

And if you think Gina looks happy, just imagine the grin on my face.

Don’t sit up waiting for a ransom note…

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