Need money? Create a Headline!

If there’s more substance to the comments from this marine biologist working for Australia’s CSIRO, they’re not in the report. Basically, she’s making utterly (and admittedly, by her own self) unsubstantiated claims of species extinction secondary to climate change and in the same breath appealing to the government for more funding. Didn’t I read somewhere about a few climate denialists accusing scientists of hopping on the climate change bandwagon for monetary gain? Well, bless my chestnuts and roast my soul, they might have been onto something.,23599,23857278-5011761,00.html


Love the way warmeners seize on every blip on the meteorological radar as evidence of climate change. A hurricane in Florida, or melting of Arctic sea ice one year (due, we know, to warm oceanic currents, as there simply hasn’t been enough warming to explaining it any other way) and off they go: “See, it’s happening, it’s happening!” But for all the really juicy stuff: “It’ll happen, it’ll happen!”

One Response to “Need money? Create a Headline!”

  1. Kaboom Says:

    These people are supposed to be fucking scientists, albeit ones suckling from the public teat, so I guess I should give them a bit of latitude.

    Why do these people complain about one of the basic tenets of their existence – Darwin’s theory of Evolution, and the principle of “Survival of the Fittest”?

    If a species is rendered extinct – there is a reason – the species cannot cope with change/ new predators etc etc.

    Simple as that, you dolts – if the species can’t survive, then bzzzt! “You are the weakest link. Goodbye.”

    That’s fucking progress, not a tragedy!

    In fact, these retards can’t even identify the species that MIGHT be made extinct, these “gems”.

    I think I’m going to vomit, and render extinct that tiny tribe of fairies in my garden.

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