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Love Is Wicked

Dedicated to all Brown Eyed Girls…WTIZ Oldie

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Something sensual about this tune…just can’t put my finger on it….Probably cause I’m here watching and not there, ummm

Addicted To Love

Isley Brothers…It’s Your Thing

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Just received this notification from WordPress. Just thought I’d let all know.

Barack’s Social Security A-Bama-Nation AND Obama’s Muslim Fans Need Some Straight Talk




UPDATE: Juliette Ochieng comments:


This is just pathetic . . . . Most people couldn’t care less about your name and your color, Senator Obama. They fear being led by you because you have no substantive legislative record, you’re a chronic liar and, after explicitly stating that you choose your friends carefully, you have repeatedly and systematically made friends with people who hate this country.

You would “bridge the divide,” Senator, by burning that bridge.

Does anyone know, who Juliette Ochieng is? Ahhh in for a treat, you are…All know her well…Just click her real name.

Didn’t we know this was coming? Everyone nod yes   🙂

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Keven Rud Iz A Konsern

Storees arr being ritten arownd town abowt wot a kontrowl freek iz in charj ov tha kuntree. Needless tu say, I think this iz helareus.

Wun artikul kwoted a seenya publik sirvus figa, hu sed “Rudd is trying to play Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Naturally, as Prime Minister, he’s the conductor. But he also wants to play every instrument. He’s technically proficient at many of them, but the audience is watching one man trying to do everything.”

It’z ded on. He iz a kontrowl freek. He wontz tu be in charj ov evrething, down tu tha smarlust detale. It’z got tu be infyureayting for Juwlya Gilard wen she’z konstantlee being kawled intu hiz offus for tha smarlest ov exkuses, such az an artikul being ritten that kritisizes Keven Rud. Keven Rud haz a glarss jor, and izn’t afrayd tu show it. He haz form for it, and haz inTimadaytad menee jurnalests juring hiz career. He iz a fukwitt.

If Keven Rud getz hiz chanse, he will skrew up this kuntry. He iz too self-impourtent.

Northern Territory National Emergency Response

This week, it’s been one year since the former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard launched the Northern Territory National Emergency Response, an initiative designed to bring safety and protection to Aboriginal communities, as well as bring about lasting economic change. The initiative has been described as a racist move by a racist Government, and the argument has been put forth by some sections of the community that it’s an attempt to keep Aboriginals down and remove their culture from them. This argument is false, it has always been to improve the lives of Australian citizens who have no jobs and few prospects in the towns in which they live.

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The Great Seal of Obamaland? What a smug fuck…

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Lawyers = Scumbags

American murder accused David Gabriel Watson is “distraught and displeased” about being charged with killing his wife on a honeymoon diving trip in Queensland and fears he will not get a fair trial in Australia, his US lawyer said today.

Now, this is definitely further proof that all lawyers are scumbags.

Watson will receive the fairest trial he can receive while everyone in the courtroom, excluding the jury (who are probably going to be the smartest people in the room), is a fucking lawyer. In fact, a lawyer has already heard his case and determined that he deserves to go to trial on a murder charge, because the coroners themselves are fucking lawyers.

If this guy doesn’t want to face a murder charge, he should have turned up at the inquest and testified, and put his story forward.

Further Proof

The NSW Government displays its opinion of the general NSW public once again with the addition of this law to the books.

Say, there’s nothing in it about not harassing and abusing staff at restaurants in it is there?

This Is NSFW. Skaf As You’ve Never Seen Him.

Among others.

Cue letter from HREOC charging me with vilification and hurt feelings in 5…..4…..3…….

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